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Science and Man                                                                                                           ...
Understanding Physical RealityOne of the greatest limitations of today’s paradigm of science is that it limits itself to t...
Our current theoretical models, in fact, are extremely limited in their ability to explain observed reality. We stillcanno...
Scale models of airplanes dating to the pre-Columbian period, architectural anomalies which still to-date do notallow for ...
absolute fact, and forced to repeat it as such, lest I fall back in grade points, that alchemy was the precursor ofchemist...
Music was understood by the ancient Greeks as capable of purifyingthe mind; the ancient Chinese understood it as capturing...
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Man and science


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Thoughts on Mankind and Science

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Man and science

  1. 1. Science and Man D RajeevThroughout ancient times, man held he is divine in origin; the purposeof his existence being one of continually perfecting himself, one of “…everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuitfundamentally transcending this plane of existence. of science becomes convinced that a spirit isPresent-day science, on the other hand, paints a different picture of manifest in the laws of the Universe — spirit vastlyreality for us. From childhood, we are told that we are but an evolved superior to that of man, and one in the face ofanimal, that all our thoughts and perception of what we are, are but which we with our modest powers must feelcreations of the brain, that our purpose is but the moment’s survival. humble. In this way the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is indeedAll in the Brain? quite different from the religiosity of someone moreModern science holds that human thoughts, personality, likes, dislikes, naive." –Einsteinall originate in the brain, that the brain is the seat of our consciousness,our perception of the world, and of who we ourselves are.But then, many observations contradict the theory.A surgical procedure called hemispherectomy, employed in the treatment of epilepsy, involves removal of half thebrain, a hemisphere of it. If the brain were the seat of our personality, the very sense of who we are, our memories,consciousness, etc. – one would expect all these to be severely damaged or altered with the surgery. But,according to the Scientific American, “Unbelievably, the surgery has no apparent effect on personality or memory.”This holds irrespective of which hemisphere is removed such: memory, personality, likes, dislikes, all remain intact.The same is observed in those who have survived gun-shot wounds to the brain. Motor functions, as the ability todo physical actions, or express things accurately through language, etc., are hampered, though.Modern science has no way of explaining this clearly. thIn the 9 Chapter of Zhuan Falun, the role of the human brain is explained such:“So what functions does the human brain have? As I see it, in the form of this physical dimension, the human brain is only aprocessing factory. The actual message is sent forth by the Primordial Spirit. What is transmitted, however, is not language, but amessage of the universe that represents a certain meaning. Upon receiving such a command, our brains will process this into ourpresent language or other such forms of expression; we express it through hand gesturing, eye contact, and complete movement.The brain has only this effect. The actual commands and thoughts come from one’s Primordial Spirit. People usually believe thatthey are direct and independent functions of the brain. In fact, the Primordial Spirit is sometimes in the heart, so some people canindeed feel their hearts thinking” – Zhuan FalunThe above excerpt not just explains why memory and personality would stay intact in such a scenario, but also whymotor functions are likely to be hampered.
  2. 2. Understanding Physical RealityOne of the greatest limitations of today’s paradigm of science is that it limits itself to the study of phenomenon ina single material dimension.Throughout history, irrespective of the tradition, it was held that there exists a hierarchy of physical dimensions inthe Cosmos. Phenomenon in this dimensional layer evolves as a layer, and has causatives in, phenomenon ofhigher dimensions, according to traditional sciences.Modern science, as it has not yet come to understand the presence of such dimensions, or even dimensionalspaces in the same realm, has such thought still way out of its framework.There is a fundamental reason why modern science has difficulty knowing that higher dimensions exist. Matter ofa realm, differs, in its nature, from matter in other realms. The very physical nature being different, matter indifferent realms, do not interact as material particles within the same realm does. Our surface human eyes, and allour scientific instruments, are made of matter in this dimension; and, thus, they do not directly interact withhigher dimensional matter, and, for that reason, cannot perceive or directly detect the presence of higher planes,or higher-dimensional matter.The human, however, is himself a multi-dimensional being, with bodies in various material dimensions, the surfacebody being but a body in this material dimension. Thus, he carries, within himself, a latent ability to see andperceive things of higher realms. An innate potential of the human which allows him to transcend, to directlycomprehend the physical Cosmos, is spoken of in all traditions.Such thought, of a hierarchy of dimensions, is in fact present in traditions around the world - from theories ofSocrates and Plato to Chinese, Indian and Mayan traditions. In spiritual traditions, such as the Buddhist, suchplanes were referred to with terminology such as realms of Heavens.Understanding AxiomsBefore we let our world-view be limited by what we think of are “truths of science,” we need to thoroughlyunderstand what science itself is.Science, and all its theories, are but a framework built on what we perceive are axiomatic truths. Notions of ourmind, which seems to us are “self-evident truths.” Our very perception that 1+1 gives 2 is but a mere notion, of aparticular plane of thinking, arising from how our mind is materially constituted. Let’s measure the perceptionagainst objective physical reality: According to special relativity, when adding velocities, the notion 1+1=2 does nothold. In quantum mechanics, multiple physical wave functions overlap forming a single system – again, in objectivephysical reality, 1+1=2 seems to play no role.Science, however, builds itself on such a set of notions – a set of perceptions of a state of human thinking, of arealm of human thinking. Any theory built on such a set of axioms is limited, in the expanse of phenomenon it canmodel, to a framework created by the perceptions of that surface state of the human mind.Theories and ModelsTheories are but models we come up with to explain phenomenon. The word theory derives from the Greek wordtheoria, meaning to see, perceive, a view.
