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TGI Fridays and twitter


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How TGI Fridays (GR) used effectively twitter.

Published in: Technology, Business
  • I love TGI Friday's Ribs they are really good
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TGI Fridays and twitter

  1. 1. Panteion University of AthensCommunication, Media and CultureDepartment. Marketing and PR lab.Lesson: Social Media and entrepreneurStudents: Theopoulou Maria(@mariatheopoulou), Kapsali Chrisoula(@XrysaKapsali), Paspati Anna(@virgolet), Skrivanou Alexandra(@ASkrivanou), Soilemetzidou Eirini(@irinisoil), Mathioudakis Dimitris
  2. 2. Case study:How a company effectively usedtwitter.“The (greek) TGI Fridaysexample”
  3. 3. Some infoLeading company in Casual dinningMember of Carlson CompaniesFounded in 1965Has received many rewards not only for its greatservices, its employees and management, but for itsquality products too.Successful use of social media, and more specificallytwitter
  4. 4. Via TwitterCommunicates directly with its clientsGains feedbackRefers their unhappy clients to the guest servicesInforms its clients for new products, sales etcAttracts new clients
  5. 5. TargetsMore profitDirect communication with clients, and gain of feedbackAdopting a friendly communication profileInforming cliends about new products, sales etcLow cost advertising
  6. 6. ResultsIncrease of followers->increase of clientsInforming the clients brings you feedback. According tofeedback you improve your productsInstant communication with clientsTaking advantage of word-to mouth. Those who havetwitter account, inform those who don’t.Advertising which doesn’t cost a lot.
  7. 7. ToneFriendly and instantImportant fact: The ability of clients to comment onproductsGreat dialoguesLack of formalityInforming and motivational tone
  8. 8. Case study: “Im very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.” Marilyn Monroe“Thursday, March, 8, we celebrate women’s day with 1+1 coctail. Printhe coupon, and come to celebrate”Taking advantage of women’s day, TGI organized an event, in whichanyone could get 1 coctail +1 free.The campaign was spread through social networks and especiallytwitter from which anyone could get his own coupon. The attempt issuccessful and there was an immediate response.
  9. 9. Burgering HouseBurgering House is a successful chain of Greek restaurantsthat do not have twitter. We suggest creating a twitteraccount the management of which will take charge ofsomeone with expertise in social media. Thus the companywins:Ability to communicate with clients and getting instantfeedbackAdvertising via tweets which is low cost
  10. 10. Informing customers about special offers, new products,eventsTendering resulting in increased followers but also theawareness of the companyFriendly tone between company and clientsPromoting new products the company launched
  11. 11. Teachers and ExecutivesGeorge Giannakeas (@gioris)Nektarios Sylligardakis (@nsyll)Yiannis Doxaras (@Doxaras)Lida Tsene (@LidaTsene)Betty Tsakarestou (@Tsakarestou)