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Sap gl dilip sadh


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SAP G/L over by Dilip Sadh

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Sap gl dilip sadh

  1. 1. Line Item Configuration The system can generate Line Items automatically when a transaction is processed that requires additional Line Items to balance. Chapter Objectives – Provide a basic understanding of how the system generates Automatic Line Items. – Discuss the most frequently used transactions that require the generation of automatic Line Items. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  2. 2. Configure Fast-Entry Line Structure G/L Account Line Items PK Account Amount Bus Area Co. Code 40 476000 300,00 BEU1 EUXX 50 113101 300,00 BEU2 EUXX 01 Cust_01 3590.00 USXX 50 113100 3000.00 USXX 50 1131XX 590.00 USXX Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  3. 3. Line Item Texts Step 1: Line Item Text Definition Language Identifier Text Edit Format Control Display E LEAS Leasing fee Step 2: When users create a Line Item when posting a document, they can choose a text for the Line Item based on the above definition by pressing the down arrow. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  4. 4. Automatic Line ItemsExamples • Exchange Rate Differences • Cash Discount • Down Payments • Taxes • Payment Program • Bank Transactions • Check / Bill of Exchange Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  5. 5. Line Item Configuration Chapter SummaryKey Terms: – Fast-Entry Screen – Automatic Line Item – Additional Account Assignment – Automatic Posting Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  6. 6. Chapter 10Document Configuration •The system is based on the Document Principle which states that every business transaction creates a document. Document configuration through the IMG defines the structure of each type of document. •Chapter Objectives – Provide a detailed understanding of what a system document is, how it is structured, and for what it is used. – Be able to configure the system such that documents (which represent business transactions) are created and appear as desired. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  7. 7. The Document Principle One financial transaction generates one FI document with a unique Document Number. Invoice - SD Document - FI Number: 999 Number: 9999999999 To: ABC Sandwiches Line items: From: Fruits & Vegetables Ltd. DR. ABC Sandwiches $60 1 box of tomatoes $60 CR. Sales Revenue $60 Total $60 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  8. 8. Structure of a Document Document Header Document Number Document Type Posting Date Company Code Document Date Currency Line Item 1 Posting Key Account Amount Line Item 2 Posting Key Account Amount Debits = Credits Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  9. 9. Document Types Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  10. 10. Special Document Types Document Type KN Net Vendor Invoice . . . Account Types ASK . . . Net Document Type Document Type RV Billing Document . Transfer from SD . . Account Types ADS Reverse Document Type AB . . . Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  11. 11. Document Number Ranges Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  12. 12. Posting Key Posting Key Description Debit/Credit Account Type 01 Invoice Debit Customer 40 Debit Entry Debit G/L Account 50 Credit Entry Credit G/L Account 15 Incoming Pmt Credit Customer Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  13. 13. Examples of Posting Keys G/L Accounts Debits___________________Credits 40 Debit entry 50 Credit entry Vendors Debits Credits 21 Credit memo 31 Invoice 22 Reverse invoice 32 Reverse credit memo 25 Outgoing payment 35 Incoming payment Customers Debits Credits 01 Invoice 11 Credit memo 02 Reverse credit memo 12 Reverse invoice 05 Outgoing payment 15 Incoming payment Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  14. 14. Default Values for Document Processing Transaction Doc. Type Post. Key F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting SA 40 F-64 Park Customer Invoice DR 01 F-66 Park Vendor Credit Memo KG 21 F-67 Park Customer Credit Memo DG 11 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  15. 15. Default Values for Enjoy Postings DOCUMENT TYPES FOR ENJOY TRANSACTIONS Company Code Acct type Doc. Type XXPH G/L Accounts SA XXPH Customers DR XXPH Vendors KR POSTING KEYS FOR ENJOY TRANSACTIONS Transaction Debit Credit SAK - G/L account posting 40 50 AGD - Cust. item - outgoing invoice 01 31 AGS - G/L item - outgoing invoice 40 50 ETC. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  16. 16. Field Status Field Status Variant is allocated to Company Code CC Company Name City Fld. Stat. Var. 0001 SAP Inc. Philadelphia 0001 US01 Company Template New York 1000 . . . Field Status Group is assigned to the Field Status Variant Fld Status Group Text G004 Cost Accounts G005 Bank accounts . . . G/L Account is assigned to Field Status Group G/L Account Field Status Group 113000 Citibank-Checks G005 420000 Office Supplies G004 . . . Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  17. 17. Configuring Field Status Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  18. 18. Screen LayoutLink Rules If a conflict occurs Posting Key Field Status Group vs. G/L Account Master Record Field Status Group Then link rules are applied Link Rules Suppress Required Optional Suppress Sup. N/A1 Sup. Required N/A1 Req. Req. Optional Sup. Req. Opt. