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Guest surveys in the hotel industry - Why the need for change


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Guest surveys have always been the traditional way for hotel managers to obtain information and feedback to gauge customer satisfaction. However is it enough and is it really effective? This article writes about the limitations of guest surveys and how hotel managers start reconsidering and look to ways to change their methods if they were to maintain high level of guest satisfaction and effective guest management for their hotels.

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Guest surveys in the hotel industry - Why the need for change

  1. 1. Guest SurveysAre Hotels DoingThe Right Thing?
  2. 2. • Receive Feedback and Comments From Guests• Get Insight Into What Guests Like or Dislike About The Hotel• Make Use of Feedback/Info To Develop Effective Operational And Strategic Decisions• Increase Guest Loyalty
  3. 3. • Do Hotel Guest Have Enough Time To Fill Up Surveys ??• Are New Guests More Likely To Fill Up Surveys Than Frequent Guests ??• Do Guests Find It Tedious To Fill Up Surveys ??• How Many Survey Questions Are Actually Answered Accurately ??
  4. 4. Feedbackfrom a portion of target population isnot obtained Feedback Inaccuracy !!
  5. 5. • Not Flexible Enough !!• Limited Questions & Response. Example: Only 9 Questions Provided & 5 Response Type• Feedback/Info Beyond Questions Asked Are Not Captured
  6. 6. • Often Feedback Is Gathered AFTER Guest Leaves Hotel. ( Too Late To React !! )• Inconvenient For Guests. (Writing)• Waste of Hotel’s Resources - Paper For Surveys. - Comment Card Holders In Each Hotel Room.
  7. 7. • Collecting Wholesome Feedback From Various Sources.• Eliminates The Risk of Missing Out On A Portion of Target Population.• Not Limited To Specific Number of Questions. ( Flexible Response – Speaking Through Phones ) Information Accuracy & Efficiency!!
  8. 8. • Real Time Feedback From Guests. Ability To React On Site. ( Guests Leave Happy )• Guest Feedback Goes Straight To Management• More Interactive 1 on 1 Interaction With Guests. (Knowing Each Guests Better)
  9. 9. More Accurate, Efficient Real Time FeedbackHotel Managers Developing More Effective, Timely & Accurate Strategies