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Dinner Tonight


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Dinner Tonight

  1. 1. Want to fill a table, tonight?  Introducing Dinner Tonight
  2. 2. Dinner  Tonight  is  a   marketplace  for  filling  last-­‐minute  tables  that  would  otherwise  remain   empty.  
  3. 3. Restaurants  enjoy:   • Complete  control   • Total  flexibility   • Real-­‐Bme   inventory   management    
  4. 4. Dinner  Tonight    is  simple  to  use   How  it  Works        
  5. 5. Drive  customers   by  offering   incenBves  for  them  to  dine  at   specific  Bmes.    
  6. 6. You  control  all   inventory,  incenBves,  and   availability.    
  7. 7. Drive  customers  by  offering  cash  back  or  perks   Offer  Perks   Offer     such  as  a   complimentary:   Cash  Back       • Appe:zer  as  a  percentage   • Dessert  of  the  total  bill   • Entrée   Cash  Back   • Glass  of  wine   $45  
  8. 8. Bring  customers  only  when  you  need  them.   Quan:ty   Cap     Limit  poten:al  tables  to  match   inventory   Cash  Back   Add    Time  Restric:ons   Control  when  you  don’t   ROI     want  to  offer   and  ensure   incen:ves   customer   $45   value    
  9. 9. Easily  adjust   inventory   anyBme     via  the    Merchant  Dashboard   or  the    Merchant  Mobile  App  
  10. 10. Dinner  Tonight  takes  care  of  the  rest.      Impulse  Diners  are  Dinner  Tonight   Each  aLernoon,   making  spur-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ targets     Dinner  Tonight   moment  decisions,  Impulse  Diners   releases  and   and  thus  can  be   promotes  all   greatly  influenced  by   People  who   inventory  available   Bmely   want  to  dine  out   for  that  evening.   recommendaBons   tonight,  but  are   via  mobile.   looking  for   2pm inspira;on  for   Inventory Release where  to  go  
  11. 11. Customers  discover  nearby  restaurants.   Restaurants  are  promoted  based  on   perks,  popularity,   and  proximity.    
  12. 12. Customers  choose  a  restaurant  and  claim   a  spot  through  the   Dinner  Tonight   mobile  app.    
  13. 13. See  the  difference   Without   With    Dinner  Tonight    Dinner  Tonight   2-­‐top  6:30pm  Tuesday   2-­‐top  6:30pm  Tuesday  $0  Incremental  Revenue   $60  of  incremental  Revenue  
  14. 14. Interested?   for  more  informa8on