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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Amalia zepou


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Balkan Stage 1

Published in: Education
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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Amalia zepou

  1. 1. “Synathina” = God helps those who help themselves. Q1 Can we create a relationship of real trust between a public body and active residents?
  2. 2. CHANGE THE LANGUAGE Athens 2008: a civic reaction to abandonment Q2 Can we look at the city with a different attitude? wake up our active selves and abandon our passive side?
  3. 3. LOOK CLOSELY: GREEK STYLE HOUSEKEEPING Q3 Has the city become an extension of ourselves? • Voluntarism? • Activism? • age group 25-35 •no cost • bypassing bureaucracy and time-consuming regulations
  4. 4. The Municipality gives public step Reversing the idea of volunteerism: it’s the municipality that supports the community groups. Not the other way round
  5. 5. Give voice (a) calendar
  6. 6. (b) radio show
  7. 7. 8 categories Solidarity Creativity Look of the City Networking Education Children Environment Culture
  8. 8. Collecting activities – Create a map of solutions
  9. 9. (c) A shelter - kiosk that hosts good practices
  10. 10. Future networks
  11. 11. Municipalities should support but also inspire
  12. 12. ΤΗΑΝΚ ΥΟU!