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Lunch & Learn Facebook

  1. 1. Diocese ofLunch and Learn Raleigh 2012
  2. 2. Rome,Pope Benedict XVI gave his personal approval to use social media to evangelize
  3. 3. Archbishop WiltonGregory said: "...without proper andprudent use of this vehicle, the newevangelizatio n will never get off the road, it willnever start."
  4. 4. Christ Has No Online Presencebut Yours• Christ has no online presence but yours,• No blog, no Facebook page but yours• Yours are the tweets through which the Gospel is shared,• Yours are the updates through which hope is revealed• Christ has no online presence but yours.• Adapted from St.Teresa of Avilas prayer, "Christ has no Body" by Meredith Gould
  5. 5. Reasons people go to social media site Friends and family Access news Access entertainmentSource: IBM Institute for Business Value analysis. 2011
  6. 6. Setting up your personal site• decide how you are going to use facebook• use your real name and photo of you, not your dog• only show your birthday month and date, leave off year• use a good password-use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and only use it for Facebook.• Be sure to use a https connection• If you are asked to enter your fb password, make sure the URL is• Dont click on emails from Facebook, go to site for notifications
  7. 7. Managing Your Wall• You have the power to control your wall!• the more you like and comment, the more you see• dont want to chat? hide yourself
  8. 8. Content is Text, Images and Video"What do you want people to know?" "What do you want people to do?" "How can I post this in a way that will invoke a response."
  9. 9. Facebook Dos• think before you post: Would you say this to your employer, spouse, mother?• respect the public and private messaging functions• Respond to friend requests• Reply to comments, its social!
  10. 10. • Be mindful of what you post• dont announce your vacations, do post pics afterwards• post things unrelated to group and/or mission• Dont complain or post "causes" incessantly• Dont invite out of town friends to your events• dont post what you had for breakfast, dinner or lunch unless there is a photo attached!• dont post personal or private messages• Don over self promote yourself or your products• Dont tag people in unflattering pictures• Dont vent about work
  11. 11. Like Diocesan Pages!• Diocese of Raleigh• Holy Name Cathedral• Office of Pro-Life• New Bern Deanery• Office of AAMEN• Hispanic Ministry•
  12. 12. Page Admin Update 6.28.2012 • You can now post and comment as yourself • You can change your custom URL