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  1. 1. Enjoy our in-depth, guided exploration of the dramatically scenic and culturally rich highlands of central Guatemala. Lush forests, farmlands of rich volcanic soil, crater lakes and volcanic peaks accent a land of ancient and contemporary Mayan life. Explore beyond the main village streets to witness ancient native rituals and cultural traditions. Based in Antigua, Latin America’s premier colonial city, designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  2. 2. This former capital of Guatemala is a strikingly beautiful city, rich in history. Visitors and locals alike casually congregate in the Parque Central sitting and strolling, watching the world go by. You will be transferred to your hotel. If you arrive in time, you will attend a 7:30 pm get acquainted dinner of typical Guatemalan food at a local restaurant
  3. 3. So hard not to eat the mangos in the park
  4. 4. Caminata Histórica Por Antigua
  5. 5. Walk from the restaurant to our hotel .
  6. 6. Our Hotel casa Del Parque Antigua
  7. 7. Breakfast before school
  8. 8. After breakfast, at 8:00 am, you will walk to the teaching location of Proyecto Linguístico Francisco Marroquín, near the famed La Merced Church. You will have a brief orientation and then meet your personal instructor for 3 hours of Spanish classes, suitable for all levels, and one on one!
  9. 9. Meet your teacher
  10. 10. The School
  11. 11. Visita a San Antonio weaving co-op.
  12. 12. Lake Atitlán, described as the world’s most beautiful lake The Maya villages around the lake, a boat tour and overnight in San Antonio de Atitlán
  13. 13. Interact With The Mayan People Of Atitlan
  14. 14. Vamos al hotel
  15. 15. Our Hotel , Posada De Santiago
  16. 16. My room
  17. 17. We must go back
  18. 18. But not without one more stop in Chichicastenango
  19. 19. Hola Antigua! We are back
  20. 20. Antigua is getting ready to celebrate Easter on April 25.
  21. 21. What do I see???
  22. 22. For March 23 , our last day of activities in Antigua , You may choose to leave at 6AM to climb the Pacaya Volcano and get back to Antiguan for lunch and to relax by the pool or you may decide to join those who did not want to climb the volcano in their field trip to Finca Filadelfia at 2 PM. This is a very popular tour in Antigua and an experience you will always remember. We will have our farewell dinner at El Peñón Latino at 7 Pm. You will love the food and the music!
  23. 23. If you are already in Guatemala you may not want to miss a visitto Tikal and decide to stay two extra days for areasonable extra ammount. You will not regreat having made this decision.
  24. 24. Hotel Posada De La Jungla