A study on to analyze the business performance of media owners in india


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A study on to analyze the business performance of media owners in india

  1. 1. “A Study On To Analyze the Business Performance of Media Owners in India”Dissertation submitted to Uttarakhand Technical University in Partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Master of Business Administration By Dinesh Bhatt 10070500116 Under the supervision of Dr. Prakash Tiwari Department of management studies DIT, Dehradun Dehradun Institute of Technology Uttarakhand Technical University Dehradun-248001 May 2012 DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  2. 2. CANDIDATE’S DECLARATION Statement by the candidateI hereby state that the dissertation entitled “A Study On To Analyze TheBusiness Performance Of Media Owners in India” submitted by me in partialfulfilment of the requirements for the award of MBA degree, is my original workand that it has not previously formed the basis for the award of any otherdegree, Diploma, Fellowship or other similar titles.Date.......................... Dinesh Bhatt DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  3. 3. GUIDE’S CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that the dissertation entitled “A Study On To Analyze TheBusiness Performance Of Media Owners in India” submitted by Mr. DineshBhatt is a bonafide record of research work done by him under my guidance andsupervision.HOD Project Coordinator Project GuideDr. N L Gupta Dr. Prakash Tiwari Dr. Prakash Tiwari DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAny work of this magnitude requires inputs, efforts and encouragement of peoplefrom all sides. In compiling this project report, I have been fortunate enough to getactive and kind cooperation from many people without whom my endeavours wouldnot have been a success.I take this opportunity to bestow my gratitude to all who helped me during the courseof the project for their inspiring guidance and kind advice throughout the projectwork.I am highly thankful to Mr Ashwin Yadav for providing me with the opportunity andfacility of learning under them and extended their complete support to make medeliver the best.I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Dr. Prakash Tiwari for their constantsupport and encouragement to carry out the research for a most sincere effort put in togive this work the present shape.I owe a special thanks to all other who helped me in order to fulfil the requirements ofthe project and the whole of Department Of Management Studies for providing mewith a comfortable environment to work.Dinesh Bhatt DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn nature, evolution occurs most rapidly when competition for resources is intense.The same process is now occurring with promotional media. All traditional mediachannels are now saturated, and competition for consumer attention is intense. At thesame time, the impact of any one medium is becoming diluted. There are many moreOOH formats, consumer have the ability to skip adverts because of their busy lifestyle. As a result, companies are becoming increasingly innovative in their approachto communications and a host of new media channels have emerged. As a result,media choice is becoming a tricky task, which is why detailed segmentation is soimportant -Highly targeted communications often lead to better results. You can usually expect aresponse rate of less than 1% for a relatively generic mass mailing. However, personalletters to a handful of your most loyal customers would lead to a dramaticallyincreased rate of return. When deciding which media to use consider the reach,frequency, media impact and what you can expect for your budget but most of all,ensure your target customer will see the message in the first place. The interaction ofa customer with the brand for about four hours in a golf course will surely gives abetter result than any other OOH media to this elite segment otherwise reaching themis highly impossible. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  6. 6. Table of contentCertificateAcknowledgementExecutive summaryChapter I1. Introduction 1.1 Value2ad & Publicity (P) Ltd 1.2 Companies product & Services 1.3 Growth Trend and Prospects 1.4 Objective Of The Study 1.5 Research MethodologyChapter IIMajor Competitors 2.1 Laqshya Group–Airport Media 2.2 TDI– OOH Media 2.3 Other CompetitorsChapter IIIComparative Study of the Media Owners 3.1.1 Study on the Growth and profits 3.1.2 Study on clientele, human resource and othersChapter IVFinding, Conclusion, Limitations 4.1 Findings 4.2 Conclusion 4.3 LimitationAppendixBibliography DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  7. 7. Lists of Tables/Charts/Figures/DiagramsTable Page Table Description No. No. 1.1 Value2ad- Company Presence 8 1.2 List of Tournaments of 9TH Hole 11 Percentage contribution of different media formats to the media 1.3 16 industry 2.1 Laqshya Media- Business Model 26 3.1 Classification on the basis of Annul Turnover 33 3.2 Classification on the basis of Number of New Business 34 3.3 Classification on the basis of Growth Rate 35 3.4 Classification on the basis of Geographical Presence 36 3.5 Classification on the basis of Number of Clients 37 3.6 Classification on the basis of Target Population 38 3.7 Classification on the basis of Duration in Media Industry 39 3.8 Classification on the basis of Man Power 40 DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  8. 8. Chapter IIntroduction of Value2ad & Publicity (P) Ltd DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  9. 9. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION1.1 Introduction of Value2ad & Publicity (P) LtdType – Private Limited CompanyFounded- 2005Regd. Office; plot no-116, street no-10, Libaspur, New Delhi- 110042Head office; Bungalow no. 123, 1st floor, Aram Nagar, Part-1, 7 Bungalow FisheryUniversity Road. Andheri (W), Mumbai-400061Key people Ashwin Yadav ( M.D & CEO ) Nitin Yadav (Chief Manager Acquisition) K.Srinivas Rao ( Chief Of Operations)Industry- Media and AdvertisementsThe Value 2 Ad is a team comprised of marketing experts holds many years‟experience in advertising of print, out of home, digital, sports (Golf) and leisureindustries.Several media properties are installed in the golf courses where there is highcirculation of players, members and consumers. The advertisement displays will holdthe attention of this highly desirable demographic. The display formats are a mixtureof advertising structures on exterior, interior which includes club house, restaurant,bar, gym, changing rooms, lounges and on the course will deliver the advertisingmessages effectively to the target group. