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Switchvox - The Best Value in Unified Communications


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A collection of success stories from SMBs that upgraded to UC—and are now benefitting from enterprise class features at a price they can afford.

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Switchvox - The Best Value in Unified Communications

  1. 1. Switchvox ®The Best Value in Unified Communications A collection of success stories from SMBs that upgraded to UC — and are now benefitting from enterprise class features at a price they can afford. Discover the power of UC for your business.
  2. 2. Eddy StreetsExecutive SuitesImplement a single, centralizedbusiness communications systemin a new office, built specifically forshared-tenant space.
  3. 3. Challenges: Solution: n Replace a hosted PBX solution that ESES implemented Switchvox SMB 305,“When it comes to a was initially used to support support with built-in UC for up to 150 users.cost-effective product Eddy Street Executive Suites (ESES) Digium launched their compatiblethat can handle the and up to 30 tenant clients of the Digium IP phones. ESES currently useskind of flexibility, shared executive office and a blended IP phone install that includes conference space. Digium’s new executive IP phones andfunctionality, and several Polycom phones. Going forward,versatility needed by n Identify a premises-based PBX solution ESES will use Digium’s phones because with broad-based capability and a lotESES, Switchvox has they integrate more tightly with Switchvox of functionality so the auto attendantincreasingly become than any other brand of phone in terms of could easily disseminate calls to the web log-in capabilities, visual voicemail,our ‘go-to’ business correct tenant company, and the right and assimilation with existing addresscommunications person within that company. book settings.solution over the past n Utilize existing VoIP infrastructure Shared tenant space requires uniquecouple of years.” and offer tenants video and teleconfer- telecom versatility and with Switchvox, encing capabilities, virtual office the opportunities are limitless,” says communications, and mobility by James Conlin, marketing director for using a robust and flexible Unified New Age Telecom, a Select Digium Communications system. partner. He says there is no “cookie cutter” solution that fits all businesses, so the flexibility of Switchvox was important for ESES and their broad range of business tenants.
  4. 4. Results: About the Company:End-user management, call Eddy Street Executive Suites (ESES)management features, and the ability to is a commercial property managementset rules for complex call routing, and company in South Bend, Indiana. Withcontrolled ring routing for multiple inward stylish new office construction, tenantdial numbers, are just a few of the flexibility and a built-in infrastructurebenefits of Switchvox. ESES uses a lot to support VoIP technology, ESES isof the features Switchvox offers but able to provide office space andeven with the company’s complex professional office services to as manyrequirements, they haven’t scratched the as 30 small business tenants. ESESsurface of Switchvox’s overall capability provides a service that is in responseand its broad range of functionality. to the new way companies and employees work. Today’s work styleSwitchvox has provided ESES with an requires a flexible, functional workingadded stream of revenue. A unique style in a convenient location. It mustfeature for ESES is their ability to offer a have easy accessibility to superiorpremium service fee for live-answer technology and extraordinary officereceptionist services, if their tenant space. ESES is able to provide tenantschooses it. Since there are significant with a collaborative, Co-working areacost savings built into VoIP, they are able and offices, offering on-demandto offer back-end administrative functions support staff, copiers, scanners,as a managed service to tenants, printers, and superior business phonecharging a very low monthly management systems with full UC features.fee to take care of any changes needed. Phone system being replaced: Hosted 3CX Other solutions considered: Shoretel
  5. 5. Summit CountyPublic HealthObjectives:Replace separate legacy phonesystems across multiple locations; andimplement a flexible and affordabletelecommunications solution thatcan handle a larger workforce andexpanded locations, while keeping upwith future expansion.
