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Dipayan Dutta Resume


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Dipayan Dutta Resume

  1. 1. Page 1 of 4 Dipayan Dutta SUMMARY  Over 8 years of professional experience in Information Technology as a Team lead and Sr. Application Developer in analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance of Information Management Applications.  Extensive experience in handling Offshore / Onshore and other distributed delivery projects  Experience in Healthcare, Banking & Data Migration Projects.  Experienced in the areas of Business Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance, Testing and implementation of application software on COBOL II, JCL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, ADABAS and DB2 STORED PROCEDURES.  Excellent analytical, programming skills, Team Leader ship and Capacity for Work - Meeting Deadlines, Diagnostic Ability - Ability to go to the core of the problem. TECHNICAL SKILLS FUNCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY  Healthcare and BFS  SDLC  Team Leading  COBOL  JCL  DB2  VSAM  IDMS  CICS  SPUFI  FILE-AID  ENDEVOR  INTERTEST  CA7  Visio PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Nov’13 – Present Sr. developer and system analyst, Express Scripts, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA 1. Project: Point Of Sale & Adjustments
  2. 2. Page 2 of 4 Point Of Sale (POS) is an online Pharmacy Claims Adjudication System that does the process of paying or rejecting a member's prescription drug claims at Express Scripts Inc (ESI). ESI processes claims for three submission types: The Express Scripts Pharmacy, Retail Card and Direct claims. At ESI Retail Card, Direct and Express Scripts Pharmacy Claims processing will be done on the TelePAID Pont-Of-Sale, real time electronic claims processing system. Using TelePAID, participating retail pharmacies and the Express Scripts pharmacy submits drug claim electronically round the clock. Claims Processing at POS includes accepts claims verifies member/ dependent eligibility, group and drug plan, determines pharmacy participation, checks claims for duplicates, performs drug utilization review, prices the prescription, calculates deductible/copay/out of pocket expenses, saves claims on POS, customer service database and Information warehouse, transmits claim response back to pharmacy . ADJUSTMENTS are changes made to the original claims for any financial changes to the pharmacy or member. Adjustment cycle starts after the first adjudication of the original claims. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE PROJECT: As a Sr. Developer:-  Had worked on innumerable number of tickets as a part of Command center and Medicare support team.  Worked as a POC for AJS medicare.  Had worked on quality maintenance with strict adherences to the process. July’11 – Aug’13 Team Lead, Express Scripts, Offshore Kolkata, India 1. Project: Mainframe System (MFS) S/W: COBOL, DB2, CICS,STORED PROCS, JCL and SYNC SORT Tools: MTF, INTERTEST and ENDEVOR I have worked on MFS for almost 2 years. I had started the team from the very beginning. Mainframe system is basically an interface application trigger. Thru different functionalities, different servers used to get triggered for processing. Instead of transaction trigger, servers used to trigger different application modules. Responsibilities:  Create the high level and detailed level design documents.  Review developed programs with onsite and offshore team.  Involved in the day-to-day development and implementation Process  Analysis, Design, Coding, Unit Testing and Production Support.  Able to take a large conceptual problem or project, break it into components, establish plans and a critical
  3. 3. Page 3 of 4 path, achieve incremental goals and deliver project on time.  Coordinate with QA team for detailed test strategies, test plans, test cases and test scripts  System Testing and UAT Defect analysis and resolution  Supported on-going contractual client-specific, Medicare, audit, and historical reporting needs for integrated activities. July’06 – Mar’11 Mainframe Developer, First date commercial services, Florida and Kolkata . 1. Project: First data commercial services Chargeback and Retrieval: The scope of this project is to maintain the Chargeback and Retrieval system. Up until 1992 CITIBANK was a major player in the acquiring market. At that time they sold the acquiring business to private investors Welsh Carson Anderson and Stowe to capitalize the business. The new company, “Card Establishment Services”(CES) became the #3 acquirer until the acquisition by First Data in 1995. Since that time CITIBANK has gradually reentered the acquiring market and has recently shown its intentions to once again be a dominate player. According to the Neilson Reports, it was ranked #72 in 2002 with just $300M in volume and rose to #17 in 2003 with a whopping $10B in volume. CITIBANK currently processes with vital and also maintains an in-house proprietary system that supports leased line authorizations for some major accounts as well as multi-currency processing and settlement. They have some specific chargeback requirements. There is concept of “Bundled Chargeback” for same merchant, chargeback that came under different cardholder are bundled together, at CBRT end those will need to be unbundled. So existing programs needs to be enhanced. Also as far as Retrievals are concerned the information is to be transmitted in a specific new layout. So the existing retrieval programs are to be enhanced or may be new programs will be introduced. A chargeback is a transaction that is challenged by a cardholder and returned to the Acquirer by the cardholder’s bank. By initiating a chargeback, the Issuer states that the transaction is in violation of the operating regulations and is being returned for resolution. Retrieval is a process in which issuer requests for the proof of transaction supporting documents. This request is submitted to FDMS via card association. The maintenance of this system covers new development and enhancement in the system, bug fixing as well as production support. Interchange: Interchange is a critical function managed by the national Associations viz VISA & MasterCard which enables banks around the world to exchange information, transactions, money, and other items on a standard and consistent basis. Interchange system is instrumental in calculating the fee, which is assessed back
  4. 4. Page 4 of 4 to all merchants. Interchange receives files from Front-End, validates against auth logs, reformats to Association compatible format, performs edit checks and sends files to associations. It also receives processed files from Associations and does necessary reconciliations. Similar functionality is performed by TNE (Travel and Entertainment) stream, only difference being TNE processes Non Bank cards viz. Amex, Discover, Diners and JCB. CLIENT DESCRIPTION: First Data Commercial Services (FDCS®), a subsidiary of First Data Corp., is a worldwide leader in electronic payment solutions. Through their partnerships with several of the nation's largest financial institutions and other organizations, FDMS settles more than 10.8 billion electronic payment transactions annually--worth over $562.5 billion in sales volume--for approximately 3 million merchant locations. Their processing portfolio is comprised of brick and mortar, Internet and mail/telephone order merchants of all sizes. With their partners, they provide merchant processing solutions in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia. First Data Corp. has set a new standard for the card industry by becoming the largest cardholder processor, the largest merchant processor, and the dominant processor of consumer money transfers. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Performed detailed analysis of the client requirements for change requests (CR), development and enhancement. Also specialized in analysis of production problems for bug fixing. Designing optimum and efficient solutions for software requirements and bug fix. Writing bug-free codes with strict adherence to quality standards Unit testing to test that the requirement has been fulfilled, System Testing to test that the entire application behaves normally with the new changes, regression testing to test that the existing functionality of the application is intact, User Acceptance testing which in turn involves supporting the enhancement and answering the queries of the users and implementation of the enhancement. Documentation of the development and enhancement tasks and preparing and maintaining technical and training documents for Cognizant Knowledge Repository. Preparing various quality documents like HLDD (High Level Design Document), DDD (Detail Design Document), Code review sheet, EBR (Enhancement and Bug Fix Reports), TPR (Test Procedure Review), and Test Logs etc. using Cognizant’s Qview and Qsmart quality tools. Coordination with the onsite team in tune with Cognizant’s onsite/offshore model Weekly status reporting to the Cognizant’s account management team through teleconference DURATION OF THE PROJECT: 4 years and 8 months. EDUCATION Bachelors in Information Technology (B-TECH/IT)