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  10. 10. Value 2 Ad is committed to delivering the ad messages to the top echelon in salesprospective, product and services to both clients and advertisers.Value 2 Ad have conquered Indian Golf advertising Market and currently expandingto the other world markets. Stay tuned.Company MissionTo reach a target group of affluent Golfers and their family members.Research shows that reaching your target during leisure yields a substantially higherbrand recall rate. Value 2 Ad offers a cost effective medium other than Airport media,Mall Media or any other alternate media to reach an upscale captive target groupwhile they are at their dwell time.Our demographic = Your consumersYour message can reach over4 lakh people every month, If you want, we can Putin agood word for you.Services1) GOLF OUTDOOR OOH Advertising Branding Media Promotions DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  11. 11. 2) 9th HOLE Event Management Golf Tournaments1.2 PRODUTS & SERVICESGolf OutdoorGolf Outdoor Media is the only Indian OOH company which as of today boastsmedia property sites in 85% of Golf Courses across India - delivering more targetedopportunities than any other outdoor advertising company in the country.An entrepreneurial enterprise with a vision for the development of exciting A++ outof Home Media Solution, Golf Outdoor Media is widely regarded as Indias mostinnovative company in the industry today.MissionTo offer a cost effective medium having its reach strictly to upscale captive TG As analternative mediums offered at Airport, Ambient or any other alternate mediavehicles. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  12. 12. USPThe advertisement displays will hold the attention of this highly desirabledemographic and will deliver the advertising messages effectively.MediaMedia options in several formats are available such as the advertising structures onexterior & interior –Media Locations in Golf Courses Club house, Restaurant, Bar, Gym, Changing Rooms, Lounges On the greens Entry & Exit Parking‟s Driving Range Notice Boards ReceptionMedia Formats Mini Pole Boom Barrier Watch Towers Billboards Photo Frames Glass Façade Standee DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  13. 13. Where there is high circulation of players, members and consumers present round theweek.Media Benefit for our ClientsIn Golf Outdoor, they proved a platform for other companies to turn their product into a brand and with the help of this; these company can increase the number offootfall, which will let to increase the number of sales of their product. “More than85% consumers say Golf OOH catches their attention and 70% say they havetaken action as a result of these ads”Media’s strength Appealing creatives on designer / innovative structures. Captures the consumer attention is highly effective. Targets the consumers in their dwell time. Communicates directly to a desirable upscale TG. Provides superior Brand recall. Flexible in budget and inventory.Why Golf outdoor advertising?Golf outdoor advertising is among the fastest growing media all over the world today.Researchers have revealed that golf outdoor advertising attracts niche TG‟s attentionbetter than any other form of advertising methods. Percentage of people who reportthat the golf outdoor advertising catches their attention.Golf Outdoor Appealing creative on designer stuctures Captures the consumer attention is highly effective targets the consumers in their dwell time Communicates directly to a desirable upscale TG Provides superior Brand recall Flexible in budget and inventory DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  14. 14. How do they know this?According to market research more than 98% of the golfers noticed the advertisingmessages at the golf courses. The rate of awareness of this media is 95% which ishigher than any media penetration. Overall, Golf outdoor media reaches 95% golfersin India aged 08 or older every month 90% of the brands displayed had increase insales up to 35% in additional sales through the use of golf outdoor mediaSo according to themIn one month, your ad will receive close to a 4 lakh eye balls That is 8 lakh foot fallsper month on these greens Plus 8 lakh footfalls off the greens. Total 16 Lakh foot fallsWhom they are targetingAs golf is considered as a premium brand played by the high class people of the society.Core Golfer profile: House hold income > $100K - 42% House hold income > $125K - 24% High education Attended college - 84% College Degree - 53% Graduate Degree - 25% Women New Golfers - 41% College Degree - 51% Work - Full / Part time - 63% Control or share family budget- 74% DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  15. 15. Their Presence: Figure 1.1 DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  16. 16. 9th Hole9th Hole deals with the Golf Courses Management and Conducting Golf Tournamentsall across India in society owned (Private Golf Courses) and Government Owned(Army Golf Courses)9th Hole provides a single-vendor solution to facilitate and manage all the necessaryarrangements associated with your golf event. Their golf tournament planningservices are designed to manage the golf event marketing, administration andlogistical tasks that are traditionally managed by the Client/Golf Committee. Whilewe eliminate these time consuming tasks, the Golf Committee responsibilities becomemore simplified - allowing the Committee to focus on promoting the golf event; alongwith concentrating on other existing business matters associated with their day-to-dayresponsibilities.Golf Management involves handling of Players Registration Green Fees Collection Tee time bookings Managing Golf Tournaments Running the Driving Range Handicapping The Pro Shop Caddie Management DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  17. 