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09.04 presentation: co-create the 2019 circular economy agenda for Berlin


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Circular Berlin organised its community event for Berlin Circular Economy upcoming agenda

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09.04 presentation: co-create the 2019 circular economy agenda for Berlin

  1. 1. Co-create the 2019 circular economy agenda for Berlin! 9th of April 2019 ORGANISER PARTNERS HOST
  2. 2. 18.45 19.00 20.00 2030 Who is who? Agenda co-creation Summary of results Networking The programme.
  3. 3. Join forces Get involved Connect the circular economy and zero waste scene Why this event? 1. 2. 3.
  4. 4. What do we want from you tonight? Presentations Interaction Networking 3 minute-presentations round from... Share your input and feedback Questions left unanswered? Go ahead and chat!
  5. 5. Get to know us! Dina Paul Leon Marilu Naveehd Georg Isabel Laura Arianna Alex
  6. 6. We connect local actors and support their growth through collaboration. We advocate the circular economy through education and community-building. We develop knowledge and help organizations become more circular, from ideation to implementation. We are a network of professionals and organizations, working together to accelerate Berlin’s transition to a circular city.
  7. 7. Built environment Product and materials Food and biomass Textile and fashion Taking a city-level perspective, we work on strategy, urban planning, industrial and digital design, supply & value chain.
  8. 8. Our activities in 2019. ● Industry multi-stakeholder Workshops ● Digital community development ● Monthly community meetups Community development Educational workshops Research & ventures ● Introduction to circular economy ● Sustainable Design ● LCA ● Eco cost value ● Waste audit ● Plastic value chain for circular economy ● CircleVET-Education for professionals for Circular economy ● Centres for Urban REmanufacturing (CURE) ● - reusable packaging for takeaway ● Circular construction ecosystem
  9. 9. Who you are and what you do?
  10. 10. How do you work with the topic of Circular Economy / Zero Waste?
  11. 11. Topics and plans for 2019
  12. 12. • BUND Berlin is an independent environmental organisation. • Part of „Friends of the Earth“ • Each state is represented • ≈ 500.000 members, federal level Topics: • mobility, • nature conservation, • climate mitigation, • ressource protection
  13. 13. • Organise and conduct 4 “network meetings” with different topics and stakeholders of the Zero Waste community, and different workshops • Comment the upcoming “Abfallwirtschaftskonzept 2020-2030” designed with a Zero Waste Strategy • Organise 2 “politic talks”with the government to exchange positions and discuss major challenges meeting Zero Waste in Berlin Overall- Goal: promote and intensify the networking process of „Zero Waste“-Initiatives • => Support (civil society) activities of waste prevention in Berlin city
  14. 14. Waste Reduction Stop Pollution Microplastic unpacked sufficiency
  15. 15. Events Stammtisch Education Cleanups Festivals Picknick
  16. 16. Funding Networks GrowthDedication
  17. 17. Mit kreativem Upcycling die Möbelindustrie nachhaltig gestalten BMBF-gefördertes Projekt im Rahmen der Innovationsforen Mittelstand (November 2018 – Juli 2019)
  18. 18. Team @ AMD Berlin Akademie für Mode & Design Berlin Fachbereich Design Hochschule Fresenius Prof. Dr. Uwe Demele M.Sc. Oliver Peters Prof. Dr. Klaus-P. Schulze Hanieh Sabokbar Georgi Georgiev
  19. 19. Upcycling
  20. 20. Events & Knowledge Transfer Innovationsforum Upcycling (Perspektivkonferenz) @ Deutsches Technikmuseum (Berlin)
  21. 21. Interactive co-creation process
  22. 22. Go, look, talk, propose, suggest!