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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Taulant Hoxha


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Balkan stage II

Published in: Education
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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Taulant Hoxha

  1. 1. We want a cool library, WE need a cool library and WE will make a cool library Taulant HOXHA – Kosovo Founder, Eventor HUB
  2. 2. …EVENTOR: 2 YEARS just an Idea on paper, now a HUB, ‘tomorrow’ a Library… Eventor HUB Connecting OpportunitySeekers And OpportunityCreators
  3. 3. Find a problem and tackle it … 1. Lack of opportunities for youth & students. 2. Socialist- era educational system and libraries. 3. Neglected youth potential. … this is not all
  4. 4. We need a new library! this is how an e-petition it’s named by high school students of our town. • A town with a population around 150.000 • More than 60% of this population youth. • 1 public university with +5000 students. • 5 public high schools not counting private colleges and schools… Just 1 public library with just 60 reading places… How it looks…?
  5. 5. The click…
  6. 6. • Online platform created by youth for youth with the main goal: To promote free education. • First winner of Social Innovation Camp Kosovo 2013. • Seed funding 2200€. • +250 direct beneficiaries for 3 moths. • +25.000 page views.
  7. 7. Eventor HUB • Our HUB it’s a SPACE; Comfortable, inspiring and hospitable. Source of synergy, support and the will for good impact in the community. • Exact definition is that there is no exact defition. From our HUB each person takes something with himself: Experience, Knowledge, the feeling of being appreciated, they give more to our HUB; they give the SPIRIT.
  8. 8. • Our HUB is colorful. Every possible color. This is what makes it beautiful. Community of our HUB is ’colorful’ – from deifferent backgrounds and experiences but it’s that same Goal that unites them. • 1st winner of the ‘’Rhodes Youth Forum 2013’’ – organized by Youth Time Movement (Prize = Five digit amount). • Eventor HUB essentials: Community, Events, Informal Education, Innovation, Social Impact & Creative space.
  9. 9. Departments • • • • • • • Peer to Peer non-formal Education, Reading corner / Library, Innovation Room / Hacking space, Unconferences / MeetUps Accelerator / Incubator, Events / Exhibition space Career consulting /advising.
  10. 10. Aiming Big: Eventor HUB -> Library • Eventor HUB is on implementation phase. Next goal is to develop our Reading Corner to a Library. • Already discussing with 2 possible partners/donors, nothing concrete yet.
  11. 11. Future: Eventor Library
  12. 12. It’s not about the money… So, if you really love and you feel your Big Idea, start to separate it on few pieces (small projects) and very soon you will have the full puzzle, the real success is on learning by doing, we started with a 2200€ euro seed fund then just after 5 months we raised it on +50.000€.
  13. 13. If you want to help and empower your community: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE • NO ‘expert’ bullsh*it • Their idea matters, not yours • Think outside of the CIRCLE
  14. 14. Super thanks @TaulasH @eventorks /eventorhub