17. They understand that their clients have different needs and expectations of theservices they provide. Our customized event plan outlines all the logistics associatedwith the event along with the tasks and action items that must evolve before and onevent day. Also included within the plan is access to the registration database andpairings document with all the details and demographics on each of your playersand/or sponsors. Combined with the event website (outlined below) we create andmanage a very effective means to simplify and streamline all the administration andlogistical aspects associated with your golf event.One Phone Call - One Vendor - Extensive ServicesCustom Event WebsiteThe main purpose of the custom website is to provide a foundation for everyoneattending, playing, sponsoring, partnering and/or associated with the event to haveaccess to all the event information. Along with capturing registration informationonline, the website simplifies communications and creates a strong and very effectivemarketing foundation. The Website may include, but not necessarily be limited to: Home Page Agenda Page Sponsorship Page Current Sponsors or Partners Page Secure On-line Registration and Credit Card Processing Interactive Map & Directions Contact Names, Phone Numbers & E-mail Addresses DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  18. 18. Partial List Of Golf Tournament To Be Managed My 9th Hole Figure 1.2 DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  19. 19. 1.3 Growth Trend and ProspectsBest ways to get maximum growth in outdoor advertising as being a mediaowner  Choose your geographic market. Before you target a specific market, learn about the culture and business climate of that area. For example, you may find that the market has experienced a loss of jobs and income recently. If businesses are struggling to pay their operating expenses, selling them a billboard may be a challenge.  On the other hand, perhaps youre looking at an area that has experienced rapid growth in the past couple of years, with new businesses opening every month and many current businesses expanding. In that climate, owners may be willing to spend more advertising dollars to broaden their territory and attract new customers.  Structure your billboard business. Since you may be operating across county or state boundaries, you may encounter different billboard regulations. Get some professional advice before you get started. Meet with a Certified Public Accountant familiar with clients who operate billboard businesses in multiple areas.  Next, meet with a commercial insurance agent who can recommend the best business coverage for you and your employees. Contact the city or county clerks office for each area in which you plan to conduct business. Obtain a business license and any other permits you will need.  Look at current market players. Before you attempt to establish a presence in any given market, look at the billboard companies already operating in that area. The Outdoor Billboard directory provides a list of billboard companies, and is grouped by state. Within each state, specific cities are listed alphabetically; companies are then listed within that city. For each company, a brief profile and contact information are included. Make some anonymous DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  20. 20. calls to billboard companies in your area, and inquire about typical billboard contract rates (see Resources).  Identify billboards for sale. The Outdoor Billboard website also lists available standard billboards, mobile billboards, billboard and land combinations, and entire billboard plants for sale. Listings are separated by state, and direct contact information is included for each property (see Resources).  Find billboard land for sale or lease. Check out the Billboard Spots website for nationwide listings of land that can accommodate billboards, or upon which billboards are already installed. In many cases, the listing includes information on billboard zoning and permit requirements (see Resources).  For more local options, take a drive throughout your targeted operating market. Jot down locations that would be ideal for billboard installation. Next, visit your local zoning and permit offices to inquire about the availability of those properties.  Recruit some billboard customers. Make a list of local or regional billboard prospects. Using the rate information you have collected, create a rate structure that presents your company favorably in the market. Consider additional opening discounts to get some billboard clients on the books.  Get your billboards printed. In many cases, billboards are printed on heavy vinyl, with virtually unlimited ink and graphics options. Billboard printing companies can honor most billboard size requests, and can print from many types of graphics files. With this digital printing capability, clients can obtain excellent print quality and good pricing from companiesGrowth Prospective In Golf AdvertisingGolf is among the fastest-growing sports in India and the movers and shakers of theAsian and European Tours see huge potential to cash in. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  21. 21. The country becomes the 37th destination visited by the European Tour, which hasspread its wings to co-sanction the Indian Masters with the Asian Tour.It is the richest golf event ever staged in the emerging economic powerhouse at $2,5-million (about R19.5 million), and heralds a month that will see three tournaments ina country that hosted just one in 2007.While China has been the target market over the past few years, India is seen as thenew frontier. With local golfers tasting success overseas sparking a surge in interest atthe same time that incomes are raising the European and Asian Tours considered it theright moment to dive in."The growth of the Indian economy has coincided with the emergence of golf as amajor sport in the country," European Tour chief executive George OGrady saidwhen he announced the tournament."We are always keen to expand our tournament portfolio into new territories and webelieve that the Indian Masters offers huge potential on that front."Thanks to Indian pioneers such as Jeev Milkha Singh and Arjun Atwal, along withJyoti Randhawa and Shiv Kapur, professional golf in India has taken a massive stepforward over the past decade."The Asian Tour has a much longer history with India, and chief executive Kyi HlaHan said it was thrilling to see how fast it was developing."It is exciting to see golf in India booming the way that it is now," he said."To have three major international events in February on the Asian Tour schedule iscertainly a strong signal that the game in the sub-continent has come of age."Corporate India sees the value of golf sponsorship with the successes of players likeSingh, Atwal, Gaurav Ghei, Kapur and Randhawa," he added.Indian golf has come a long way since amateur Biloo Sethis Indian Open win in 1965which remained the countrys lone success in its home event till 1991 when caddie-turned-pro Ali Sher wrested the title.But the game remains an expensive hobby. It is cheaper to buy cricket bats and ballsthan a golf set which costs around 7 000 rupees (about R1 178) at a minimum. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  22. 