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  19. 19. Enjoy Postings - Screen VariantsPage 19 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  20. 20. Intercompany TransactionsExample: Central Payables1 2 ALPHA bills……….. Company Code 9999 $3000 Company Code 9999 pays both bills Company Code 1234 $2000 Company Code 1234 owes CoCd 9999 $2000 3 Resulting Journal Entry……….. Company Code Account Debit Credit 9999 Alpha 3000 1234 Alpha 2000 9999 Internal Receivable 2000 9999 Cash 5000 1234 Internal Payable 2000 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  21. 21. Intercompany TransactionsExample: Central Payables Company Codes 9999 1234 Internal Receivable Internal Payable Company Codes 1234 9999 Internal Receivable Internal Payable Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  22. 22. Validations and SubstitutionsEnsuring Data Integrity System Check Validation/ Document Substitution Data Entry Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  23. 23. Validation andSubstitution Example Validation If Company Validations (Data Entry) Code = 9999 Then Business Company Code 9999 Area <> BS02 Business Area E: Company Code ‘9999’ cannot post to Business Area ‘BS02’. Substitution If Company Substitution (Result) Code = 9999 Substitutions (Data Entry) Then Business Company Area = BS01 Company Code 9999 Code 9999 Business Area BS02 Business Area BS01 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  24. 24. IntegrationApplication Area/Callup Point GL GR PS GS GU KC FI LC CO MC AM PC Validations and Substitutions Call Up Point Application Description 0001 FI Document Header 0002 CO Document Line Item 0003 GL Entire Document / Matrix Validation Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  25. 25. Validation Steps Transaction Data Prerequisite <BSEG>$HKONT=‘56000’ Condition A False Account= 56000 Check True <BSEG>$KOSTL=‘3300’ Condition B True If false, then a message results. Cost Center Different types of messages can be =3300 configured. False Message Exit/ Document Posted Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  26. 26. Creating a Validation Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  27. 27. Substitution Steps Prerequisite: If the Account is 123000 and the Business Area is 202 If prerequisite is met, then substitute Cost Center 501 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  28. 28. Creating a Substitution Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  29. 29. User Exits Exit Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  30. 30. Trace Function Results of Validation W: Account 123000 must be... FB01: Posting One starts the Trace Doc. Date Comp. Code function from the IMG and can be started in Posting Date a parallel session. PK Account W: Account 123000 must be... Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  31. 31. Document Configuration Chapter SummaryKey Terms: – Document Principle – Document Structure – Document Header – Posting Date – Document Date – Document Type – Posting Key – Noted Item Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  32. 32. Document Configuration Chapter SummaryKey Terms: – Document Number Range – Account Type – Field Status – Field Status Group – Link Rules – Screen Variant – Default Values – Inter-company Document Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  33. 33. Document Configuration Chapter Summary Key Terms: – Validation – Substitution – Rule – User Exit – Callup Point – Trace Function – Enjoy Posting – Complex/General Posting Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  34. 34. Chapter 11. Document Entry •The previous chapter defined the configuration needed for the entry of business transactions into the system. This chapter discusses the application side of the system where users actually enter the documents in the system. •Chapter Objectives – Provide a detailed understanding of two ways how a document is entered in the system. – Enter/Post several types of documents Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  35. 35. The FI Document Document Header Document Date Document Type Company Code Posting Date Currency/Rate Document Number Line Item 1 Posting Key Account Amount Line Item 2 Posting Key Account Amount Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  36. 36. Document Entry - Complex (General) PostingDocument Header Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  37. 37. Document Entry - Complex (General) Posting FirstLine Item Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  38. 38. Document Entry - Complex (General) PostingSecond Line Item * Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  39. 39. Document Entry - Complex (General) PostingSimulate / Post Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  40. 40. Document Entry - Enjoy Posting Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  41. 41. Document Entry - Enjoy PostingSimulate / Post Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  42. 42. Document Entry: System Checks If Cost Center 2000, then post to Profit Center 2500 Data Entry Substitution Derivation Coding Block Validation Check Master Data Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  43. 43. Document Posting - Chapter SummaryKey Terms: – Posting – Simulate – System Checks Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  44. 44. Chapter 12Reference Documents● During the normal course of business, repetitive periodic accounting transactions must be processed. Many of which contain a large number of line items. To minimize input errors and data entry time, the system offers several solutions to repetitive document posting.