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Henriette Myrlund og Ismet Bachtiar fra Plus Point holdt onsdag 8. mai kurs i Facebook. Her er slidene de brukte.

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Facebook presentasjon

  1. 1. Facebook• Facebooks funksjoner• Konkurranser• Engasjement• Annonsering
  2. 2. Oppretting av Facebookside• Gå til hvilken som helstFacebookside• Velg “Opprett side”• Velg kategoriwww.facebook.com/pages/create
  3. 3. Profilbilde og forsidebilde• Profilbilde– 160 x 160 px• Forsidebilde– 851 x 315 px– Maks 20 % tekst– «Call to action»– Oppdater jevnlig• Info– Beskrivelse– URL
  4. 4. Profilbilde og forsidebilde• Profilbilde– 160 x 160 px• Forsidebilde– 851 x 315 px– Maks 20 % tekst– «Call to action»– Oppdater jevnlig• Info– Beskrivelse– URL
  5. 5. Rediger informasjon• Informasjon• Adresse• Åpningstider
  6. 6. Eget brukernavn• Lag egetbrukernavn
  7. 7. Planlegging av poster• Planlegg fremoveri tid• Dater bakoveri tid• Fyll opp Facebook-veggen med innhold
  8. 8. Aktivitetslogg• Bruk aktivitets-loggen
  9. 9. Aktivitetslogg• Endre tidspunkt• Publiser nå
  10. 10. Administratorer• Gjør ansatteadministratorer• Inviter vennerog familie
  11. 11. Fremhev viktige poster
  12. 12. Fest til toppen• Gi ekstra oppmerksomhet
  13. 13. Facebook insights• Bruk insights for å måle engasjement
  14. 14. Facebook insights• Se hvor mange du når ut til
  15. 15. Facebook insights• Er du rettet mot demografien?
  16. 16. Konkurranser på Facebook• Markedsføringsverktøy• Bygger engasjement• Tiltrekker nye fans• Skaper viralitet
  17. 17. Konkurranser - 5 ting1. Følg reglene2. Bruk en tredjepartsapplikasjon3. Finn en passende premie4. Promoter, promoter, promoter5. Følg opp og lever det du lover
  18. 18. Konkurranser - Regler• Bruk en tredjepartsapplikasjon• Erkjenn at konkurransen ikke erassosiert med Facebook• Bruk ikke Facebooks funksjoner for ådelta eller stemme i en konkurranse• Du kan kreve å måtte like siden forå bruke applikasjonen• Kontakt ikke vinnere gjennomFacebook
  19. 19. Konkurranser - RegelbruddDeltakelse ved å like, dele eller kommentere• «Lik og del denne siden - vi trekker en vinner når vi når 5000 likes!»• «Skriv hvilken farge du vil ha, og du er med i trekningen om en iPhone 5!»• «Bildet som får flest Likes vinner konkurransen!»Risiko: Sletting• Sjeldent, men kan skje• Eksempel: Lille Vinkel Sko i 2010• Lagt ned uten forvarsel
  20. 20. Konkurranser - 3rd party
  21. 21. Konkurranser - Premier• Velg en premie som relaterer til ditt firma• Gratis middag eller iPod?• Du vil nå ut til personer som du kan konvertere til kunder
  22. 22. Konkurranser - Annonsering• Ikke stol på at nåværende fans sprer ordet• I tillegg tweet det, pin det og blogg om det• Annonsering kan også hjelpemed å nå nye fans• Foreslåtte innlegg• Annonser
  23. 23. Konkurranser - Oppfølging• Kontakt vinnerne kjapt nårkonkurransen er over• Bruk e-post eller telefon• Annonser deretter påFacebook
  24. 24. Konkurranser - Eksempler
  25. 25. Konkurranser - AlternativerFra blogg eller nettside– Fortell på Facebook om konkurransen– Legg igjen kommentar i kommentarfeltetfor å vinne premie– Plukk ut tilfeldig vinner– Øker traffikk inn til nettsidenInstagram– Fortell på Facebook om konkurransen– Be brukeren om å laste opp bilde– Tagg med en unik «hashtag», f.eks #PlusPointFoto– Plukk ut vinneren basert på dine konkurransekriterier
  26. 26. Outbound MarketingMarketing that pushes products and services to the customer
  27. 27. Inbound MarketingMarketing that relies on earning people’s interest through socialinteraction
  28. 28. Social EngagementThe key to social media marketing for businesses is to prioritize inboundmarketing strategies as a means of generating social engagement
  29. 29. Social EngagementThus social engagement is quite literally, a “commitment” tobuilding a relationship with the customer
  30. 30. Why Do People “Like” Facebook Pages?Source : http://blog.getpostrocket.com/2012/10/why-do-facebook-users-like-pages-comparing-2010-to-today/• 51% of the reason for people to “like” your page is still consumeroriented (promotions/discounts and giveaways)• The other 49% is not as easily defined – this is where a clear strategyfor social media engagement and advertising comes into play
  31. 31. "Behind Every Brand, A Story”• Define your brand identity- What makes your product or service different?- Who is your target group?- Who are the people behind your brand?• Define your brand’s social media identity- What other social media networks are you on?- Do you “like” any other pages?- Who is the persona on your Facebook page?- What kind of content can people expect from yourFacebook page?