22. Despite this, the rise of Indian professionals abroad has inspired youngsters to believethere is life beyond cricket.Cricket legend Kapil Dev, who is now a keen golfer, believes India is capable ofproducing world-class players to breathe more life into the sport."I feel this is one more sport where Indians are capable of achieving world-classstandards," the former India cricket captain said."Our boys are already playing some of the biggest events in the world and it is only amatter of time before they bring more trophies."JJ Singh, president of the Indian Golf Union, called this weeks Indian Masters "anhistoric event"."The event is a result of the growing status of the game of golf in India, augmented bythe Indian performances across the golfing globe," he said."Indian golf will surely get a boost when the best talent from over seven continentswill be on display and also will showcase the infrastructural development needed tohost an event of this size." percentage contributions 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% percentage contributions 20% 10% 0% outdoor TV Internet Print Radio Mobile Phone Figure.1.3 Percentage contribution of different media formats to the media industry DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  23. 23. 1.4 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY To find out the business performance of the different media owners of India. To find out there area of existence To find out there annual turnovers To find out there various media options and format offered1.5 RESEARCH METHODOLOGYIntroductionMarketing research is the function which links the consumer, customer and public tothe marketers through information used to identify and define marketing,opportunities and problems, generates refine marketing actions, monitor marketingperformance, and improve understanding of marketing as a process.Marketing research specifies the information required to address these issues; designsthe method for collection information manages and implements the data collectionprocess; analysis the result and communication the findings and their implications.Research Definition“Research is careful inquiry or examination to discover new information andrelationship and to expand and to verify exiting knowledge” Research always startswith questions or a problem. Its purpose is to find answers to questions through theapplication of the scientific method. It is a systematic and intensive study directedtowards a more complete knowledge of the subject studies.Research can also be defined as the search for knowledge, or as any systematicinvestigation, to establish novel facts, solve new or existing problems, prove newideas, or develop new theories, usually using a scientific method. The primarypurpose for basic research (as opposed to applied research) is discovering, DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  24. 24. interpreting, and the development of methods and systems for the advancement ofhuman knowledge on a wide variety of scientific matters of our world and theuniverse. This report is the analysis of the meetings I had with various cosmeticconsumers of Dehradun. In such meetings emphasis was made on analyzing thepurchase pattern of cosmetics and the perception towards the use of cosmetics amongthe customers/consumers.The methodology adopted for such meetings was through pre designed Questionnaire,which analyzed the levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the customer‟s in orderto study the purchasing pattern of cosmetics among the consumers of Dehradun.The Marketing Research ProcessAs marketing research is a systemic and formalized process, it follows a certainsequence of research action. The marketing process has the following steps: Formulating the problems Developing objectives of the research Designing an effective research plan Data collection techniques Evaluating the data and preparing a research reportRESEARCH DESIGN“Research design id the plan, structure and strategy of investigation conceived so as toobtain answer to research questions and to control variance.”-by KERLINGERResearch designs are concerned with turning the research question into a testingproject. The best design depends on your research questions. Every design has itspositive and negative sides. The research design has been considered as a "blueprint"for research, dealing with at least four problems: what questions to study, what dataare relevant, what data to collect, and how to analyze the results. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  25. 25. Research design can be divided into fixed and flexible research designs. Others havereferred to this distinction with „quantitative research designs‟ and „qualitativeresearch designs‟. However, fixed designs need not be quantitative, and flexibledesign need not be qualitative.The research design can be classified into true broad categories Exploratory Descriptive CasualExploratory research is a type of research conducted for a problem that has not beenclearly defined. Exploratory research helps determine the best research design, datacollection method and selection of subjects. It should draw definitive conclusions onlywith extreme caution. Given its fundamental nature, exploratory research oftenconcludes that a perceived problem does not actually exist.Exploratory research often relies on secondary research such as reviewing availableliterature and/or data, or qualitative approaches such as informal discussions withconsumers, employees, management or competitors, and more formal approachesthrough in-depth interviews, focus groups, projective methods, case studies or pilotstudies. The Internet allows for research methods that are more interactive in natureThe results of exploratory research are not usually useful for decision-making bythemselves, but they can provide significant insight into a given situation. Althoughthe results of qualitative research can give some indication as to the "why", "how" and"when" something occurs, it cannot tell us "how often" or "how many"Exploratory research is not typically generalizable to the population at large.Descriptive research, also known as statistical research, describes data andcharacteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied. Descriptiveresearch answers the questions who, what, where, when and how... DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  26. 