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Kony Development Cloud


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Published in: Technology
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Kony Development Cloud

  1. 1. The Kony Developmen t Cloud <presenter name>
  2. 2. Agenda  Market Trends & Challenges  The Kony Development Cloud  Customer Success  Demo
  3. 3. State of the market
  4. 4. 66% of employees use at least two devices for work. Forrester Workforce Employee Survey, Q1 2012 <3yrs Tablet shipments surpassed notebook and PC shipments in within three years of introduction. Mary Meeker, Internet Trend 2013 25% of adults are online with 3+ devices Forrester Research 2013 4:1 Mobile app development projects will out number PC development projects 4:1 in the next 3 years. Gartner, April 2013 of software developers’ time is used for developing native applications 41% 68% Forrester Developer Survey, Q1 2013 150 of US/EMEA employees choose their own tablet and smart phone for work. 85% US enterprises allow BYOD to work. FierceMobileIT 2013 Forrester Workforce Employee Survey, Q1 2012 mobile users reach for phone 150 times per day. Mary Meeker, Internet Trend 2013 4
  5. 5. The Enterprise App Development Challenge Enterprise Integration (mBaaS) Multichannel Open Standards  Connecting apps to enterprise systems  Moving to openstandards tools and frameworks Lifecycle Integration  Extending to multiple channels and operating systems  Involving key stakeholders from idea to app
  6. 6. Solution Overview
  7. 7. Kony Development Cloud Build once, deploy everywhere. Enterprise grade platform to develop and deploy multi-channel web, native, hybrid and mixedmode applications. Cloud Foundation Enterprise-Grade Cloud Services Development Framework Developer Tools Lifecycle Integration
  8. 8. Kony Development Cloud 3rd Party / Native SDKs Developer Tools Kony Studio Visual App Designer Integration Designer Data Mapper JS Code Editor Event Flow Editor Device Simulator 1-Click Deploy Developer Frameworks Development Framework API Capabilities Channel-Specific: Web Cross-Channel: Hybrid Native Kony Cloud Foundation Cloud Services Blend native capabilities with rich HTML 5 for fully optimized apps Web Apps Integration Orchestration Device Detection Messaging Sync Provisioning Account Management Authentication & Authorization Reporting & Analytics Monitoring Billing
  9. 9. Kony Cloud Foundation Cloud Foundatio n Cloud Services Development Framework Developer Tools Lifecycle Integratio n
  10. 10. Kony Cloud Foundation Comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure  Elastic provisioning infrastructure  User account management  Rich monitoring and analytics  Foundation for Kony product suite
  11. 11. Kony Cloud Foundation Provisioning  Deploys on public, private or hybrid clouds  Manages all Kony product clouds  Elastic scaling – as needed capacity  Volume based pricing  Pay-as-you-go  Upgrade/downgrade plans at any time
  12. 12. Kony Cloud Foundation Account Management  Delegated Account Management  Owner – purchase new clouds  Admin – Assign, monitor and administer clouds  Member – Use cloud services  Role-based user access control and authorization  Real-time activity and usage  Billing relationship set-up
  13. 13. Kony Cloud Foundation Authentication & Authorization  Integrates with Enterprise Identity and Access Management (LDAP)  OAuth based SSO across all cloud services  OAuth provider exposed as a reusable API  Authorization and audit on cloud services
  14. 14. Kony Cloud Foundation Reporting & Analytics  Real-time and historical information on end-user activity  Report on:  App usage  Device characteristics  Operational system reports  User adoption  Device compliance  Data sync status  Messaging services effectiveness  And more
  15. 15. Kony Cloud Foundation Monitoring  Built-in system monitoring and recovery  Automatic redistribution for outages or network latency  Monitoring alarms and customer notifications  24x7 support staff  Automatic support ticket creation
  16. 16. Kony Cloud Foundation Billing  Monthly or annual billing options  View user app sessions in real-time  Drill down of charges and support  Pay via credit card or bank transfer  Automatic payments  Upgrade service plans at any time
  17. 17. Cloud Services Cloud Foundation Cloud Services Development Framework Developer Tools Lifecycle Integratio n
  18. 18. Kony Cloud Services Enterprise-grade backend services (mBaaS)  Published APIs  Available to any development tool or 3rd-party framework  Pre-integrated with Kony JavaScript Development Framework
  19. 19. Kony Cloud Services Web Apps  HTML5/4 browser-based optimized experiences  HTML5 variation handling  Support key tenets of responsive and adaptive design  Leverage SPA to separate UI/UX from business logic
  20. 20. Kony Cloud Services Integration  Proprietary Enterprise Connections  Kony for SAP Data Transformation Enterprise Explorer Sky Explorer  SharePoint  Siebel Visual mapping tools  Salesforce  PeopleSoft  Many more  JD Edwards  Support all Web Service protocols Functional Services / Capabilities SkyMobile Realtime Batch Sync/ Offline Web Services Firewall adapters  JSON  SOAP Kony Enterprise Federation Security (VPN, HTTPS, …)  REST  Web scraper  JDBC Database Connectors  MS SQL Server connectors  Oracle  IBM DB2 and more  Data mapper & integration designer to tie frontend to enterprise
  21. 21. Kony Cloud Services Integration – Kony for SAP  SkyMobile is a certified SAP add-in  Data sync from within SAP  No duplicate data, transactions or bottlenecks  Preconfigured integration to SAP modules  Flexible integration options depending on size of project
  22. 22. Kony Cloud Services Orchestration  Composite web services definition editor  Synchronous/asynchronous service execution workflow  Optimize performance  Record and simulate service definitions
