pcr sterilization by heat grams staining zn afb pyrosequencing polymerase chain reaction antibiotics ast antimicrobial sensitivity testing immune response antigen presenting reducing agents mcintosh jar & filde's jar anarobic gas pak anaerobiosis abnormal immunoglobulins immunoglobulin ergot fungal poisoning toxin mycotoxins various types of microscopes and microscopy fungi imperfecti paracoccidiodes histoplasma diamorphic fungi systemic mycosis versicolor peidra superficialmycosis sulphur granules madurai foot mycetoma subcutaneous mycoses fungal moniliasis candidiasis aspergellosis medical mycology germ tube test cândida opportunisticmycoses lcb koh mount laboratory diagnosis of fungal infections introduction of fungus classification of fungus mycology viral zoonotic disease hot air oven autoclave phase and antigenic variations in bacteria methods of chemical disinfection biosafty loose motion diarrhea and dysentery toga cchf chickengunia dengue arbo viruses conventional lab diag of tb bioterrarism deadly virus ebola hepatitis markers paralysis polio flegella spore microbiology special tb biowaste management cloor bags disposal waste hospital
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