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How to create workspaces for tomorrow that work for your business


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How to create workspaces for tomorrow that work for your business

  1. 1. workspaces for tomorrow that work for your business Workspaces for tomorrow: Getting to know accelerate your ambition What’s wrong with today’s workspaces? Factors driving the need of workspaces for tomorrow: Boost your employees’ productivity Match physical spaces to the type of work activity Use office space more efficiently Help people collaborate better Reduce real estate costs by up to 30% Outdated – designed around ’90s work styles One desk per employee for desktops – no mobility Not enough communications equipment – mostly landlines and network endpoints Too many cubicles – not enough variety in required spaces • Enterprise mobility and wireless • Multiple devices, multiple operating systems • New generation of workers, new ways of working, more collaboration • Attracting and retaining the best people • Rising cost of real estate How to prepare for workspaces for tomorrow... Workspaces for tomorrow are not ... Hot-desking: • limited number of desks • not enough bookings visibility • inconsistent equipment • user frustration 1. Know your people 2. Think about your work environment 3. Consider your technology How to create binding agent that holds together the people, the work, and the environment foundational technologies for collaboration, networking, and security are critical consider change management understand your current work styles and requirements get executive buy-in establish the right culture consider practical design and aesthetics decide which spaces would be used for which activities create the right lighting 4. Develop a strategy and roadmap involve the right stakeholders and decision-makers early on identify your current worker/user profiles, work styles, workspaces, and utilisation envisioning what these should look like in the future create a roadmap with clearly documented steps to reach your goal Please click here to find out more Contact us