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Honda report


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Honda report

  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have gained a lot of knowledge during industrial visit at Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. Iwould like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me the possibility to complete thisproject. I want to thank IILM-GSM for giving me the great opportunity to commence thisindustrial visit . I am grateful to Mr. Sadiq Rahman & Mr. Sadi Ali (Working as a counselor in HondaSiel Cars India Ltd., Greater Noida). Under guidance , I have completed this Industrial Visit . Ihave no words to acknowledge the valuable time & support that I have received for them.
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILEHonda Siel Cars India Ltd., (HSCI) was incorporated in December 1995 as a joint venturebetween Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan and Siel Limited, a Siddharth Shriram Group company,with a commitment to providing Honda’s latest passenger car models and technologies, to theIndian customers. The total investment made by the company in India till date is Rs 1620 croresin Greater Noida plant and Rs 784 crores in Tapukara plant.HSCI’s first state-of-the-art manufacturing unit was set up at Greater Noida, U.P in 1997. Thegreen-field project is spread across 150 acres of land (over 6,00,000 sq. m.). The annual capacityof this facility is 100,000 units. The company’s second manufacturing facility is in Tapukara,Rajasthan. This facility is spread over 600 acres and will have an initial production capacity of60,000 units per annum, with an investment of about Rs 1,000 crore. The first phase of thisfacility was inaugurated in September 2008.Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. launched its much-awaited small car, the Honda Brio (pronounced asBr-ee-o and means “energetic” and “cheerful” in Italian), in the Indian market. The car, offeredas the perfect package for a new era, embodies the best of Honda’s technologies to deliver funand agile driving, fuel-efficiency, spaciousness & safety. The company’s product range includes Honda Brio, Honda Jazz, Honda City, Honda Civic and Honda Accord which are produced at the Greater Noida facility with an indigenization level of 80%, 77%, 76%, 74% and 28% respectively. The CR-V is imported from Japan as Completely Built Units. Honda’s models are strongly associated with advanced design and technology, apart from its established qualities of durability, reliabilityand fuel-efficiency.Environment and SafetyThe Honda Group is globally recognized for its concern towards environment, safety andconservation of the society in which it operates. HSCI follows the same in India for achievinghigh standards in environmental safety in the various processes of car manufacturing.Honda AssureReinforcing its position as a customer centric company, and to enhance ownership experience forHonda car customers, Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) launched the Honda Assure, Honda’sInsurance initiative.Under the Honda Assure program all Honda customers get the benefit of a more transparent,hassle-free transaction and a quick turnaround time on their insurance claims. The entire
  4. 4. transaction is routed through an on-line central server which enables HSCI to monitor the overalloperations more effectively. Some of the direct benefits to the customers include CashlessInsurance across India, instant policy issuance, and improved turnaround time.Auto TerraceHondas Exchange and Pre-Owned car division Auto Terrace has been in existence ever since theinterception of HSCI in India. Present in all major Honda dealers across the country, AutoTerrace presents itself as the one-stop solution for catering to the needs of customers wanting toexchange their existing cars for a New Honda car.Exclusive Honda Care ProgramHonda Care Program is designed to bring an extra measure of security & comfort to being aHonda Owner. It includes additional warranty* of 2 years or 40,000 kms after the new vehiclewarranty expires and 24 hrs Roadside Assistance support* for 4 years from the standard warrantystart date.Sales NetworkHonda Siel Cars India has a strong sales and distribution network spread across the country. Thenetwork includes 135 authorised dealership facilities in 83 cities. HSCI dealerships are based onthe “3S Facility” (Sales, Service, Spares) format, offering complete range of services to itscustomers.OFFICESWith strength of over 800 dealers and 15 Area Offices spread across the country, HSPP has beenbringing joy and satisfaction to more than 1.5 million users and this makes HSPP the undisputedleader in the field of portable generators. It is a part of one of the world¡¯s largest powerproducts company manufacturing a complete range of ¡°4-stroke range of Portable generators,Water Pumps, Engines & Lawnmowers¡±, to suit your requirements. This gives you the choiceto demand more from the world leader "Honda".TECHNOLOGYHSPP benefits from the rich experience of Honda Motors, Japan, the second largest enginemanufacturer in the world, because of their strong emphasis on R&D and in-house technicalinnovation. India¡¯s first LPG based Generator¡± along with the Super Silent Key StartGenerator portable kerosene generators are some of the products which exemplify Honda¡¯spursuit of technological excellence. The product range of Generators conforms to the moststringent phase II Noise & Emission norms as laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB), Government of India.CERTIFICATIONIt was in recognition of this that HSPP became the first power products manufacturing company