  6. 6. Challenges: Solution: Summit County and Akron were the two Summit County purchased two biggest facilities with Akron having the Switchvox SMB appliances to handle up most employees. Both were operating to 400 users. Included in the total cost: analog PBX switchboards answered by n Installation and set-up at all receptionists who transferred calls to ex- eleven locations tensions using direct inward dialing (DID). n Costs for having AT&T build a copper The much smaller Barberton office and fiber optic network didn’t have a PBX but operated a Point of n Setting up a small secondary data Presence (POP) local and long distance center at the Akron facility line exchange. The County Health Board was Akron and Summit Counties both offered presented with a cost comparison a widespread range of services, requiring between Cisco and Switchvox. It transfers to different departments. The showed an initial $200,000 savings confusion caused phone lines to persis- over Cisco, to get everything up and tently back up with callers left on hold. running. An additional $40,000 in SCPH required a savings would result from the business phone elimination of re-occurring costs and“We had no way of knowing when calls system that was connectivity. It was quickly apparent were dropped before, or how many times flexible enough to to the board that Switchvox would pay someone called or how long they were handle complicated for itself in 4 years, whereas the Cisco left on hold. We can track all of that now — call routing rules. product would have taken 11 years. thanks to Switchvox.”Cory KendrickInformation Systems Manager, SCPH
  7. 7. Results: About the Company: Customer service has improved Summit County Public Health“There is so much you “10 times over” for Summit County and More than 540,000 residents dependcan do with Switchvox they are experiencing a much higher rate on services and programs provided byand the UC platform of connected callers, verses dropped Ohio’s Summit County Public Healthin mobility… Some are and missed calls. They now have regular (SCPH). Following its merger with the reports, using the Switchvox reporting city of Akron’s Regional Air Qualityusing the Switchvox tools, that help with quality control, figur- Management District and the healthapp for the iPhone so ing out problems and showing areas for services division of the City of Barberton,they can get voice improvement based on call behavior. the conglomerate now provides amail and email through broader platform for environmental and Call routing is also improved. The auto community health education programs;their smartphone. attendant disperses incoming calls into clinical and medical advisory supportAnd, a few of us are call groups and queues assigned to services; and direct and coordinated certain departments, reducing orexperimenting school health services. Implementing a eliminating hold times. Now when awith tablets.” flexible and affordable telecommunication person calls looking for their birth solution quickly became a vital need forCory Kendrick certificate so they can get a passport, the newly integrated SCPH.Information Systems SCPH can transfer the call to VitalManager, SCPH Records across town, just as though it Other solutions considered: were down the hall, without their having Nortel to hang up and call another number.
  8. 8. Midwest-CBKObjective:Replacing an aging phone systemby setting up an evaluation team,made up of members from multipledepartments, to make the finaldecision. The decision would bebased on a carefully weighted-comparison of what the end-users(their employees) wanted to see inthe new system. Price and an easyimplementation would play importantroles in the final analysis, but neitherof those benefits mattered unlessthe new system had the functionalityneeded by users in the field.
  9. 9. Challenges: Solution: n Must be easy to use; able to access Midwest-CBK had an IP infrastructure Midwest-CBK voicemail from mobile devices and but spent about three months running chose the total tablets; and have call queues and new cabling and setting up a separate Digium Switchvox ring groups. connectivity network at the Elkin UC solution with facility. They purchased the Digium n Must be flexible and easy to implement, SMB355 Switchvox appliance designed Digium IP phones. since linking 15 sites would happen in for up to 400 users — an ideal fit for use Switchvox beat out progressive phases, and not all at once. in call center operations. “The timing four competitors, n Determine whether to enter into a was also great because Digium was just based on feature- maintenance contract with a vendor, or launching their new IP phone product maintain the system internally. line,” noted Todd Little of Midwest-CBK. rich functionality “We purchased five D70 phones for and flexibility, the our power users and eighty D40s for easy installation everyone else.” Digium IP phones are of Digium IP available in D70s, suitable for executives and administrators; D50s for mid-level phones, and a managers; and D40s, which are perfect competitive price. for call centers and most any employee in the company.“We looked at systems by Mitel, Shoretel, Microsoft, and a couple of others…Digium won.”Todd LittleMidwest-CBK
