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Conquering mobile advertising holy grail: Context-Awareness matters - Dilip Mistry SEMUSI


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Conquering mobile advertising holy grail: Context-Awareness matters - Dilip Mistry SEMUSI

  1. 1. Conquering Advertising’s Holy Grail: Context Matters Dilip Mistry Co-Founder and CEO Semusi
  2. 2. Be more engaging? Be more relevant? Be more smarter? Mobile Marketing
  3. 3. Be More Engaging?
  4. 4. 6am, I’m running in Connaught Place A happy hour SMS is not what I need I am ‘walking’ in Mumbai and lost Directions for ‘driving’ do not help! 7pm, standing in a train, going home Brands – you have my undivided attention! I am sitting at a bus stop I have a 10 min wait A notification to call my parents would be great Hey Publishers/ advertisers Understand me!
  5. 5. Context Matters ! WHAT IS THE APPROPRIATE BEVERAGE? HOT? COLD? 18oc
  6. 6. Humans Learn Context
  7. 7. Context-Aware Systems Aware “….general class of mobile systems that can sense their physical environment, and adapt their behavior accordingly” Context Identity (Who) Activity (What) Time (When) Location (Where) Sense
  8. 8. An idea whose time has come Sensors
  9. 9. Hard Sensors Soft Sensors Operating System Power Management Sensor Fusion Context Builder Activity API Behavior API Motion API Anomaly API Location API Context Aware Engine me Population Pattern Recognition R&D
  10. 10. Context Aware Apps
  11. 11. Be More Relevant?
  12. 12. Targeting with context Display Implicit Intent (Retargeting) Search Explicit Intent (Ad Words)
  13. 13. Mobile Fingerprints Multi Device App Retargeting
  14. 14. Targeting ‘Location’ plus Dynamic creative
  15. 15. Targeting – Location ‘plus’ ? ? ? 
  16. 16. Location ‘plus’ Activity
  17. 17. Walking Running Travelling Sleeping Sitting Standing Physical Action Context
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. Be More Smarter?
  20. 20. Biometric Context Gender Weight Height
  21. 21. Behavioral Context Driving Purchasing Communication
  22. 22. Mood Context
  23. 23. Context-Aware as a Service
  24. 24. Be more engaging? Yes -Context-Aware Systems Be more relevant? Yes – Location plus Activity Be more smarter? Yes – New Context Pipeline Summary