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SLCSI January eNewsletter Focus on Services.Dinah Hippolyte

  1. 1. I SSU E 1 VOL 2 2012 Focus on Inside this issue: SLCSI Meets With New Minister 1 Events Diary 1 SLCSI Works Towards A Services 2 Framework Services Code of Practice on the Way for 2 Health and Beauty Sector A Decade of Services Trade 3 Business Opportunities 3 Networking Tips Part Two 4 SLCSI Meets with New Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs, Business Development and Investment ties and challenges facing the services ity for the Ministry and welcomed the op- sector. Particular emphasis was placed portunity to work with the SLCSI in that during the meeting on the areas for collabo- regard. ration between the Ministry and the SLCSI The Minister, Hon. Emma Hip- under the SLCSI project Developing St. polyte voiced her support for the work of Lucia s Services Sector . Ms. Agard the SLCSI. SLCSI President Mr. Bernard pointed out that this Caribbean Develop- Fanis extended his thanks to the Minis- ment Bank funded project was only made ter for having made available ample time to possible through counterpart funding pro- address the Services sector and for her vided by the Government of St. Lucia. willingness to engage with the sector on a regular basis. The SLCSI representatives high- lighted key outputs of the project including the roll out of a Services sector profile sur- From L to R: Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs: Ms. Brenda Yorke ( Permanent vey, a Services Export Market Intelligence Secretary), Dr. Ubaldus James (Junior Minister), the Hon Emma Hippolyte, (Minister) . SLCSI: Ms. Yvonne Agard (Executive report and a Services Export training pro- Director), Mr. Bernard Fanis (President), Mr. Mandesh Sing gramme which would culminate in a trade (Director), Ms. Elaine French (Director), Mr. Jeremiah Fulchere (Director) mission comprising over twenty services providers to key export markets identified through the Services Export Market Intelli- The Board of Directors of the gence Report. St. Lucia Coalition of Services Industries (the SLCSI) along with its Executive Direc- During the meeting, representa- tor, Ms. Yvonne Agard, met with the Minis- tives agreed that there was an urgent need 30 January: National Consultation on a Regional Aid for Trade Strategy, Saint Lucia. ter of Commerce, Industry , Consumer Af- to develop and implement a comprehensive fairs and Investment the Hon. Emma Hip- National Services Policy to regulate the 3-5 February: IBFS International Business and Finance Summit, Bahamas. polyte and Junior Minister, Dr. Ulbadus sector. The SLCSI representatives pointed Raymond, on Friday 9th January 2012. out that that this area was also to be ad- 6-7 February: Trinidad & Tobago Energy Also in attendance was Permanent Secre- dressed under this project and that the Conference, T&T. tary, Ms. Brenda Yorke. SLCSI had already begun work to develop 20-24 February: SLCSI Stakeholder a Services Policy White paper outlining Consultations on Services Policy Recommendations During this meeting, representa- recommendations on the formulation of a tives of the SLCSI presented National Services Policy. Ms. Yorke 8-9 March: Intersessional Meeting of the Minister with a broad overview of the pointed out that the development of the CARICOM Heads of Government, Suriname. mandate of the SLCSI and the opportuni- National services policy was indeed a prior-FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES
  2. 2. 2 I SSU E 1 VOL 2 2011 SLCSI Pushes For A Comprehensive Framework for Developing Saint Lucia s Services Sector Developing trade in during the period January April 2012. Extensive consultations services is a complicated proc- with relevant stakeholders is required and the SLCSI with sup- ess. Saint Lucia currently lacks port from the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Focus on an explicit trade in services policy or a detailed, holistic plan to develop trade in ser- vices. There are important strategy documents, such as the Draft National Export De- velopment Strategy which con- siders individual service sec- tors, and the over arching na- Consumer Affairs and Investment will be hosting a series of pub- lic and private sector sensitization activities followed by one on one consultations. The one on one follow up consultation meet- ings with stakeholders will be critical in ensuring that their re- spective views are incorporated and reflected in the Recommen- dations emanating from the Services Policy White Paper. Mindful that the constraints to trade in services are com- plex and go beyond typical trade barriers, a policy relevant ap- tional trade policy which also selects some sectors for special proach will be used to develop recommendations for the formu- treatment. However, developing trade in services, as a catalyst lation and implementation of the National Services Policy. This to promote economic diversification away from traditional sec- will entail distinguishing amongst the following three sets of con- tors, involves a fundamental shift in the mindset throughout the straints which impact the Services sector: whole economy and involves different types of actions by various stakeholders. · External constraints (e.g. international trade in services agreements); In recognition of the urgent need to support the devel- · Domestic regulatory and institutional framework and; opment of the Services sector, · Supply-side, or domestic capacity constraints. the SLCSI has begun work on Developing trade in developing policy recommenda- This approach to be used is particularly useful for sev- tions for the implementation of a services...involves a eral reasons. First it provides an analytical lens to developing National Services Policy for Saint fundamental shift in trade in services, that is, trying to make sense of the myriad of Lucia. The work is being under- constraints to trade in services. Secondly, it delineates clear re- taken under the SLCSI project the mindset throughout sponsibilities for different actors in different sectors, ministries Developing Saint Lucia s Ser- the whole economy and other stakeholders. Finally, unlike in the case of trade in vices Sector which is financed goods, domestic regulatory frameworks can be key. Thus, the by the Caribbean Development approach points to what types of interventions are most appropri- Bank with counterpart funding provided by the Government of ate. Saint Lucia and will be executed Code of Practice for Beauty and Spa Sector on the Way The Hair standards to guide the sector. Through a The Technical Committee has embarked Beauty and collaborative effort between the Ministry of on the development of the first such docu- Spa Sector Commerce, Business