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Flop Product- Dove Body Wash


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Flop Product- Dove Body Wash

  1. 1. BRAND AND PRODUCTAccording to the American Marketing Association, a Brand is a name, term, symbol or design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller group or group of sellers and of differentiate them from those of competition. Product is something we offer to satisfy a need or want. A Brand has dimensions that differentiates a product in some way from other products, designed to satisfy the same need.
  2. 2. EVOLUTION OF THE BRANDOwned by Unilever Started its life in 1957 in U.S. with beauty soap No.1 Dermatologist recommended brand in U. S., Canada and France Manufactured in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ger many, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, Netherland, Pakistan, Philippines, Thail and, Turkey and U. S. Products sold in more than 35 countries Brand’s heritage is based on moisturisation proof and not promises World’s most beloved brands Challenged the definition of beauty Offers a range of products- Body wash, shampoos, facial cleansers, hand and body lotions, deo’s, conditioners
  3. 3. DOVE BODY WASH Launched in July 2004 in metros and selected cities Brand Derby’s report- a clear ‘Can Do Better’ 43%- not successful 5%- very successful Saving grace- no one named it as their choice for least successful brand launch of the year Imported Ultra Moisturizing body wash, a premium brand extension, available in one variant and a standard 250ml pack’s performance wasn’t reflective of its parent
  4. 4. THE PLUMMET IRS 2005 R2, MRUC and Hansa Research- Soap is the personal hygiene product for 91% of Indians Body wash are suited for houses that have running water and showers Dove Body wash is more expensive (Rs. 120, 125ml) Its competitors (Lux Rs. 70) (Palmolive Rs. 90) Lux built up a mass appeal with offers Indians as a rule place more importance on skincare for face rather than body Had no print or TV campaigns Derby respondents- 21% ticked ‘don’t know’ against Dove body wash
  6. 6. IRS 2010, MRUC and Hansa Research- Indian consumers have evolved and are ready to experience superior bathing formats such as liquids Customization of Marketing Mix 4 P’s of Marketing -Product -Price -Place -Promotion
  7. 7. PRODUCT Benefit of body wash + gentle exfoliation scrub Gives your skin a lively glow Exfoliating beads will effectively get rid of the dead skin cells Gives your skin a polished and even texture Contains 1/4th moisturizing milk that nourishes, hydrates and makes skin soft and smooth + cucumber + green tea leaves Cucumber is a cooling agent and green tea promotes good health and makes you look young The combination makes your bathing experience rejuvenating and relaxing Saves you from dry skin, body odor and other summer calamities The lather is super creamy Smells divine Lasts long Don’t have to use body lotion after bath Travel friendly Sturdy cap
  8. 8. To be launched in Summer season Green is eye catching color, also the main ingredients are green in color No change in shape of the product
  9. 9. PRICE Price is same (250ml- Rs.120) No ‘Penetration Pricing Method’
  10. 10. PLACE Demographic Segmentation -Male and Females Income -Middle class, Upper middle class and high income group Target Audience -Youth onwards Dove’s Psychographic Segmentation - Dove focuses on real beauty so it tries to change the psychology of an average looking person that they can look equally beautiful Metropolitan cities
  11. 11. PROMOTION If the bird’s looking a bit frazzled, its with Good reason
  12. 12. If you are looking for a budget that does what it claims, then Dove is for you
  13. 13. Don’t use occasionally..In skin care, Everyday is Everything
  14. 14. Dove is not only about Women feeling more beautiful, but about more HuMan feeling beautiful
  15. 15. Loofah free TV commercials (prime time on English channels and national channels) Magazines (Stardust, Filmfare, People, etc ) Newspapers (Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA, Mid- day, Mumbai Mirror,etc) Bill boards (Especially on western line and south Bombay) Product bundling pricing Discounts Gift packs Free samples/ sachets in malls Interaction with public through website
  16. 16. FUTURE Crème Gentle Exfoliating
  17. 17. Is it Love? No, its