26. Although the data description is factual, accurate and systematic, the research cannotdescribe what caused a situation. Thus, Descriptive research cannot be used to createa causal relationship, where one variable affects another. In other words, descriptiveresearch can be said to have a low requirement for internal validity.The description is used for frequencies, averages and other statistical calculations.Often the best approach, prior to writing descriptive research, is to conduct a surveyinvestigation. Qualitative research often has the aim of description and researchersmay follow-up with examinations of why the observations exist and what theimplications of the findings are.In short descriptive research deals with everything that can be counted and studied.But there are always restrictions to that. Your research must have an impact to thelives of the people around you. For example, finding the most frequent disease thataffects the children of a town. The reader of the research will know what to do toprevent that disease thus; more people will live a healthy life.Causal research designs are research design that follow the experimental procedure,but do not randomly assign people to (treatment and comparison) groupsRESEARCH PROBLEMHow is the growth rate of the varied media owners in India, through which they canget some idea about the future trend and prospective of media industry.RESEARCH OBJECTIVESTo find out the business performance of the different media owners of India.SOURCES OF DATA COLLECTIONThe source of data collection is totally bases on the secondary source. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  27. 27. Chapter IIMajor Competitors-Airport Media and OOH Media DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  28. 28. CHAPTER II MAJOR COMPETITORS-AIRPORT MEDIA AND OOH MEDIA2. Major Competitors2.1 Laqshya Group–Airport MediaLaqshya Media Private Limited commenced business in 1997 as an outdoor mediacompany. Today, it is one of the leading Out Of Home (OOH) media organizations inIndia and is spreading its footprint rapidly across the countries of Sri Lanka, MiddleEast, North Africa and SE Asia.In India, Laqshya owns a significantly valuable and diversified portfolio of mediaassets in the Out Of Home space and enjoys a pan India presence with 20 strategicallyplaced offices across crucial demographic zones.Laqshya has developed a prominent presence in Sri Lanka, having acquired theIndependent rights for the airport at Colombo and is now focusing on a gamut ofOOH media assets in this rapidly developing economy.Laqshya has always been a forerunner in adopting and promoting futuristic researchin the OOH arena and it is the world‟s first OOH Company to have bagged the largeststreet furniture contract in the world. It has commenced the installation of over a 1000air conditioned bus shelters in Dubai under this exclusive contract.The Dubai Bus Shelter is a milestone in innovative street furniture design whichappropriately displays our strong knowledge base and talent pool. As a part of itsglobal business strategy,Laqshya is constantly acquiring diversified media assets to create a comprehensiveOOH portfolio. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  29. 29. Laqshya is determined to be the leading OOH media organization in its areas ofpresence. It is committed to innovate and contribute to the growth of the OOHindustry by reaffirming its focus on research, development and innovations.Outdoor Media IntegratedTheir Mission: "Our Mission Is To Continuously Enhance Customer Delight."A specialist in offering Out of Home (OOH) / Outdoor Media Services. We are thelargest Independent OOH Media Agency in India with a vision to break many abarrier in this exponentially growing medium.The company is equipped to plan, strategize, buy and do the entire implementation ofany outdoor media requirement across all states and union territories in the country.To help us achieve our mission, a dedicated team of professionals with broad and in-depth knowledge of the finer nuances of Outdoor media are deployed 24 x 7. Theteams‟ long-standing cordial relationships with media owners across the country,extensive experience and skills in buying and negotiating, leads to best buys. Thisallows the company to execute the client‟s outdoor media requirements with efficientand cost effective campaigns.Within a short period of 8 years, we take utmost pride in being associated with someof the best corporate in India. Our privileged client list includes Zee Network, ParleyFood Products, Platinum Guild International, Shoppers Stop, Adidas, HDFC Bank,HDFC Standard Life Insurance, HDFC Mutual Fund, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, TVToday Network, Philips, Allianz Bajaj and many more... DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  30. 30. Right angle OOH MediaAcross all media choices that exist today, only one is not subject to audiencefragmentation – Out-Of-Home media.In today‟s increasingly busy lifestyles only one trait links everyone together – weeach leave our home and venture to places of work, study, worship or shopping. Out-Of-Home media (OOH) is any type of media that reaches the consumer outside of thehome or office. OOH media reaches its audience as an element of the everydayenvironment. It interacts on a level that is self-selective based on the creative intent.Out-Of-Home media comprises of various formats: Traditional Outdoor - billboards, bridge banners Street Furniture - bus shelters, kiosks, benches Alternative Outdoor - arenas & stadiums, digital Transit Outdoor - buses, airports, taxis, truck sidesOut-Of-Home media can seamlessly fit into a media plan for a variety of purposes;from carrying the campaign on its own, to sustaining awareness and finally stemmingerosion of the prime media use in a campaign. So, outdoor mediums fit well in mediaplans - be it in short bursts, drips, solo or for bridging the gaps between othercampaigns.Out-Of-Home works on the tried and tested principle of reach and frequency.However, at the same time, locations can be bought for specific and tactical purposes– promotions, sales, store directions - as a re-enforcement. After all, it is the onlymedium that is meant purely for advertising!Right Angle is in the business of Out-Of-Home media development and managementin the UAE and MENA region and is one of the largest Out-Of-Home advertisingconcessionaires in the UAE. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  31. 