  3. 3. Our current theoretical models, in fact, are extremely limited in their ability to explain observed reality. We stillcannot explain why galaxies rotate as solid disks, at extreme contradiction with our theory of gravity; we know ofno force that could account for the observation that the rate of expansion of the Cosmos is increasing. Not justphysics, but from medicine to biology the mysteries science has not been able to penetrate are many.Homeopathy, for instance, cannot possibly work if we look at it from the perspective of Avagadro’s theory. Butfrom a boarder, more encompassing theory, as Quantum Mechanics, some scientists have suggested mechanismswhich could explain how homeopathic medicines work in apparent “super-molecular dilutions.”Science is to be understood as a tool for understanding reality, a set of models which we must constantly re-analyze and re-perfect – absolutely not a set of immutable facts to live by, and to measure all observedphenomenon by. It is not that phenomenon that cannot be explained by present day science need to shoved asideas “superstitious,” but that we must open mindedly observe nature, take a careful at our theories, and improveupon them to account for observed phenomenon.Anthropology and EvolutionFigure 1. Ancient Glyphs resembling a helicopter and Figure 2. Underwater structures near Yonaguni, Japanairplanes at Egypts oldest temple, at Abydos.Much as the theory that we are but an extension of a flesh brain interpreting reality,another cornerstone of present-day science is that we evolved from the ape just afew hundred thousand years back.Within the scientific community itself, the notions of anthropology spread inmainstream as truths are being increasingly challenged. Countless artifacts oftenreferred to as OOP-Arts, have been found which clearly are products of humanintelligence but would not fit into the present day theory of evolution oranthropology (hence called Out Of Place). This has lead many researchers to Figure 3. An ancient stonespeculate that there have been cycles of civilization in which man reached block – a single stone weighing around 2.4technological peaks and then suffered major catastrophes that threw civilization back million pounds. No modernto a primitive state. crane could move it.
  4. 4. Scale models of airplanes dating to the pre-Columbian period, architectural anomalies which still to-date do notallow for explanations as to how they could have been built, remnants of cities found underwater, anomalousartifacts discovered around the world, all should inspire a fresh look at our world.The interested reader will find a lot of material online and in the interesting NBC documentary “The MysteriousOrigins of Man.”Traditional thought, be it Indian, or Chinese, or Plato’s Atlantis, all held that human society evolves in cycles.Mankind and ScienceRecently, in The Epoch Times, I came across an article which reported that “For the first time, scientists haveisolated pure air particles of nearly pre-industrial conditions.” If we have been irreversibly polluting the very worldwe live in, in pursuit of quick “progress,” is this paradigm truly marching us on a path of progress?Another news article speaks of RFID tags being made mandatory in some Japanese Schools to ensure discipline; anAssociates Press article reports that similar tags as are used on farm animals are being made mandatory in anAmerican school. Plans for unique IDs for all citizens are underway in many countries, including India. The nextnatural step to such a process, in this path of development, is obviously bionics. Implants which will be used toindentify us, trace locations, ensure security, aid people with medical disorders, improve productivity at work, aiddecision making, and so on.The paradigm of understanding from within which we are seeking solutions – be it criminology or medicine oreducation – is marching us into a more and more mechanized social structure, where human moral dignity, mutualtrust, freedom, and abilities all make way to the machine’s decision. It is this very paradigm we live to pushforward each day, working as bolts in a larger machine that is marching humanity to a state where everythinghuman – from trust to values of the heart – become increasingly alien to us, as we lean more and more ontechnology.Traditional sciences hold that plants and different types of food have properties at different realms. Its qi, itsessence, all have an impact on the human body. Genetically modified food lacks in such aspects and we are comingto discover that they are harmful to health, in many ways. Meat of cloned animals and their descendents arealready in the supermarkets. It may not be far before a majority of food we eat are genetically modified or cloned.Such tinkering with nature seems safe to the scientist in his limited single-dimensional paradigm, which ignoresthat plants and animals have a nature(as qi for instance, that is referred to in traditional Chinese medicine) thattranscends material properties of this plane, a nature that is lost when we mess with it.There are alternate paths of progress, where a fundamental evolution of the human and his abilities is given focusto, and in some ancient cycles of civilization the paths of progress taken leaned more towards such a paradigm.Traditions and ScienceToday’s technology-oriented science has increasingly presented itself as an omnisciententity, as man’s savior – textbooks paint a picture of history where with science cameman’s freedom; an age where man knew nothing, and an era of emergence of thistechnological science that led to man being freed from his superstitious beliefs.What’s of concern is how far we deviate from objective reality when trumpeting theglory of modern science in such terms. I remember being taught in school, again for Figure 2. Alchemical painting "Le triomphe hermetique, 1689." carries symbolism of Yin (symbolized by the moon) and Yang(symbolized by the sun), the Kundalini of Tibetan Buddhism, etc.
