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ISPPC makes hospitals more human with a smart hospital approach


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ISPPC uses the Internet of Things to transform their hospitals into a hyperconnected healthcare hubs. With technology provided by Dimension Data, patients enjoy a more efficient, personalised, and warmer experience each time they visit a hospital.

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ISPPC makes hospitals more human with a smart hospital approach

  1. 1. Globally there’s a shortage of doctors.4 Existing 15 million Required 19.3 million However many countries have as little as 1 or 2 hospital beds for 10,000 people3 Across the world there are only 27 hospitals beds per 10,000 population Europe has the highest number of hospital beds at 53 per 10,000 people2 ISPPC, is using technology to overcome the challenge of improving patient care and optimising resource allocation. One of Belgium’s largest hospital groups, For more information on this and other reasons to Believe in Greatness visit: If you believe you can do anything, we’re here to help you do it. Coping with illness is stressful for patients and their families An estimated surgical procedures are performed globally every year.6 Mistakes during surgery contribute significantly to the burden of disease 234 million patients are admitted to hospital each day. 42,000 In the UK alone, more than Technology can help reduce this Using a combination of digital technology and related services ISPPC created a smart hospital group. Every operational discipline contributes to the seamless provision of the most advanced care available. 1, 2, 3 4, 5 6, 7 File:Average_length_of_stay_for_hospital_in-patients,_by_age_group,_2014_(days).png Find out how technology creates connected healthcare  We believe technology can make hospitals more human The average patient is away from their family and friends for up to 2 weeks. At ISPPC visual communications and collaboration enable, among other advantages, remote specialists to be consulted at a patient’s bedside. 7 Even though 50% of errors are avoidable People remain at the heart of healthcare but there simply aren’t enough skilled professionals Find out how technology can make doctors more efficient   See how technology is making things seamless and simple