Development Con- ment in the form of a Health and Safety Association sumer Affairs and Investment (MOC), and guide for the sector. This guide sets out a is preparing the SLCSI a proposal was submitted to series of requirements and health and for work to the SLBS to begin work to develop a Code safety practices to be observed in the op- be undertaken on the implementation of a of Practice for the sector. To that end, a eration of business establishments in the Code of Practice for professionals within technical committee comprising represen- domestic beauty and wellness sector. The the Beauty and Wellness sector. This tatives from the Hair Beauty and Spa As- guide is intended to provide best practices comes following a series of consultations sociation, Medical Association, Consumer to new and existing service providers of facilitated by the SLCSI with the Ministry Association, Environmental Health and the sector to encourage a degree of stan- of Health and the Saint Lucia Bureau of Consumer Association, SLBS and the dardisation and in turn improve the quality Standards (SLBS) where it was recog- SLCSI was established in 2009 with the of service offered to clients. nized that the sector was fragmented and responsibility of driving the development lacked a proper regulatory framework or of national standards for the Sector.FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 2
  3. 3. 3 I SSU E 1 VOL 2 2011 Exports of Commercial Services on the Rise: A look at the Past Decade (2000 2010) If the last decade is anything to go Emerging countries are playing an in the first nine months of 2011, exports of Focus on by, Commercial services is indeed the new increasing role in Commercial services commercial services increased by 13% emerging sector for generating wealth and income. The past decade has seen a over the same period for 2010. steady increase in Commercial services Source: WTO International Trade Statistics 2011 exports, interrupted only be the negative impact of the 2008 financial and economic crisis which led to a decline in services ex- ports in 2009. Based on World Trade Organization Data, World exports of com- mercial services rebounded at the close of the decade, reaching USD 3,695 billion dollars in 2010, a 9% increase over the previous year. There were clear leaders in Com- mercial services exports at the close of the trade. Since 2005, Asia s exports of com- decade with the EU and the US leading the mercial services have expanded on aver- pack. The EU trade with third countries Client: CARICOM Climate Change accounted for the largest share of commer- age by 13 percent annually. In 2010, India and China led Asia s 22 percent growth in Centre cial services trade in the world, totaling USD 1. 275 billion at the close of 2010. Commercial services exports. In that year, Contract: Preparation of a Pro- The US ranked second in Commercial ser- China s exports of services expanded by 32 gramme to access Climate Change vices trade with a total of US 876 billion in percent, and totaled US 362 billion. ac- exports. counting for a global share of 6.6 per cent, investment funding to enable inte- up from 4.4 percent in 2005. Neverthe- gration of climate resilience within less, China is a net importer of services. Value of Global Trade in Commercial Services ( 2000-2010 ) the tourism sector India s exports grew by 33 per- Deadline: 6th February cent in 2010, making it the country with the Click Here : most dynamic growth in commercial opportu- services at the close of the decade In- dia s share of trade in commercial services nities reached 4.3 percent compared with 2.8 percent for 2005. Request for Proposals Exports of Commercial services Client: infoDev from Central and South America and the Contract: Conduct a Technical Assis- Caribbean as well as the Commonwealth of Independent states grew by 12% in 2010. tance Fund and Assessment Study in Africa s exports grew by 10 percent, slightly the Caribbean However, whilst the EU and US above the world average, while middle East Deadline: 29th February 2012 dominated services trade at the close of exports rose by 3 percent. 2010, they have been losing ground in their Click Here: wbgecons- global share of Commercial services trade. Based on new figures released by,selection#1059924 The EU share of global trade in services the World Bank it is anticipated that global over the years has fallen from a high of 26.1 percent in 2005 to 23.2 percent in trade in Commercial services will continue 2010. The US global share of Commercial to rise. World exports of commercial ser- services trade for 2010 was 15.9 percent vices increased by 12 % in the third quar- compared to a high of 17.6 percent in 2005. ter of 2011 as compared to 2010. OverallFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 3
  4. 4. 4 SLCSI Series on Networking Tips for Services Professionals This series discusses the surprising mistakes that even very smart pro- fessionals make, and how to avoid them based on the Tangled WEB . The TANGLED WEB is a philosophy about connecting and reconnecting with people and about develop- ing interconnecting networks that help your business grow. In our last edition we looked at Mistake #1-Not knowing who is in your network. In this edition, we discuss MISTAKE #2: You Network to Find Clients Not Stra- tegic Partners . The logic goes that if you focus only on finding clients, you re focused on finding one person to write you one check. Alternately, a single Strategic Partner is worth multiple clients. Of course, you want t o keep your eyes open for new clients, but more importantly, you ant to keep your eyes open for people who can help you open up whole new channels of business. Tangled Web Strategy: Look first for great Strategic Partners. Consider carefully the type of person and professional you re likely to share potential cli- ents and referrals with. As you network, ask around for those types of individuals. Ask people to point them out to you. Don t offer to exchange business. Instead, take the time to know each other s strategies and philosophies to see if a strategic partnership might be a good fit. This is a much more useful (and easier) conversation than saying to a potential client You should hire me . Be sure to look out for our third networking tip in our next issue of Focus on Services! SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES We appreciate your feedback! INDUSTRIES Please share with us your comments and thoughts on any of the stories P. O. Box Choc 8056 featured in this article and let us know what you would like featured in our Castries, Saint Lucia. W.I. upcoming Issue. Tel: 1 758 452 7865 Fax: 1 758 452 8695 Email: . With the Kind Support of CARTFUNDFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 4