  5. 5. absolute fact, and forced to repeat it as such, lest I fall back in grade points, that alchemy was the precursor ofchemistry. Alchemists, I was told, were essentially primitives who did not understand science, greedy folks whoattempted to transmute lead to gold – the predecessors of modern chemists.If we pull our head out of the chemistry text-book and take a look at what alchemy was, it quickly becomesobvious that it had nothing to do with chemistry but was a profound system of philosophy that aimed at perfectionof the man, achieving an objective understanding of the Cosmos, and often symbolism was used in their writings and references were made to the elements, transmutation, etc. The science had as much to do with chemistry as the ancient Chinese texts of spiritual alchemy had; or the concept of dan in Chinese traditions had to do with mercuric suifide. The science of Alchemy, like many traditions in the east, dealt with self perfection – transmutation of the lead (the grosser human self) to gold – a pursuit of spiritual perfection. Traditions spoke of dimensional realms of the Cosmos in which the physical plane of man and earth is, apparently, from a perspective, at a central position in the heavenly hierarchies. This idea, found in all traditions from Greek to Indian and Chinese, was later distorted to a simplistic belief that the stars and the planetsFigure 3. The alchemical painting rotate around the Earth.cosmographical glasse, 1559,represents the earth as at a central Galileo was persecuted by the thenrealm in the dimensional hierarchies ofthe Cosmos Church for pointing out their wrong “Man is born passionate of body, but with an innate perceptions and him labeled as though secret tendency to the love of Good in hisattacking the Bible. Today’s science has fallen into a similar main-spring of Mind. But God help us all! It is atparadigm with a set of beliefs as the theory of evolution being present a sad jar of atoms.” – Lord Byronadamantly held up, all those who question which are labeledignorant, of backward thought, attacked, and thrown out ofacademic circles.This blind faith in today’s science, rooted in a simplistic education, is not leading us to a state of freedom but to astate where man is without trust in man, is fundamentally destroying himself and the very planet he is living on,and working hard to chain himself down to state of absolute dependence on a set of machines. To quote Goethe,“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”Forms, Art, and Noble PursuitsA greater loss, perhaps, is that with the advent of this paradigm of science, and the notion, to quote Byron, thatman is but a “jar of atoms,” we have lost the very understanding that there is deeper Goodness in the human, anda higher potential latent in him. Most that go through such an education are quick to abandon the very idea thatthere could be a higher goal to human existence, or that man is fundamentally a moral being.In periods when traditional morality, values, and thought drove human conduct and pursuits, the art that sprungforth from such a state of society was one that had an impact of making the human fundamentally evolve. Itsimpact on the mind was objectively good and men’s thought and minds soared under the influence of such art.
  6. 6. Music was understood by the ancient Greeks as capable of purifyingthe mind; the ancient Chinese understood it as capturing the Cosmosin its evolution. What’s interesting is that the very musical scale wasdistorted with the advent of science – the whole number ratios of thenotes which the Pythagoreans and the Chinese understood as capableof capturing the Cosmos in its evolution, gave way to a scale based ondivision into equal intervals. That music could capture higher truths,or that deeper meaning resided in the whole number ratios of thenotes, were dismissed as superstitious.Ancient Chinese held that the best judge of a people was the kind ofmusic they enjoy, and if one note was out of place, it could be said Figure 4. Water crystals exposed to Beethovens 9ththat the society had degenerated in a particular aspect. Now all music symphony. Research by Dr. Masaru Emoto suggests wateris composed on a scale where every note is out of place. crystals evolve based on the nature of conscious energy it is exposed to. This, in turn, would imply that art has an objective impact on all matter, including man and hisLyrics that were set to music in the time of Beethoven and Schiller surroundings.captured divine thoughts, the innate goodness of man, of brotherhood, thoughts which inspired man to a state ofperfection, and the music played a similar role. In a society where the man is “freed” by science of his inner natureand traditional thoughts, the music is dissonant, the words set to music, and thus influencing society at large, areoften the worst thoughts the human is capable of.Architecture, it was understood by the ancients, played a profound role in human wellbeing. The Greeks comparedarchitectural forms of their buildings with the modes of their music. Even today some speak of experiencing, atsites as the Parthenon, a sense of peace, which continues to linger for days.Architecture as today, of the sky scrapers and the office buildings drive man into a mechanical, machine-like modeof thinking, numbing down his faculties and his nature. All traditional architectural forms – be it the loftyEuropean palace, or the humble traditional cottage, has, on the other hand, a calming and elevating effect on thehuman mind.It seems men had achieved higher realms of thought, culture, had achieved a higher, more objectiveunderstanding of the Cosmos, and had social structures which allowed a greater freedom to pursue self-perfection,and live with a higher sense of human dignity than we currently hold in our technology-molded culture.