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Chantzis Real Estate

  1. 1. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER | OVERSEAS LIVING | 0000 | OVERSEAS LIVING | SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER EUROPE | Greece THEMISTOKLIS CHANTZIS REAL ESTATE’S KTIMA Chantzi development has won the Overseas Living Luxury Lifestyle Award for ‘Best Development, Greece – 2010’ for several good reasons. Firstly, there’s the sheer impact of the location. Of course, there are many property developers in Greece. Themistoklis Chantzis Constructions, based in Thessaloniki specialises in the construction of high quality summer houses since 2001 with a remit always to build properties in front, or very close, to the sea. “We are one of the few construction companies that specializes in the construction of summer houses,” says Themistoklis Chantzis, “and that means we know very well how to please the demands a family has from their house. But it is not only that. We think we know what makes the difference is the choice of the location and of course the surrounding area of the complex”. These brand new beach villas sit in a lush, tranquil part of Chalkidiki with the sea and beach just metres. Gently rolling hills surround the complex are all an integral part of the stunning Athos peninsula, filled with olive and poplar trees and lush vegetation. It’s an atmosphere that is incredibly peaceful and harmonious. And then there is the sheer quality of the design of the villas themselves; Italian granite is used lavishly in bathrooms and kitchens – the materials used have been chosen carefully and imported from Italy and Belgium. To achieve the high quality of construction in Ktima Chantzi, the developers have brought the best technicians from all over Greece and also chosen specialist architects for the landscaping of the surrounding area. The rooms all have plenty of space with a super abundance of floor-to-ceiling light. Even built-in modern fireplaces for use when staying in the villa during winter – so residents can extend their summer stay over the winter if they wish – and the house will still cope beautifully. The houses are of course equipped with heating installation. So it’s a genuine four-season Greek villa in a very upmarket, exclusive location. “All the villas lay directly in front of the sea,” says Themistoklis Chantzis, president and CEO from Themistoklis Chantzis Constructions Company. “We chose the most beautiful area of Chalkidiki in order to build these dream beach houses in front of the sea. The enchanting sandy beach of Komitsa is only two km from the wall of Agio Oros – the monastery community of Holy Mountain Athos. The area is known for its natural beauty, which is registered and protected by UNESCO as a member of its global inheritance’s list. It’s a very special place.” Minimalist high quality design values meets summer beach house; throw in a stunning beach, aquamarine sea and a backdrop of olive trees in a protected UNESCO site and you have something very special. Themistoklis Chantzis from Themistoklis Chantzis Constructions Company explains in more detail FITFORTHEGODS short term speculators, but they should satisfy those investors who are in it for the long term, which is the case for most property buyers. “There has been a five to 10 percent reduction in prices in some isolated cases,” says Themistoklis, “but the Greek construction industry hasn’t really been affected by the economic difficulties. Historically real estate has been a very safe asset class in Greece. You never really lose your money when you invest in land, especially if the quality and construction of the property is genuinely superior. Also, house price values also depend, particularly in Greece, on location. Everything depends on the area of the house.” Well connected Certainly owners here don’t have to worry about the usual over-development concerns that have blighted and scarred so many other parts of Europe (Spain particularly). The specific area is not crowded and is very well developed. “We are between the villages of Nea Rhoda and Ouranoupoli. These are two villages that can offer everything to the visitors and in 10 minutes distance the visitors may literally find everything they need” mentioned Mr. Chantzis. The area has a medical center. For recreation purposes, in small distance there are museums and a cultural center with 3-D presentation of the life in Agion Oros, the holy monastery community of Mount Athos, which is forbidden for women to visit as a sacred place for monks and men. Of course for those whoenjoysports,basketball,tennisandfootballcourts provided, plus choices for water sports, a walking club and daily cruises around the area of mount Athos. Also around the area there are bank branches, super markets, restaurants, gift shops and intense nightlife. Good access to services and airports also sustains property values. The nearest international airport is in Thessaloniki (the airport called Macedonia), a distance of 110 km, accessed by very smooth and fast roads. Owners and visitors can also enjoy their vacation during winter too with long walks or visiting the historical and beautiful area of Mount Athos, an area that can see hundreds of visitors per day to the beautiful fascinating holy monastery community of Agion Oro. Despite the number of visitors, there are few places to stay, which means the area remains largely off the tourist map. The 30 percent of the owners in Ktima Chantzi complex are citizens from European countries. “The purchase of a property in Greece does not offer residency, but upon request the Greek government issues repeated visas for six month period of visit for non-EU citizens, and no visa is required for EU citizens. The owner of the property can, however, complete a number of years needed for residency by repeating in such a way his visits to his property,” expands Themistoklis. Many of the existing owners in the area are Greek nationals – a reassuring vote of confidence in Themistoklis Chantzis Real Estate as well as in the areas. Mind you, it’s also holy ground. The Mount Athos area in Greek mythology was dedicated to Zeus. In fact, only the gods were allowed to set foot on the summit of Mount Athos. Looking around at the surrounding area, it’s easy to understand why.= AWARD WINNER | BEST DEVELOPMENT | Greece ***** Blending into nature Combining traditional Greek architectural style with minimalist modern design is quite a trick to pull off. A development of this quality needs to blend in with its surrounding environment while also being a confident and effective piece of design in its own right. Chantzi have clearly got this balance exactly right. There’s no ostentation anywhere, just simple classical lines supplanted by plenty of built-in practicality. Residents can see the sea at all times from the front of the villa and fresh breezes gently buffet the peninsula. It’s also an incredibly invigorating place to live or spend time in, with family, friends or alone when in need of an escape. “These properties are also easy to let out,” adds Themistoklis. “If a new owner wishes to rent his house he has every right to and that is very easy to do so. I want to point out that if the client wishes to, we can assist him and we have a lot of people that demonstrate this interest and that reach us through our company’s brochure or our website.” Which neatly brings us onto the subject of house prices; Greece’s economic problems are very well documented currently in the international press. So have house prices also been affected by Greece’s unhappy economic contagion? The answer may not satisfy Positional power Chalkidiki is a three-pronged peninsula in Northern Greece close to the center of Macedonia. To the North is Thessaloniki, the country’s second largest city. To the South, East and West, Chalkidiki cuts deeply into the Aegean Sea. The main peninsula terminates in three smaller ones, namely Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, well known as the Holy Mountain, which is now an independent administrative district. There’s a beautiful winding coastline nearby. Chalkidiki is built in the most stunning local gulf (there are four in total) and it’s an area heavily populated with olive trees, pines and vineyards plus fertile farmland. All villas feature • Wooden frames of doors and windows made of meranti hardwood • External doors made from meranti hardwood • Internal doors made of oak • Stairs, roofs and floors all from oak construction • Italian kitchen made of oak • Two wardrobes of oak • Stone linings • Italian tiles of granite • Fireplace with granite lining • Installations of heating, air-conditioning, satellite antenna and alarm • Two parking places in protected parking • Italian barbeque • Automatic irrigation • Communal and private water supply • Extensive landscaping with pebble paths • Automatic garage doors