  32. 32. Build a Content Plan• Helps manage yourworkload• Ensures that your pageis updated regularly• Good strategic exercise• Plan for 3 monthsahead but leave roomfor ad hoc posts
  33. 33. Example of a Content Plan• List out the day, time, assets (pictures, videos, links)• If you have a physical store – think about fitting your posts with thebehavioral patterns of your customers or your business• Write your copy – review it again and ensure that you have a “call toaction” for most posts
  34. 34. Content Plan Strategy• Create themed days and base it around your business• Find interesting related content• Announce or backdate key milestones,• Highlight the people behind your business• Show off your expertise• Ask questions, create polls• Have a “call to action”. Constantly!• Be responsive
  35. 35. Create Themed Days• Themed days helps youget organized• If you’re a store, basethemes around yourbusiness• Fans expect regularity. Itgives them something tolook forward to• Surprise them from time totime
  36. 36. Related Content• Posting related content is agood way of maintainingregularity without toomuch effort• Share interesting contentrelated to your business• Look for things that arehumorous• Alternate between videos,pictures, blogs, news links
  37. 37. Key Milestones• Highlight yourachievements andmilestones• Backdate them ifnecessary• Give fans opportunities tocheer you on• Thank the people thathave supported you with apromotion or discount
  38. 38. Highlight Your Staff• Your core fans are peoplewho have a personalrelationship with your staff• Don’t be afraid of showinga more candid andhuman side of the business• Rotate among staffmembers – tell us whythey’re unique!
  39. 39. Show Your Expertise• Fans are always eager tolearn new things and toshare knowledge withothers• Teach them new facts,recipes or tricks but keep itsimple, interesting and visual• Use terms like “Did youknow…” or “Have youtried…”• Raise your professionalcredibility
  40. 40. Open Questions / Polls• An open-ended question orpoll is a great way toincrease engagementwithout asking too mucheffort from fans• Fans can learn from eachother too and feel like theybelong to a community• Polls can also be used to letfans decide on whatcontent they’ll like to see onyour page
  41. 41. Call to Action• Include a clear “call toaction” as often as possibleto your posts• By simply asking to like,comment, or share youimprove engagementsignificantly• End with a question that isrelated to your post• Invite them to take directaction (e.g visit your store,try a new product)
  42. 42. Be Responsive• Many fans see social mediaas a customer serviceplatform• Dedicate time each day torespond to messages, orgive thanks forrecommendations• Delegate this task if you’reunavailable• Project a warm, engagingpersonality
  43. 43. Edgerank• A formula that Facebook uses to determine which posts reaches itsintended audience• Formula based around Affinity, Weight and Time decay• Important to think about how to best improve your Edgerank toincrease your overall reach
  44. 44. Analysis & Optimization• Start learning how to use Facebook Insights to analyze yourperformance• Experiment with a social media optimization service-www.edgerankchecker.com-www.fanpagekarma.com-www.socialbakers.com
  45. 45. Advertising on Facebook• Facebook’s Edgerank hasmade it a lot harder togrow your fanpage orreach new audiences• Advertising on Facebookhowever – is not expensiveand when used correctly,can achieve good results• Available once yourFacebook page has >400fans
  46. 46. Why Should You Advertise?• To increase your fan base or brand exposure• To promote online contests or offline events• To promote local businesses• To sell a product, program, or service with anexternal website or sales page
  47. 47. Promoted Posts• The easiest and most effectiveway to reach out to a wideraudience• Click on “Boost” post button fromwithin your timeline• Your total reach depends on youradvertising budget. The biggerthe reach, the more expensive itcosts• If promoted post is an image,make sure that you have < 20%text• Promoted posts can be a videolink or an offerYour post is promoted within mobile anddesktop News Feeds of FansYour post is promoted within mobile anddesktop News Feeds of Fans and theirfriendsA Sponsored Story is generated withinmobile and desktop News Feeds
  48. 48. Promoted Posts• Promoted posts goes for a periodof 1 day by default – but this canbe extended• You can see the performance ofyour promoted post by clicking onthe “reach” counter at thebottom of your post• You can pause the promotion ifyou believe that it is notgenerating the desired effect• Or you can increase the budget ifyou find it achieving the desiredeffect!
  49. 49. Sponsored Stories• Sponsored stories is the conventional way of advertisingon Facebook• Ordered via the Adverts Manager tab in Facebook.• It can be targeted to generate “Likes” , promote yourpage posts or advertise external websites or apps.
  50. 50. Sponsored Stories• Sponsored Stories allow for precise targeting based onlocation, demography and interests.• Your sponsored stories will besplit into 2 types- Right side of the Facebookpage- Sponsored stories that appearin newsfeed
  51. 51. Promoted Post vs Sponsored StoriesSource: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/facebook-promoted-post-vs-sponsored-story-test• Promoted posts is an ideal platform if your focus is onengagement• Sponsored stories has a lot more reach – and isparticularly effective if you plan to run a “Like”campaign• Combining the two can create a particularly powerfuleffect
  52. 52. Experiment!• Start by promoting a poston your page that youbelieve will give you highengagement• Analyze the results – tweakthe messaging/image/link• Set aside a budget thatyou are comfortable with• Plan a contest orcampaign and support itwith advertising
  53. 53. Keep Up With TrendsWebsiteswww.mashable.comwww.techcrunch.comwww.hubspot.comwww.socialmediaexaminer.comFacebook Relatedwww.facebook.com/business/resourceswww.insidefacebook.com/http://allfacebook.com/Plus Pointwww.facebook.com/PlusPointNorway (Like Us!)