● Chapter Objectives – Provide an understanding of Reference Documents. – Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Reference Document. – Create each type of Reference Document Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  45. 45. Solutions to Repetitive Postings COMPLEX POSTING Recurring Documents Sample Documents Account Assignment Model ENJOY POSTING Account Assignment template Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  46. 46. Recurring Document(Recurring Entry) Posting Key Account Cannot Change Amount Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  47. 47. Recurring Document(Recurring Entry) Procedure Steps 1) Enter data 2) Run Recurring Posting Program 3) Execute batch input session (Accounting Document created) Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  48. 48. Recurring Document (Recurring Entry)Features Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  49. 49. Sample Documents Characteristics of a sample document: • Only the amounts can be changed • Line Items can not be added to the Sample Doc itself • Only one can be used in an actual posting document • Does not have to be a balanced entry • Uses a special Document Type (X2) Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  50. 50. Account Assignment Model Characteristics: • Flexible • All fields can be changed • Line items can be added • More than one at a time can be used • Does not have to be complete • Named by the user Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  51. 51. Flexibility of AccountAssignment Model Account Assignment Model (template) Header Account PK Amount Line item 1 xxxxxxxxxx 50 1500 Line item 2 xxxxxxxxxx 40 1500 Copy Accounting Document Header Can Account PK Amount Be Line item 1 xxxxxxxxxx 50 3000 Edited Line item 2 xxxxxxxxxx 40 3000 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  52. 52. Account Assignment ModelDocument Entry Menu Push Posting Path Or Button Or Key “00” Account Assignment Model Identification Currency Company Code Account PK Amount Line item 1 xxxxxxxxxx 50 1500 Line item 2 xxxxxxxxxx 40 1500 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  53. 53. Multiple Models withinOne Document Document Account Assignment Account Assignment Model 1 Models Account Assignment Model 2 Account Assignment Model 2 Account Assignment Model 3 Account Assignment Model 4 Manual Entry Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  54. 54. Account Assignment Template for Enjoy Posting Characteristics: • Flexible • Does not allow user-defined screen templates • All fields can be changed • Line items can be added • More than one at a time can be used • Does not have to be complete • Named by the user Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  55. 55. Other Solutions to Repetitive Postings 1. Post With Reference • A similar document has been posted previously • The Document Number is known 2. Hold / Set Data• Hold Data: Data from the previous transaction is defaulted and is editable• Set Data: Data from the previous transaction is defaulted and is not editable Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  56. 56. Reference Documents - Chapter SummaryKey Terms: – Reference Documents – Recurring Document (Recurring Entry) – Sample Document – Account Assignment Model – Account Assignment Template – Hold / Set Data Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  57. 57. Chapter 13Preliminary Postings • Previous chapters have discussed the immediate posting of documents. However, business issues such as authorization and incomplete data often require a document to be stored by the system so it may be posted when all the required information is available. • Chapter Objectives – Provide an understanding of Parked and Held Documents and their uses. – Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Parked and Held Documents. – Provide an understanding of Workflow technology – Utilize Park and Hold functionality Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  58. 58. Preliminary Postings Document Issue Park / Hold Identified Issue Resolved Post Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  59. 59. Features of Parked Documents Parking Documents Cross Links to Company Checks Reports Trans. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  60. 60. How to Park a Document Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  61. 61. Posting a Parked Document Complete Parked Parked Document Parked Document Documents 1234 1234 Database Documents Accounting Posting Document Post Database 1234The Parked Document Number is transferred to the posted document.The Parked Document is deleted from the Parked Documents Database andan Accounting Document is created in the Documents Posting Database. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  62. 62. Approval for Parked Documents Clerk Supervisor Contact Approval • Manually • Through Workflow Post Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  63. 63. Parked Documents and Workflow Park Parked Document Document Approved Amounts Posted Post Approval for Document Release Not Approved Originator’s Mailbox Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  64. 64. Holding Incomplete Documents Incomplete Hold Document Park Hold Internally assigned User-assigned Document Number Document Number Can be viewed in Cannot be viewed in Account Display Account Display Can be viewed/changed Cannot be viewed/changed by any user by other users Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  65. 