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APEX Office Print (AOP)



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These days APEX Office Print (AOP) is the go-to solution when you want to print to PDF or export your data to Excel or many other formats like Word, Powerpoint and HTML. AOP is the most integrated and easiest to use print engine on the market for Oracle Application Express (APEX).

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APEX Office Print (AOP)

  1. 1. 0.01 APEX Office Print Speaker(s): Dimitri Gielis, Sunil Tandan 17-JUL-2019
  2. 2. APEXOfficePrint 0.02 “We make reporting easy.” - Dimitri Gielis, CEO -
  3. 3. APEXOfficePrint 0.03 Export data in the format YOU want.
  4. 4. APEXOfficePrint 0.04 Anyone can do it.
  5. 5. Print in just 4 simple steps!
  6. 6. APEXOfficePrint 0.06 Create a template.
  7. 7. APEXOfficePrint 0.07 Popular open XML editors
  8. 8. APEXOfficePrint 0.08 Select the data.
  9. 9. APEXOfficePrint 0.09 Choose your output type.
  10. 10. APEXOfficePrint 0.010 Print!
  11. 11. APEXOfficePrint 0.011
  12. 12. APEXOfficePrint 0.012
  13. 13. APEXOfficePrint 0.013
  14. 14. APEXOfficePrint 0.014
  15. 15. APEXOfficePrint 0.015
  16. 16. APEXOfficePrint 0.016 Interactive Report
  17. 17. APEXOfficePrint 0.017 Barcode and QR Code
  18. 18. APEXOfficePrint 0.018 PDF Tools
  19. 19. APEXOfficePrint 0.019 PowerPoint
  20. 20. APEXOfficePrint 0.020 JET Charts
  21. 21. APEXOfficePrint 0.021 PowerPoint
  22. 22. APEXOfficePrint 0.022 D3
  23. 23. APEXOfficePrint 0.023 Calendar
  24. 24. APEXOfficePrint 0.024 HTML to Word
  25. 25. APEXOfficePrint 0.025 Office Chart
  26. 26. APEXOfficePrint 0.026 URL as Template
  27. 27. AOP Templating Engine
  28. 28. APEXOfficePrint 0.028 AOP Template
  29. 29. APEXOfficePrint 0.029 AOP Report (no template needed)
  30. 30. APEXOfficePrint 0.030 Tags for Custom Template
  31. 31. Architecture
  32. 32. APEXOfficePrint 0.032 Up and running in minutes.
  33. 33. APEXOfficePrint 0.033 Cloud or On-premises AOP Architecture Browser Database Server Web Server
  34. 34. APEXOfficePrint 0.034 REST API
  35. 35. APEXOfficePrint 0.035 PL/SQL API
  36. 36. APEXOfficePrint 0.036 APEX Plug-in
  37. 37. APEXOfficePrint 0.037 APEX Sample App
  38. 38. APEXOfficePrint 0.038 AOP Web Editor
  39. 39. AOP Customers
  40. 40. APEXOfficePrint 0.040
  41. 41. APEXOfficePrint 0.041 Awesome Support
  42. 42. APEXOfficePrint 0.042 AOP Support emails
  43. 43. APEXOfficePrint 0.043 AOP Slack Channel for Free AOP Cloud on (#orclapex)
  44. 44. APEXOfficePrint 0.044 OTN APEX Forum
  45. 45. APEXOfficePrint 0.045 DM or Public Messages on Twitter
  46. 46. APEXOfficePrint 0.046 APEX Community
  47. 47. APEXOfficePrint 0.047 AOP Features
  48. 48. APEXOfficePrint 0.048 Table/View, SQL Query or PL/SQL Returning SQL Remote Database REST Web service Web Source Table/View, SQL Query or PL/SQL Returning SQL Local Database Supported APEX Features WYSIWYG and extra settings Calendar New screenshot mechanism to load SVG, Canvas or other elements Charts WYSIWYG for IR, added server-side conditions Interactive Report & Grid AOP Features
  49. 49. APEXOfficePrint 0.049 Split into one page per file or merge into one file Split & Merge Ideal for POS system, one- page-pdf without page size One-Page-PDF Add files before and after your document Prepend & Append Files PDF Features Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Markdown, Text Any document to PDF png, jpg, gif, bmp, ... Images to PDF AOP Features Enter password to read and/or modify Secure PDF
  50. 50. APEXOfficePrint 0.050 Sample app for APEX 5.x/18.x/19.x AOP Sample App Include D3.js objects and let AOP render them D3 support Even easier to debug and see what AOP is doing behind the scenes Web Editor Other Key Features TOC, Page numbers, table improvements, HTML conversion, ... Word Enhancements Dropbox, Amazon S3, One Drive Cloud Integration Horizontal loops, pivot, cell styles, ... Excel Enhancements Support more tags, HTML integration Markdown Enhancements Modular development and maximal reuse Sub-Templates in Word Output to text, printer and POS support Text Support Easy to include page or application items Reference APEX Items AOP Features
  51. 51. APEXOfficePrint 0.051 Showcase for new features AOP Sample App Ability to add dynamic texts in PDF blob, Repeat output x number of times PDF Enhancements Export without having to define a template (for IR/IG/Classic Report) AOP Report Export AOP 19.2 Translated Headers, Percent Graph Report Enhancements FTP/ SFTP Cloud Integration Ability to export classic report with {&report&} tag Classic Report More control over the exported native charts Chart Enhancements AOP Features GraphQL, JSON, XML New Data Sources
  52. 52. 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 APEX 5.0 Apr 2015 0.9 Public Beta Jul 2015 AOP 1.0 Sep 2015 1.4 Oct 2015 1.5 Nov 2015 1.6 Dec 2015 AOP 2.0 Mar 2016 2.1 May 2016 2.2 Sep 2016 2.3 Nov 2016 2.4 Dec 2016 APEX 5.1 Dec 2016 2.5 Mar 2017 AOP 3.0 Jun 2017 3.1 Oct 2017 3.2 Nov 2017 3.3 Jan 2018 3.4 Feb 2018 3.5 Mar 2018 APEX 18.1 May 2018 AOP 18.1 Sep 2018 APEX 18.2 Sep 2018 18.2 Oct 2018 AOP 19.1 Jan 2019 APEX 19.1 Mar 2019 19.2 Jul 2019 APEX 19.2 Sep 2019 19.3 Oct 2019 AOP 0.1 Private Beta Mar 2015 2020 AOP Dev Begins Sep 2014 Dec 2014 Sunil’s 1st Day Feb 2015 Feb 2018 Sample Application APEX Process Plug-in AOP PL/SQL API Ability to override PDF converter Interactive & Classic Report support Word, Excel, PDF support Dynamic Action Plug-in IR highlight, filter, group by, pivot, chart & computation support Bar, column, line, pie, stacked column, bar, area, radar charts Remote Debug Rich Text Editor (HTML) to Word Documentation available in HTML IR to Excel Support Multiple IR Support Automated Tests Tabular Form Support Interactive Grid Support Enterprise license available AOP Cloud is clustered AOP Web Editor Introduced HTML, Markdown, & Text Templates Output to in-line region Logging ability added (--logging) Image support from URL Run AOP in Cluster Mode IP Printer support Barcodes Docker Image HTTPS support RTL support Excel Sheet generation Ability to specify Failover URL Scatter, Bubble, Stock, 3D Pie, Combined charts supported High performance PDF generation for Enterprise Edition Spanish Documentation Free Cloud Tier Rest Datasource Support All Calendar Views available Lossless screenshots PDF Enhancements – merge, split, one-page (receipt) Convert Plug-in Introduced Word Table of Contents support New Sample Application Word Sub-Templates D3 Support Export to any cloud provider (Dropbox, S3, etc) Pay-as-you-go Plan New Cloud Plan & Pricing CSV support Unlimited Development Credits URL as a template Macro-Enabled Office File support iCal format Font Awesome support AOP in Oracle Cloud Jul 2019 AOP hook in APEX Jackie’s 1st Day Mar 2019 AOP Roadmap Business Plan Apr 2015
  53. 53. Pricing
  54. 54. Cloud pricing as of May 2019
  55. 55. On-premise pricing as of May 2019

