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Online school website


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This is our college final year project ppt

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Online school website

  1. 1. Online school website Submitted by- Akansha Khandelwal Diksha Suman
  2. 2. Index Abstract Introduction Software/ Hardware Pages Details Input/output Scope Of Project Conclusion
  3. 3. Abstract This project is basically on the school management system . In this project I want to show how a school information can be managed with less effort and more output and can be made available to everyone who needs to access. This project or website is made using html with php. In this project we have taken various pages and each page correspond to a specific type of info. The main advantage of this project is to useful for people who do not reside in the same site in which the school is located and ca access from any place they want.
  4. 4. Introduction As technology is growing faster and faster it is required that each and every information about ant educational activity should be made available on the internet ,so with this purpose a school website is being build so that every information ,updating could be made available to the students, faculties and parents online. Online school website is a website to be accessed by the people globally. The site is very easy to use and fulfils all the requirement of the user. There are many features which helps students and parents to keep records of available information
  5. 5. Software/Hardware Hardware requirement are:  Processor Pentium IV  40 GB hard disk drive  2GB RAM. Software requirements are:  Windows XP or 2000 operating system  Front End- HTML,CSS,JAVA script ,PHP  Back- My SQL
  6. 6. Pages Details The website consists of 27 pages in which some are external and some are internally shown. Some of the pages are as follows- Home page About us Vision and mission Admission policy Admission procedure Facilities
  7. 7. Home
  8. 8. About Us
  9. 9. Vision &Mission
  10. 10. Admission Policy
  11. 11. Admission Procedure
  12. 12. Facilities
  13. 13. School Curriculum
  14. 14. Photo Gallery
  15. 15. Contact
  16. 16. Scope Of Project This site makes available to the user very information whenever and wherever needed. This site can be further updated into new versions as being in the technology. It can be used in many other areas also like it can be further changed according to and can be converted into a college website . Features like online fees payment gateway can be updated .
  17. 17. Conclusion The Existing System: The current system in the schools is to provide every information verbally rather manually. Any kind of information needed by the students or to be informed to the student has to be given manually by going to him/her personally. For eg- the time table for exams has to be personally given to each student in the hard copy. If any kind of fee related problem is there student has to go that particular person for info .the parents even need to visits the school if any kind of issue comes out of their ward and even from the busy schedule they have to visit the school.
  18. 18. The Proposed System Our Proposed system has made the whole process computerized which is more easy and efficient to operate. The system enhances the accessibility of the school management in terms of quality, range and services. The computerized system make user to explore the school related information and easy to store data and retrieve data. The computerized school management system is more perfect, accurate and accessible than manual school management system .