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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Krasimira Nyagolova


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Balkan stage II

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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Krasimira Nyagolova

  1. 1. Green Library – Green Community Krasimira Nyagolova, Silistra Regional Public Library “Partenij Pavlovich”
  2. 2. WHY TO BE GREEN? • Green is about sustainability. • Going green is making choices that protect, preserve and replenish the Earth’s resources.
  3. 3. Go green@library • A primary role of the library is to connect people with the information they need. • А public library can be the community’s resource for understanding how to live green
  4. 4. How to go green@your library • Practical ideas for how to be green, teach green and lead green. • Introduce environmentally-friendly, money-saving initiatives that fit existing building and services. • Provide ideas for hands-on activities that will help raise green awareness.
  5. 5. Energy saving system
  6. 6. Competition for children’s drawing “Energy and we”