  5. 5. in India to have been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certifications for its Quality AssuranceSystems & ISO 14001 for its Environment Management Systems.While maintaining its leadership position in the domestic generator market, HSPP, is makingactive efforts in developing new applications for its General-Purpose Engines (GPE). Thebusiness of GPE and Water Pumpsets is expected to contribute significantly to the company¡¯sfuture growth plans. Besides, it also offers the customers in India a wide range of end-useappliances such as Electric and Engine Lawnmowers..Continuing to Increase Society¡¯s Trust in and Understanding towards HondaIn addition to continuing to provide products incorporating Honda¡¯s advanced safety and environmentaltechnologies, Honda will continue striving to earn even more trust and understanding from society by,among other things, undertaking activities for corporate governance, compliance, and risk managementand contributing to society.Through these Company-wide activities, we will strive to materialize Honda¡¯s visions of ¡°valuecreation,¡± ¡°globalization,¡± and ¡°commitment to the future,¡± with the aim of sharing the joy withHonda¡¯s customers, thus coming a company that society wants to exist.HONDA GREATER NOIDA PLANT
  6. 6. MODELSHSCI produces the following vehicles in India for local and export markets: Honda City (Launched 1998) Honda Accord (Launched 2001) Honda Civic (Launched 2006) Honda Jazz (Launched 2009) Honda Brio (Launched 2011)It also imports the Honda CR-V for sale in the local marketVISIONBasic PrinciplesRespect for the individual. The Three Joys (buying, selling and creating)Company Principle (Mission Statement)Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality,yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.Management Policies Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness. Respect sound theory, develop fresh ideas, and make the most effective use of time. Enjoy work and encourage open communication. Strive constantly for a harmonious flow of work. Be ever mindful of the value of research and endeavor.Dreams inspire us to create innovative products that enhance mobility and benefit society. Tomeet the particular needs of customers in different regions around the world, we base our salesnetworks, research and development centers and manufacturing facilities in each region.Furthermore, as a socially responsible corporate citizen, we strive to address importantenvironmental and safety issues.
  7. 7. CHALLENGES BEING FACED BY HONDA PLANT IN INDIAThe Thailand floods in November last year, disrupted Honda’s supply chain to some of its keymanufacturing facilities including its Greater Noida plant in Delhi, as result of which productionvolumes of its passenger vehicles, including the refreshing new Brio hatch have experienced amajor setback. However with the situation having now improved, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.(HSCI) has now announced that it will resume normal production at its Greater Noida plant withtwo shift operations.Delighted at the recommencement of its normal production cycle at the Noida facility, HondaSiel Cars India Senior Vice-President (Marketing & Sales) Jnaneswar Sen said, “We will haveproduction of 370 cars per day from the 15th of February and from the following week it will beramped up to 440 units per day. Honda has been carefully monitoring the part supply process andhas have taken all the necessary recovery actions to normalize production situation with criticalcomponents now being sourced from Japan & China.”With its production processes now sorted HSCI’s immediate priority will be to clear most of itscurrent Brio bookings by March 2012 and have these cars delivered to waiting customers. HSCIwill also be launching a comprehensive communication campaign to communicate the Brioavailability and increase activities at dealerships. Where model wise production schedules are concerned HSCI has already rolled out more than1,500 units of the new Honda City in January 2012. Furthermore, the production of its Brio hatchwill resume from mid February 2012, while the production of the Honda Jazz will start towardsthe end of February 2012.We are confident to achieve peak production output in March 2012. We are thankful to ourvalued customers for their patience and understanding during these challenging times. Honda hasbeen carefully monitoring the part supply process and have taken all the necessary recoveryactions to normalize production situation with critical components now being sourced fromJapan & China” , Honda Siel Cars India Senior Vice-President (Marketing & Sales) JnaneswarSen said. “Our top priority at the moment is to reduce the backlog and closely work with ourdealers to ensure prompt deliveries.Bibliography :