65. Preliminary Documents Chapter SummaryKey Terms: – Preliminary Postings – Parked Document – Held Document – Workflow Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  66. 66. Chapter 14Document/Account Maintenance • Errors discovered after a document has been posted can be corrected by changing the document or by reversing it and posting a corrected document. Additionally, accounts become difficult to manage over time as large numbers of documents are posted. The process of clearing optimizes account management. • Chapter Objectives – Provide an understanding of document maintenance. – Provide an understanding of account clearing and how it is used. – Reverse incorrect documents – Clear G/L, Customer, and Vendor Accounts Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  67. 67. Changing a Document Document Changed Document Change Database Document Document Change Rules Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  68. 68. Reversing a Document Document A PK Account Amount 40 123 150 USD 50 456 150 USD (Reversed by Document B) Reverse Document B PK Account Amount 40 456 150 USD 50 123 150 USD (Reference to Document A) Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  69. 69. Reversing a Document -True Reversal Traditional Reversal: True Reversal: Transaction figures before reversal Transaction figures before reversal Account 1 Account 2 Account 1 Account 2 debit credit debit credit debit credit debit credit 100 0 0 100 100 0 0 100 Transaction figures after reversal Transaction figures after reversal Account 1 Account 2 Account 1 Account 2 debit credit debit credit debit credit debit credit 0 100 100 0 0 0 0 0 Reversal Reversal Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  70. 70. Negative Postings Additional UseNEGATIVE POSTINGS ARE ALSO USED: • for non-reversal postings (negative posting indicator set for each line item individually) • in SD and MM (no control over the negative posting indicator by a user, defaulted automatically) Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  71. 71. Clearing Line Items Customer ABC (1) 2,000.00 5,000.00 (3) (2) 3,000.00 Can Be Cleared Total of Debits (1) and (2) = Total of Credits (3) Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  72. 72. Clearing an Account 1 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  73. 73. Control of Clearing Standard criteria for breakdown (like company code, business area) Open Create Payment Items Clearing Items Document Customized criteria Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  74. 74. Clearing Customers WhoAre Also Vendors Customer Vendor Bank/Cash 9,700 10,000 10,000 2A 20,000 9,700 1 2A 10,300 1 2B 2B Cash disc. granted Cash disc. taken 300 600 2A 2B Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  75. 75. Tolerances for G/L Account Clearing Company code Tolerance group Debit cl.dif. Crd cl.dif Debit % Credit %G/L FI&& GLTG 1 1 .5 .5TOLERANCEGROUP OR FI&& 999 999 99 99G/L ACCOUNT G/L account - company code segment (FI&&)MASTER Tolerance group: GLTGRECORD OR Tolerance group: Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  76. 76. Tolerances for G/L Account Clearing - (Continued)The tolerances per user and per account control whether thesystem: – Posts the differences automatically or – Issues an appropriate error message if the difference is too large. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  77. 77. Chapter 14 - Document Maintenance ChapterSummaryKey Terms: – Document Change Rules – Document Reversal – Clearing Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  78. 78. Chapter 15Display Accounts & Documents • The system offers easy access to information on a real-time basis. Financial information can be reviewed by displaying the account balances and their line items as well as the documents that have been posted. • Chapter Objectives – Provide an understanding of the system’s ability to display financial information. – Display the Balances and Line Items in G/L, Customer and Vendor Accounts. – Display documents. – Understand Sort Key configuration and what it is used for. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  79. 79. Displaying Account Balances Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  80. 80. Displaying Line Items This is the screen on the application side that users see when they want to view Line Items in an Account. Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  81. 81. Line Item Display • Line item display utilizes a dynamic selection if the intial selection screen does not provide enough options.Page 81 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  82. 82. Line Item Display Document & Master Display Variant Record Maintenance Assignment controls Field Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  83. 83. Line Item Display:Configuring the Assignment Field and Sort Key Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  84. 84. Display Variant (Line Layout) for Line ItemDisplayDISPLAY VARIANT HIDDEN FIELDSLine 1 Line 2 Line 3 Col.content LengthCol.content Pos. Length Asset 12Assignment 1 18 Posting Key 2 Tax Code 2Doc. Number 2 10 Clearing document 10Amount 3 20 Order 12Currency 4 5 Posting Date 10Doc. Type 5 2 Line Item 2Text 6 12 Account 10. Profit Center 10. etc…….. . Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  85. 85. Document DisplayPage 85 Think Tree Technologies , Inc
  86. 86. Display Accounts & Documents ChapterSummaryKey Terms: – Sort Key – Assignment Field – Selection Criteria – Display Variant (Line Layout) Think Tree Technologies , Inc