  23. 23. Kony Cloud Services Device Detection  Database with over 10,000 devices  Dynamic device identification  Optimized rendering for HTML5/4 and SPA  Cover iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, J2ME
  24. 24. Kony Cloud Services Messaging JavaScript  Single API interface for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry Kony Messaging Service  Context-aware targeted messages  Segmented marketing campaigns  Apple Passbook integration Push (Coming soon: Email / SMS) IOS Android  Reporting and analytics console Tablets
  25. 25. Kony Cloud Services Sync  Manages offline app behavior  Reconcile and sync offline data  Support persistent or direct sync  Rules-based conflict resolution  Define sync events (timer, scheduled, event-based)  Management console
  26. 26. Development Framework Cloud Foundation Cloud Services Development Framework Developer Tools Lifecycle Integratio n
  27. 27. Kony Development Framework Interface for developing feature rich apps  Published APIs available to any IDE or library  Pre-integrated with enterprisegrade cloud services (mBaaS)  Next-gen HTML5 web development  Single code base to build web, native, hybrid and mixed-mode apps
  28. 28. Kony JavaScript Developer Framework JavaScript APIs  Open standards-based JavaScript interface  Thousands of Packaged APIs  Native API mapping  Consumable via 3rd-party tool / native SDK or Kony Studio Security Cryptography Enterprise IAM FIPS 140-2  Reuse existing code UI/UX Rich Drawing Charm Badge Live Tiles Gesture Themes & Skins Utilities Math String Table Time Alerts i18n Device Services Operating System Phone Accelerometer Geo Location Camera SMS Internationalization Bookmark & Refresh Network Network Cross-channel push Streaming Service Invocation Header Manipulation Availability Data Services Access Native Storage Offline Data Access Sync Services with conflict resolution
  29. 29. Kony JavaScript Developer Framework Next Generation HTML5  Develop web apps with HTML5, JS and CSS3  Deliver device specific browseroptimized HTML5 markup Tools / Frameworks Outcomes API Integration HTML 5/4 Hybrid Device Specific Mixed-Mode Channel Specific Kony mBaaS  Reuse UI/UX and business logic with HML5 SPA  Incorporate native device capabilities into hybrid apps  Import and reuse 3rd-party frameworks
  30. 30. Kony JavaScript Developer Framework Development Outcomes  HTML5/4, JS, and CSS3 for browser optimized web apps  Device-optimized native apps  Combine HTML5 in a native container with hybrid apps  Web and native capabilities – only where needed with mixed-mode apps  Cover iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, J2ME
  31. 31. Developer Tools Cloud Foundation Cloud Services Development Framework Developer Tools Lifecycle Integratio n
  32. 32. Kony Developer Tools Create rich, multi-channel, cloud-connected apps  Integrate enterprise-grade cloud services (mBaaS)  Powerful JavaScript code editor  Drag and drop visual app designer  Auto-preview on emulators and devices  Import and reuse native code or 3rd-party libraries  Single click deployment for all channels
  33. 33. Kony Developer Tools Visual App Designer  Form, service, data mapping and event designers  Consistent user experience  Extensive library of native and web widgets  Import native SDK and 3rdparty widgets  Configure native UI controls without coding
  34. 34. Kony Developer Tools Integration Designer  Point-and-click integration to enterprise systems  Explore business objects within enterprise and 3rd party systems  Test service request and responses  Define custom web service fields
  35. 35. Kony Developer Tools Data Mapper  Map backend data objects to frontend assets  Create composite data fields  Execute data transformations
  36. 36. Kony Developer Tools JavaScript Code Editor  Write code as needed  Intellisense to speed up coding  Access to Kony APIs and backend enterprise services (mBaaS)  Debugger to test and fix code  Import and reuse native code
  37. 37. Kony Developer Tools Import & Reuse Native Code  Import custom code and 3rdparty libraries  Single API to access custom code  Import wizard for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows code  Incorporate device peripherals such as barcode reader and Bluetooth
  38. 38. Kony Developer Tools Event Flow Editor  Configure complex app workflows  Manage navigation, enterprise integration, functions and more  Create inline code snippets and expressions  Visually manage conditional logic and branching
  39. 39. Kony Developer Tools Device Simulator  Instantly preview on devices and simulators without compiling code  Auto preview on actual phones, tablets and desktop  Share with reviewers on the cloud
  40. 40. Single Click Deployment to the Cloud  Create Apple IPA, Google APK, Blackberry COD and other native binaries Development Outcomes HTML5 Mixed Native Hybrid Channels OS’s  Generate appropriate HTML5 markup for selected web apps  Distribute via public and enterprise app stores
  41. 41. Kony Cloud Foundation Cloud Foundatio n Cloud Services Development Framework Developer Tools Lifecycle Integratio n
  42. 42. Lifecycle Integration Shared Cloud Environment for Developers and Designers  Shared repository of artifacts  Share projects with designers  Common workspace  Share annotations
  43. 43. Cloud Services Collaboration Share and review functional apps Publish and email app to reviewers Reviewers access via secure login Review full app functionality Review and add notes
  44. 44. Cloud Services Viz Cloud Integration Kony Visualization Cloud Kony Development Cloud  Import/export projects from Visualizer  Retain accurate UX/UI layout  Functional app as development spec  Reuse 100% design artifacts and code
  45. 45. Lifecycle Integration Integrate Security with Development Manage Apps Code contextaware policies Design Apps Develop Apps Devices Deploy Apps  Integrate security at time of app development  Restrict device-features or force secure connectivity in enterprise context  Leave user-space unburdened by policies
  46. 46. Demo