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General Presenation about Dii (ENGLISH)


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Desertec stands for the overall vision of supplying a large part of the world with sustainable power, by tapping the energy potential of the desert. Dii (launched as "Desertec Industrial Initiative") is a private industry consortium working towards enabling this vision in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EUMENA).

Our initiative was founded under German law as a GmbH (limited liability company) in Munich on the 30th October 2009 by 13 signatories from North Africa and Europe. Dii expanded as further companies worldwide joined as shareholders or associated partners. Currently we consist of more than 55 companies and institutions, including the non-profit DESERTEC Foundation, and the Frauenhofer and Max-Planck research institutes.

Today, more than 30 people work at the Dii head office in Munich, Germany.

Dii also has branches in Rabat, Morocco and Tunis, Tunisia.

We seek and welcome all forms of collaboration with leading or complementary international political and institutional initiatives who, like us, are devoted to developing the markets for largescale sustainable energy production and transmission.

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General Presenation about Dii (ENGLISH)

  1. 1. International Cooperation for Europe –Desert powerFirst European Energy CongressPaul van SonDii GmbH – Renewable energy bridging continentsBrussels, May 15, 2013
  2. 2. © Dii GmbH May 2013 2Europe, North Africa and the Middle East willgrow towards one integrated market placeEUMENAsystem strategyDevelop RE ProjectsConstruct RE plantsOperate RE plantsCountry strategiesEUMENAsystem strategyReference ProjectsMA, TN, DZ, EG, …Market playersMarket playersMarket playersIntegration of desert power in theEUMENA market
  3. 3. © Dii GmbH May 2013 3Perspective 2050: an interconnected EU-MENApower system based on renewable energy
  4. 4. © Dii GmbH May 2013 4EUMENA integrated markets are driven bypotentially high cost benefitsEurope realizes cost savingsfrom desert powerMENA creates an export industrybased on desert powerAnnual cost savingsthrough connectionAnnual net powerexchangeSavings perimported MWh€33,500M1110TWh30€/MWhSource: Dii, Fraunhofer ISI Note: Net export from Europe to MENA amounts to 23TWhAnnual net powerexport to EuropeCost of productionplus transmissionAnnual exportindustry volume1087TWh43€/MWh+15€/MWh€47,000-63,000M=x= Access to stable and affordable RE potentials Meeting climate action goals Decoupling of domestic energy supplyfrom fossil fuels New industries, growth and job effects
  5. 5. © Dii GmbH May 2013 5Getting Started: detailed system analyses andactionable policy recommendationsPolicy & regulationrecommendations toenable RE marketsQuantification ofpossible RE future forEUMENA supports policy& regulation designWhat needs to be done in the next 10-20 years to get on track for an inte-grated EUMENA power system with 90% RE-share as developed in DP2050?
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  7. 7. © Dii GmbH May 2013 7The MENA energy transition is taking offIntensive talks to all other North Africanand Middle Eastern countries continuedMOROCCO: RE national strategyCountry strategy with MASENReference Project: 500 MWALGERIA: RE national strategyPlanned investment: USD 60 bn. until2030Country strategy with SonelgazReference Project: 1,000 MWTUNISIA: RE national strategyCountry strategy with STEG ERReference Project: 1,000 MWEGYPT: RE on the policy agendaMoU with NREA (Jan. 2013)JORDAN: RE strategyCurrent talks with Jordanian partners
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  10. 10. © Dii GmbH May 2013 10Save the date!
  11. 11. © Dii GmbH May 2013 11Thank you for your attention