31. Right Angle is proud partners with the Roads & Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA)in initiating the world‟s first Air-Conditioned Bus Shelter network for Dubai.Bus Shelters will be installed in over 600 locations on the primary transit routes ofDubai.KNOWLEDGE BASE + COLLABORATIVE GROWTHRight Angle is a complete OOH media solutions provider – from conceptualizing todesigning, investing to completion, managing to marketing and more. The threeprimary facets of Right Angle‟s core business are: Creating value for all stakeholders Operation & Management of OOH Assets Marketing & SalesThe Right Angle team‟s collective global experience of more than 100 years in OOHmedia enables us to forge international partnerships, create assets that enhance a city‟sinfrastructure and add value to the organization.MISSIONTo be the right choice for clients looking for optimum solutions in the Out-Of-Homeenvironment. Right Angle provides: RIGHT MEDIA RIGHT SERVICE RIGHT QUALITY RIGHT CONCEPTVISIONFor Our Stakeholders To be a globally acclaimed, locally trusted Out-Of-Home media organization passionate about creating positive values for all stakeholders DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  32. 32. For Our Clients To provide an accountable media platform that is effective and measurableFor Our Environment To provide socially responsible, utilitarian facilities in citiesFor Our People To provide an open, transparent workplace that supports people to achieve their highest potentialBusiness ModelRight Angle is in the business of Out-Of-Home media development and managementin the UAE and MENA region. Right Angle specializes in associating with localgovernment / municipal bodies in creating mutually feasible infrastructure for publicconsumption. This is known as the Public-Private Partnership Model (PPP).PPP is a government service or a private business venture which is funded andoperated through a partnership of government and one or more private sectorcompanies.The GCC and MENA regions have experienced tremendous growth in the last fewyears and this, in turn, has opened up new doors to infrastructure development.Progressive municipalities and road and transport authorities constantly evaluate alloptions towards infrastructure development so that they are able to reduce turnaroundtime in order to meet the growing transit needs of a developing nation. This they dowith an eye on maximizing their resources and assets while minimizing risksassociated with large projects. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  33. 33. Right Angle Media is committed to creating the right solutions that help these forwardthinking and pro-active public sector organizations in achieving their objectives. Westrive towards creating innovative PPP solutions and models that deliver publicservices and are financially and operationally viable.We work on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) as well as Design-Build-Operate-Transfer(DBOT) models, thus providing flexible and leading-edge business solutions togovernment needs. These solutions are based on our expertise in Street Furnituremedia. Figure: 2.1 DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  34. 34. 2.2 TDI– Airport/OOH Media“INDIAS LEADING AIRPORT & OOH MEDIA SERVICE PROVIDERS” Established in 1986, we are India‟s Largest Airport Media operators. Active presence at 14 Airports & Important Stations of Delhi Metro Rail. Well equipped to provide complete range of OOH Media Services including planning, buying, execution, scientific monitoring etc. Fully functional, well equipped countrywide Infrastructure. Well equipped 20 branches throughout India manned by competent professionals. Present client list encompasses well known National / International Brands. We provide Most Competitive, efficient, effective & Best Value For Ad - Spend.Services Our services include a full array of out - of - Home advertising solutions on a turnkey basis. This is backed by experienced media professionals, requisite software, latest data and nationwide networking.Benefits Largest networked Out - of - Home Agency in the country with 18 offices nationwide. Lowest rates in the market due to "preferred status" with suppliers accruing out of upfront payments & longstanding relationships and rapport. Strategic planning, ensuring the clients campaigns get noticed by the right target group at the right place, right time and right ambience. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  35. 35. Creative consultancy & solutions through production / adaptation of Out - of - Home specific creative‟s and recommendation of "what works & what does not". We have an "in house" creative team specializing in Outdoor creative‟s towards this end. Innovations - Creative & media - as well as expertise in utilization of non traditional and new media to create buzz, break through the clutter and provide maximum impact & recall. World class execution encompassing aesthetically done up standardized displays, innovations and fast turnaround times. Regular monitoring & proactive maintenance of all sites, with daily, weekly and fortnightly reports to the clients. This is undertaken through not only our dedicated monitoring personnel but also through select regional and local monitoring agencies with which we have exclusive tie- ups. Competition tracking, with regular reports to clients on activity / strategy, spend levels, future plans etc. of competitors. Post buys analysis through "dip stick" studies to gauge and communicate to the clients the efficacy, impact and noticability of the sites / campaigns as well as the way forward.Our USP Our nationwide network of 18 fully functioning offices - the largest in the country. Our exclusive media: 14 domestic & international airports and 12 premium Delhi Metro stations. Our expertise / experience in and stress on creative & media innovations. Our best rates & value addsOur Commitment DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  36. 36. To offer the best / lowest rates in the market on all OOH media nationwide through our networking and prompt upfront vendor payments. To offer the whole gamut of our services and value adds at every stage. To leverage our own mediums I.e. Airports & Metro Stations and give our clients the best deal. To bring transparency and accountability to the clients table from concept to completion. And overall, to make sure that our clients get value for every penny spent.2.3 Other CompetitorsAlthough they are the only company India who is working on the concept of brandinginside the golf courses, so there is not so much competition in the market in thissegment. But as they are now engaged with the other activities also i.e BTL andTournaments activities there are have a good competition with the other companieswho are already engaged in such activities from long time.For BTL &ATL and Golf Tournaments activities there major competitors are:- O & M Ogilvy & Mather Ltd - Brand Print, Brand Audit, Information Gathering, Brand Stewards - offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, India & over 159 cities worldwide ,http://www.ogilvy.com Percept Advertising Ltd - Advertising, Media, Public Relations - Offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Baroda, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow.www.perceptindia.com Icon Relations - PR agency based in Kochi - K Social Media assistance, Crisis Management, Image management, Business Intelligence, Media tracking, Press Clipping services, Press Conference and Press Release. Areas DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  37. 