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World Class Hr Practices


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Presentation made on 4th April,\'09 at HR Conclave held at Rajkot Engineering Association Hall under auspice of Rajkot Management Association.

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World Class Hr Practices

  1. 1. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot
  2. 2. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot
  3. 3. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot
  4. 4. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot Grooming High Perf. Work Force Entry Creating Future Leaders Succession Planning, Next Generation CEOs Stage wise, they are . . . Work Environ.
  5. 5. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot Entry or Recruitment : ( Bottom up or Lateral ) Don’t hire someone unless you’re %100 sure that he/ she is the right person. ( Right man for the right job ) It’s better to wait and get someone that you know is a good fit. “ First Who . . . then Where and What ” ( Right people on the bus, wrong ones off ) ~ Jim Collins in “ Good to Great ” Also pay them adequately. It is well known adage – “ If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys ! ”
  6. 6. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot As is true in Marriage – “ You don’t get an ideal partner, but have to make one” Grooming ( Includes Training ) : So is true in employment : Consider your Human Resource as an asset and slowly build on it. Human Capital is only asset that is not reflected in the Balance sheet ( Though a few progressive companies show HDI ) We seldom train people, even if we do, We do not measure Training Effectiveness !
  7. 7. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot It is responsibility of Management to provide a healthy work environment. Work Environment It begins with Equal Opportunity employment, devoid of caste, creed, religion, gender and ethnicity considerations. Healthy work environment includes Workplace health, safety and security. From recruitment, wage fixation, increments, job rotations, deputations and promotions, a totally merit based system should prevail.
  8. 8. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot Corporates be first clear what they want to be ~ VMV How to Build High Performance Workforce ? Build Corporate Strategy and HR Strategy Build Corporate SMART goals Percolate Corporate goals : Chairman to Watchman ( By inculcating Accountability and Rewards & Recognition ) ( Contd. )
  9. 9. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot How to Build High Performance Workforce ? Define Performance Management System ( PMS ) Review Sr. Leaders’ Performance by 360’ feedback Encourage Staff by Variable Pay system ( By inculcating Accountability and Rewards & Recognition ) Measure and improve Employee Satisfaction ( Gallup )
  10. 10. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot Responsibility of current Leaders is to create future leaders . Creating Future Leaders Tools available are - identifying a Talent Pool and to groom them by special Projects assignment, Job rotations, Multi-tasking and Multi-skilling, Mentoring and hand holding.
  11. 11. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot In Indian scenario, neither political leaders, nor business leaders think in terms of Succession Plng. Succession Planning, next Gen. CEOs In Military, there is always a 2 nd line of defense ! Let us learn from Infosys, where N R Narayan Murthy stepped down as CEO ( became Chief Mentor ) and passed on baton to Nandan Nilekeni.
  12. 12. Excellence unLimited, Rajkot Thank You Hope some of these World Class practices will inspire both industry as well academicia to adopt as well include in their curricula.