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South Africa


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Published in: Travel, Business
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South Africa

  1. 1. Lifestyle Editor Excites : “ On airlines I’ve generally enjoyed good service. The crew need to be polite and offer to help where necessary. There’s innovation in their entertainment and on what’s to on the flight. I have a four-year old and it can be a challenge to keep him occupied.” Scares: “ Some airlines rely too much on a digital presentation for their safety protocol. Not everyone will watch because they’re too tired, or whatever reason. I’m also concerned about what it’s putting out, leaving behind in the environment and the airline’s carbon footprint.” The Star newspaper is owned by Independent News & Media, with a total of 14 national and regional newspapers, including most of the country's best-known titles.
  2. 2. Deputy Editor Excites : “ I’m excited about the opening up of Africa. There’s new places to go on the continent. I travel all over the place for personal pleasure, as well as for professional reasons.” Scares: “ Again, with the opening up of more travel into Africa, there are also insecurities, particularly to new places that are unstable. Sordid economy class on long-haul flights on airlines can be a deterrent.” Getaway ’s impressively broad editorial mix satisfies not only the 4x4 traveller, doughty adventurer and experienced hiker, but also the weekend escapee, concerned environmentalist, passionate photographer and armchair traveller; hence our payoff line: Going places, doing things in Africa. Destinations are an important focus for Getaway , but so, too, is the gear readers like to use. Readers place great value on our accommodation and gear directories. Getaway provides all the information needed to plan a great, well-kitted holiday, while the website gives readers the tool to do this easily on-line.
  3. 3. Travel & Food Editor Excites : “ I think there’s more scope for innovation, in terms of passenger and tourist experiences. Airlines generally can do better in their service offerings, except for a few who are already excellent, like their on-board entertainment, comfort and health issues.” Scares: “ I’m concerned about hygiene on planes. I’ve often experienced seats and toilets that could definitely be cleaner. From a medical point of view, are cabin crews kept up-to-date on health risks and medical conditions? We have all these viruses where it’s spread is made worse via travel, think H1N1 virus.” The Sunday Times is South Africa's biggest-selling national newspaper. Includes Sunday Times Magazine, Lifestyle, Business Times and Metro sections. The paper is printed around the country in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.
  4. 4. Managing Editor Excites : “ I’m excited that travel has become open to more people and the more that can travel to other places, the better they can understand other people. Previously, travel was seen as very elitist.” Scares: “ Well, the fact that more people have the opportunity to travel, it opens up the chance for people who are up to know good to do harm to more people.” Business Travel Now (BTN) is a professional travel publication aimed at South African travel procurement decision-makers in travel-buying companies. This publication keeps the corporate travel market informed of the industry’s latest news, trends and products. Travel News Weekly (TNW) is a weekly travel trade publication for travel managers, professional travel consultants and those engaged in the sale and promotion of every facet of travel in Southern Africa.
  5. 5. Managing Editor Excites : “ Chartered corporate travel on private plans has become increasingly more accessible, therefore affordable, as an effective means to business travel. I’m now able to go any where I want, at any time on my timetable.” Scares: “ The cost of business travel is always critical. I think the industry can still do better to make it more efficient. The lack of flexibility of airlines in the current economic climate defeats their objective of offering superior and convenient services. Airline attitude is almost a contradiction in this regard.” Informs and entertains readers about business travel. The audience includes corporate leaders and decision-makers, as well as enthusiastic local and international travellers.