37. served-Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Coimbatore, Chennai andBangalore.,info@iconrelations.com http://www.iconrelations.comOberoi Multimedia Limited: Press and television advertising, GraphicDesigning, Strategic Planning , Creative Solutions, Outdoor Ad Release,Television Ad Release, , Direct Mail and Marketing, Cinema and TransitAdvertising, Electronic Kiosks, Web Site Development, Exhibitions and TradeShows, Catalogues, Brochures, In-film Promotion, Media Planning & Buying,Email: mail@oberoimultimedia.com Website: www.oberoimultimedia.comAndheri (W), MumbaiXebec: Integrated Communications Group offering a suite ofcommunication services such as Advertising, Brand Building, PrintProduction, Public Relations and Market Research under one roof.Experience: The agency has over 14 years of experience in handlingInternational and National accounts. Qualified and Experienced professionalsare Xebecs value added assets. Website: http://www.xebecindia.comGlimmerize Advertising and Entertainment solution company : OurBusiness Activities : 3D, walk through, Print Media, Website Solutions,Electronic Media, Event Management, Artist Management, CD-ROMPresentations, Designer Stalls & Exhibitions, Outdoor Advertising, LogoDesigning, PR Activities. Our Major Clients: Omaxe, Amway, ZionPromoters & Developers, (Rock Band) and many more. Visit us more detailsat http://www.glimmerize.com,Creative Inc - is a 12-year old advertising and brand managementorganization working with some of the leading names of the industry. Ourservices include branding, media planning and buying, print advertising(leading national dailies, magazines, etc), BTL activities end-to-end eventmanagement and radio and television commercials. We help create andconsolidate brand image through integrated advertising and marketing mix.CREATIVE INCs client portfolio includes multinationals, retail sector, DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  38. 38. hospitality, NGOs, television channels and educational institutes. Location:Main Kalkaji Market New Delhi ,www.creative-inc.bizAlert Golf Management Services Pvt Ltd-One of the industrys leading golfmanagement companies since a decade, Alert Golf Management Services Pvt.Ltd. (AGMS) has been at the forefront of developing, managing andmaintaining top golf facilities and landscaping works nationwide. Amongst thefirst to offer golf management services, AGMS has pioneered the constructionand maintenance of some of the countrys most elite Clubs, Organizations etc DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  39. 39. Chapter IIIComparative Study of Golf Outdoor Media with OOH Media and Airport Media DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  40. 40. CHAPTER III3. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF GOLF OUTDOOR MEDIA WITH OOH MEDIA(LAQSHYA) AND AIRPORT MEDIA(TDI) No study is considered as completed, until and unless it if verified with some factsand figures, in this chapter we are going to go through some graphs and charts on thebasses of some facts and figures which I have obtained from some secondary source Here in this chapter we are going to discus about certain points, such as - In terms of their Growth Rate - Market value - Geographical Presence - Clientele - Target population - Human resource In this study we have compared the three media companies, who are dealing with different segments, such as Value2ad- Golf Outdoor Media Laqshya- Street Media TDI- Airport Media Others – all othere small companies in the market DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  41. 41. Table 3.1: Classification on the basis of Annul Turnover (IN CR) Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others Years 2007 0.9 87 156 12 2008 1.5 112 163 14.5 2009 2 118 152 14 2010 2.3 108 170 14.5 2011 4 120 200 16 250 200 150 Value2ad Laqshya 100 TDI Others 50 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Figure: 3.1Inference - The above chart shows that the TDI and Laqshya have a good annualturnover in comparisons to the other companies DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  42. 42. 3.2 Classification on the basis of Number of New Business (NO. of New Client added) Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others Years 2007 2 33 35 5 2008 5 27 37 7 2009 7 30 29 12 2010 10 35 23 4 2011 12 22 31 5 40 35 30 25 Value2ad 20 Laqshya 15 TDI Others 10 5 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Figure:3.2Inference –The above chart shows that the new companies coming in the market or existingcompanies coming up with a new product are approaching more to TDI and Laqshyafor their media promotions DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  43. 43. 3.3 Classification on the basis of Growth Rate (In Percentage) Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others Years 2006-2007 50 9 4 20 2007-2008 66 28 4 21 2008-2009 33 5 -7 -3 2009-2010 15 -9 11 3 2010-2011 73 11 17 10 80 70 60 50 40 Value2ad 30 Laqshya 20 TDI Others 10 0 -10 -20 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 Figure:3.3Inference –The above chart shows that the Value2ad has the highest Growth rate, as they have anew media and concept is different from other media. Another reason is that otherscompanies exist from a long time so now are into their stagnation state. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  44. 44. 3.4 Classification on the basis of Geographical Presence (No of states and union territories in India) Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others Location In India 35 6 12 5 Out of India 0 2 1 0 35 30 25 20 Value2ad 15 Laqshya 10 TDI Others 5 0 In India Out of India Figure: 3.4Inference –The above chart shows that with-in India, value2ad have a very big and strongnetwork for the media promotion in comparison to other media owners, but at thesame time they don‟t exist out of India, where others are. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  45. 45. 