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Dii Presentation for Student Groups

  1. 1. Energy from the deserts; an emergingrealityPaul van SonDii GmbH – Renewable energy bridging continentsMunich, May 6, 2013
  2. 2. © Dii GmbH May 2013 2Today generation mix in MENA and the EUheavily based on fossil fuels and nuclear energySource: Fraunhofer ISI, Dii
  3. 3. © Dii GmbH May 2013 3Electricity demand will more than double, butmore than enough energy available in EUMENAElectricityin TWh / a630,0006,0004,0002,0000TheoreticalPotential ofrenewables>630,000Demand2050Demand2010MENAEuropeSource: DLRGeothermalSolarHydroWindBiomassWave/Tidal
  4. 4. © Dii GmbH May 2013 4Objective 2050: More than 90 % renewableenergy in the EU-MENA electricity mixSource: Fraunhofer ISI, DiiMainlywindandsolar
  5. 5. © Dii GmbH May 2013 5Dii, an international industry network…Shareholders* Associated Partners*Inspired by Desertec, Dii creates in partnership with local authoritiesand industries a market place in EUMENAfor renewable energy from the deserts* as of December 2012
  6. 6. © Dii GmbH May 2013 6… mobilizing many stakeholdersin North Africa, the Middle East and EuropeScientific community IndustryPolicy CommunityCivil society (NGOs),e.g. DESERTEC FoundationDii conducts it’s studies and initiates reference projects in partnershipwith key stakeholders in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe
  7. 7. © Dii GmbH May 2013 7Dii is open to all field-proven technologiesLoad/supply matchWindPVThin-filmCSPOn-shore turbinesAC transmission(short & medium distances)Mono/Poly-CrystallineParabolic troughSolar power towerFresnelHybrid (CSP + Gas)ConcentratedHVDC transmission(long distances)Source: Dii; The Science Museum; phault (Flickr)Off-shore turbinesStorage(e.g. Pumped Hydro)Load management(e.g. desalination)
  8. 8. © Dii GmbH May 2013 8Dii: market enabler for desert power in theEUMENA regionEUMENAsystem strategyTarget picture: Desert Power 2050Implementation steps: Getting StartedDevelop RE ProjectsConstruct RE plantsOperate RE plantsCountry strategiesEUMENAsystem strategyReference ProjectsMA, TN, DZ, EG, …Market playersMarket playersMarket players
  9. 9. © Dii GmbH May 2013 9Connecting the two systems in Europe andin the MENA region will create benefits for allSource: Dii, ISI FraunhoferWhile super producers, balancers andimporters profit from the system integration ina different way, they ALL BENEFIT from beingpart of a large sustainable power system.Reliable+Sustainable+Job market effects+Mutual reliance+Cost effective+
  10. 10. © Dii GmbH May 2013 10Creating an EUMENA market makes senseAverage summer day in Europe and MENAThe demand and supply conditions in MENA and Europe are balanced over the course of a singleday. Such balance also exists during different seasons.
  11. 11. © Dii GmbH May 2013 11Spotlight on Egypt Local demand will bemultiplied by 6 by2050 High wind resourceswill help Egypt secureits energy supply In an interconnectedscenario, possibleexports to SaudiArabia and Libya
  12. 12. © Dii GmbH March 2012 12Desert Power 2050:a strategic framework in two partsThe first part of Desert Power2050 is a target picture showingwhat a sustainable power system inNorth Africa, the Middle East andEurope could look like in 2050 –specifically, with which technologicaland geographical mix1The second part of Desert Power 2050,“Getting started”, will give actionable recommendations on: The development of renewable energy in MENA Electricity highways connecting MENA & Europe Public support phase-out Socio-economic effects2
  13. 13. © Dii GmbH May 2013 13Ecomonic Impacts of Desert Power:Getting Started for the peopleMENA industrialcapability analysis: Complexity ofcomponentmanufacturing andcapability statustoday Hypotheses onfuture developmentin MENAMacro-economicimpacts: Macro-economicimpact assessmenton country level Influences ofdifferent climatepolicy and electricitytrade assumptionsPolicyrecommendations: Advice forgovernments onhow to capture thebenefits of desertpower for theircitizens Describe actionabletools for differentsectorsEconomic Impacts of Desert PowerEmploymenteffects: Employment effectsfor several countries Comparison of CSP,PV, Wind technologybuild-up acrossdifferent countriesSource: Dii
  14. 14. © Dii GmbH May 2013 14Desert power potential increasinglyrecognized in EuropeIntensive talks withEuropean governments ongoingGERMANY: Support for desert powerexpressed by governmentEnergy partnership with Tunisia,Morocco and proposal for an energypartnership with AlgeriaFRANCE: Strategic partnership withMorocco with an interest expressedfor renewable energySupport for Tunisia’s renewableenergy targets expressedITALY: RE strategy including importfrom EU and MENARE targets, outlook2050, infrastructure plan,Article 9 of the EU RenewablesDirective
  15. 15. © Dii GmbH May 2013 15The energy transition has already started onthe Southern shore of the MediterraneanRE targets until 2020 in GW (August 2012)MoroccoAlgeriaTunisiaEgyptLibyaJordanTurkeySyria4,22,51,07,32,81,816,22,72,516,2Wind:Zafarana 1-8: 545 MWUAE (Abu Dhabi/Dubai)Saudi ArabiaCSP:Shams 1: 100 MWPV and Wind:100 MWRWE
  16. 16. © Dii GmbH May 2013 16Dii: stimulating the MENA energy transitionIntensive talks to all other North Africanand Middle Eastern countries continuedMOROCCO: RE national strategyCountry strategy with MASENReference Project: 500 MWALGERIA: RE national strategyPlanned investment: USD 60 bn. until2030Country strategy with SonelgazReference Project: 1000 MWTUNISIA: RE national strategyCountry strategy with STEG ERReference Project: 1000 MWEGYPT: RE on the policy agendaMoU with NREA (Jan. 2013)JORDAN: RE strategyCurrent talks with Jordanian partners
  17. 17. © Dii GmbH May 2013 17Co-ordinated actions are the key!
  18. 18. © Dii GmbH May 2013 18Need for Dii’s work is increasingPolicyAdvocatesThink TankIndustryPlatformOpinionLeaderPriorities 2013-2014 MENA country strategies Market-orientated implementationrecommendations (RE, grids,capacity building, etc…) Initiate break through referenceprojects Expanding cooperation withgovernments, regulators, industryand NGOs.
  19. 19. © Dii GmbH May 2013 19The project: internships for Tunisianstudents at Dii partner companies for6-9 months, beginning in Feb. 2012Dii’s commitment to education in EUMENAPilot Project internship: “Know-how from the deserts”Desertec Best Paper AwardJournalist FellowshipThe project: award for outstandingacademic work in the field ofrenewable energy in the deserts ofthe MENA regionThe project: fellowship enabling fiveyoung journalists from MENA to visitthe 4th Dii Desert Energy Conferencein Rabat
  20. 20. © Dii GmbH May 2013 20 Videos, pictures, statements andnews related to renewable energyfrom the deserts and the activities ofDii on Facebook and TwitterStay connected!www.dii-eumena.com Social media channels Videos on Youtube Pictures on Flickr
  21. 21. © Dii GmbH May 2013 21Thank you for your attention