Editor's Notes

  • Good afternoon everyone.
    Hope you are having great time here at apex connect. Welcome to this exciting session about APEX Office Print.
    In this session I will show you what apexofficeprint is and what it can do.

    Before we get started, How many of you have heard of apex office print?

    - Not a lot I see. I am happy that the majority has not heard about it. I can already tell you that this is the product you’ve been waiting for.
    - For those of you haven’t, I can already tell you that this is the product you’ve all been waiting for.

    How many of you have used BI Publisher/ PL/PDF or JasperReports?

    How much of your development/productive time have you spent just making templates or getting the layout just right? That is of course once you figure how to setup the whole system, right.

    Well I am here to tell you that those days are gone.
    Our product AOP is really easy to install and even easier to use.

  • Or in the very words of our CEO, Dimitri, We make reporting easy.

    Quote: “THE reporting solution for APEX”
  • You can chose Excel, Word, PDF, doesn’t matter which format, AOP can do that – your data in the format you want
  • Business person or developer, you can decide what data you want to see in the format you want, no limitations.
  • We have now almost 200 customers
  • Really easy to do – a business user can even do it
    People really want native Excel, not just CSV
  • Select Data from the local or remote database (SQL, PL/SQL), Websource (JSON), REST webservice/GraphQL, regions (charts, IR/IG, Calendar)
  • Select the output type and you are done
  • Select Data from the local or remote database (SQL, PL/SQL), Websource (JSON), REST webservice, regions (charts, IR/IG, Calendar)
  • Infrastructure is really lightweight – 1 SQL script to create the packages, 1 (or more) APEX plugins, 1 executable on the server

    You are up and running in mere minutes.
  • This architecture everybody is familiar with, the only thing we add is the AOP Server (you can decide where it is, as long as the database can connect to it)

    If it was not APEX but other technology, you could do a REST call from Web Server or even Client
  • The simplest way to interact with the Server is through the REST API
  • As we are in the Oracle database we made a PL/SQL API to generate the JSON and do the REST call
  • And to put the cherry on top, we also provide you with apex plugins to make things even simpler.

    As we are APEX developers and love the tool we made an APEX Plugin on top of the PL/SQL API
  • Let us have a look at some of our customers who are already saving countless hours by leveraging the many possibilities provided by AOP. We are proud to say have now more 3000 users around the world.
    Over 350 on premise licenses.
  • Some of our customers
  • We want you to be successful, so whatever we can do to help in achieving that we will do

    We take pride in providing you with the best support you can get.
  • As Joel always says, we want you to be Rockstars – so we spend a lot of time in answering and helping people through our support channels
  • For the Free AOP Cloud we have our own Slack Channel on
  • OTN Forum
  • Twitter Direct or Public Messages
  • For all these reasons, the apex community has loved AOP and is helping us letting the world know that AOP exists.
  • Who does not know what D3 is? (have web page open already)
  • We included everywhere high performance PDF, and you get 2 servers instead of 1 and all the great new features
  • ×