3.5 Classification on the basis of Number of Clients Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others Year 2007 5 45 32 7 2008 7 57 37 12 2009 12 73 45 17 2010 13 84 54 21 2011 18 93 66 24 100 90 80 70 60 Value2ad 50 Laqshya 40 TDI 30 Others 20 10 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Figure:3.5Inference –The above chart shows that the Laqshya have the highest number of clientele allacross India. As well as we can see that all the companies have an increase inclientele, this also shows that there is lot of demand of the media by the companies fortheir brand promotions. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  46. 46. 3.6 Classification on the basis of Target Population Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others Year 10-20 years 10 30 15 15 21-40 years 25 40 50 70 41-60years 55 20 30 13 60years and above 10 10 5 2 80 70 60 50 Value2ad 40 Laqshya 30 TDI 20 Others 10 0 10-20 years 21-40 years 41-60years 60years and above Figure:3.6Inference –The above chart shows that the media owners maintain their media option or formatsin such a manner through which they can target each segment of the society, but fromthe above figure we can conclude that there major target is the age group between 21-40 years because in major cases this age comes out as the decision maker in thefamilies. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  47. 47. 3.7 Classification on the basis of Duration in Media Industry Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others existence No of years in existence 7 15 26 10 30 25 20 Value2ad 15 Laqshya TDI 10 Others 5 0 No of years in existance Figure. 3.7Inference –The above chart shows that TDI as being one of the biggest market leader in terms ofmedia buying and selling in the media industry, the biggest reason for being into suchstage is because being and oldest company with having 26yr of media sellingexperience. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  48. 48. 3.8 Classification on the basis of Man Power Company Value2ad Laqshya TDI Others Employee No of Employee 50 200 350 30 400 350 300 250 Value2ad 200 Laqshya Tdi 150 Others 100 50 0 No of Employee Figure: 3.8Inference –The above chart shows that TDI as being one of the biggest market leader in media,they don‟t have that number of sites as much as Value2ad have but still in terms ofnumber of employee, it have the max. number that is not only in India but evenoutside too. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  50. 50. CHAPTER IV FINDING, CONCLUSION AND LIMITATIONS4.1 Findings Of The StudyThe study is to analyze the business performance of the media owners and thereare some findings I found during the study. Those are given below:  TDI and Laqshya have a maximum annual turnover in comparisons to the other media companies in the market.  TDI and Laqshya have a very strong network and have a good marketing team which is managed by a good and well trained and knowledge staff who always manage to get new business from the clients.  The demand of their media is so high that the new companies coming in the market or existing companies coming up with a new product are approaching more to TDI and Laqshya for their media promotions.  In terms of growth rate Value2ad has the highest growth rate, as they have a new media and concept is different from other media. Another reason is that others companies exist from a long time so now they are into their stagnation state.  In terms of media options, formats and demands of new innovations, with-in India, Value2ad have a very big and strong network for the media promotion DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  51. 51. in comparison to other media owners, but at the same time they don‟t exist out of India, where Laqshya and TDI exist out of India also. Laqshya have the highest number of clientele all across India. But at the same time we saw the other companies who exist in the media industry are also growing, this also shows that there is lot of demand of the media by the companies for their brand promotions. Media owners maintain their media option or formats in such a manner through which they can target each segment of the society, but there major target is the age group between 21-40 years because in major cases this age comes out as the decision maker in the families. TDI as being one of the biggest market leaders in terms of media buying and selling in the media industry, the biggest reason for being into such stage is because being and oldest company with having 26yr of media selling experience. TDI as being one of the biggest market leaders in media, they don‟t have that number of sites as much as Value2ad have but still in terms of number of employee, it has the maximum number that is not only in India but even outside too. DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  52. 52. 4.2 Conclusion  There is lot of companies exist in the media industry for the branding and media promotions, but very few who are acting as the media owners.  Form the study we also concluded that the media industry is a growing industry and future aspect are good  The demand of media industry and media experts are lot of there in the market, all company need it to make their brand presence and to increase the number of footfalls for their product selling4.3 Limitations:  The project is limited in scope due to restrictions over the secondary data source  We are not able to study about the advertising and media agencies as the study is limited to the study of media owners only  The study was done on few media owners companies therefore the result cannot be generalized for the whole media owners companies exist in the media industry DIT Dehradun 2010-12
  53. 53. BIBLIOGRAPHYThe work which is done is all been collected from the different sources, such as 2011 media kit , updated by clear channel outdoor; ALBUQUERQUE  A presentation made by Mr. Sandeep Bansal , founder director , ebusiness interactive , on brand influence  A project work done by SIMON and LOUISE HUDSON on golf tourism, published by good fellow publishers limited, woodeaton oxford, www. goodfellowpublishers.com  Details mentioned by the UHI Millennium institute, which provides BA (HONS) GOLF MANAGEMENT  A presentation on consumer behavior on http___www1.ximb.ac.in  www.google.co.in  www.en.wikipedia.org  African Journal of Business Management Vol.2 (6), pp. 111-118, June 2008, Available online at http://www.academicjournals.org/AJBM ISSN 1993-8233 © 2008 Academic Journals, Full Length Research Paper Product placement: exploring effects of product usage by principal actors  Value2ad.com  And there took kit. DIT Dehradun 2010-12