  10. 10. Result: About the Company: The built-in feature-set lets employees Midwest-CBK designs, manufactures, easily access all of their contacts, make and markets several lines of home calls, and access call queues, directly décor items, gifts, and home fragrances from the phone interface. “From a to specialty retailers worldwide. maintenance perspective, these phones Renowned for design, style, and trend save us time because they can be leadership, Midwest-CBK ’s long-term pre-configured from Switchvox,” says goal was to network together all 15 Little. Because the firmware is updated MVP Group administrative, call center, automatically, once the technician puts warehousing, and distribution sites a phone on an employee’s desk, they across the U.S., with the first centralized never have to touch it again. “We directory located at their Elkin, really like the Digium phones and will North Carolina location. It would allow be deploying more as we continue them to call extension-to-extension building the site-to-site dialing network anywhere within the company. With 15 that connects all 15 sites.” locations impacted by the new phone system, Midwest-CBK wanted input from multiple departments across the country.“We saw immediate savings by buying the new Digium phones because it was part of Phone system being replaced: a launch promotion to introduce them to the Centrix PBX market. Tech support was great helping us install them, although we really like how easy Other solutions considered: they are to use, requiring little-to-no training.” Mitel, Shoretel, MicrosoftTodd LittleProject Lead
  11. 11. Balboa ParkObjective:Keep visitors to San Diego’spopular tourist destination informedand save thousands in businesscommunications costs usingUnified Communications.
  12. 12. Challenges: Solution: n Balboa Park consists of well over 50 BPOC purchased a Switchvox SMB 355With a history venues, spread out across 1,200 acres capable of handling up to 400 users,of ingenuity and and most venues had their own providing plenty of expansion capabilityknown for its antiquated phone systems, with no from the approximately 55 users currentlyinnovative use centralized system for the Park. The on the system. The high performance Visitor’s Center had as many as 15 very and high redundancy solution includesof technology, expensive AT&T analog phone lines, features such as mobility, instantBalboa Park’s and no phone extensions. Two of the messaging, and conferencing. Inlatest IT-based Park’s venues were new to the campus addition, the Switchvox switchboardproject enables and had no phone system at all. with its computer interface has been a hit. Collaboration provides each memberthe Park’s many n Although Balboa Park Online with the advantage of a centralizedpublic venues Cooperative (BPOC) had VoIP directory so inbound calls are dispersed capabilities, it was of limited benefit toto reap the into call groups and call queues pertinent them. They used Free PBX, and it wasbenefits of Unified to each member organization and the a self-managed system and when the departments within that organization.Communication previous IT team had it installed, theyusing Digium’s did not sign on for any support. The appliance was unreliable and crashedSwitchvox UC all the time — and the situation gotsolution. worse and worse, dropping calls and crashing several times a week.”
  13. 13. Results: About the Company: BPOC built a fiber optic network Balboa Park throughout the park to provide the At one time called “City Park,” Balboa backbone for a new IP-based Switchvox Park was once a treeless scrubland of solution that would not only replace 1,400 acres overlooking San Diego. existing analog telecommunications with Today it is a popular tourist attraction and a sophisticated UC platform; but would the nation’s largest urban cultural park. also save individual park members, like Not only is it home to the renowned the Zoo and the various museums, San Diego Zoo, but Balboa Park offers thousands of dollars in recurring fees access to 17 world-class museums; and connectivity costs. esteemed performing arts centers; beautiful botanical gardens and canyons; Another huge benefit to park visitors is and dozens of family-friendly recreational the ability to now dial a single number activities, restaurants, and nature trails. and in one call to the Visitors Center they With a history of ingenuity and known for can get information on every venue in the its innovative use of technology, Balboa entire park. Park’s latest IT-based project enables the Park’s many public venues to reap the benefits of Unified Communications (UC)“When we showed the Park’s Board of using Digium’s Switchvox UC solution. Directors how we could save the Visitor’s Center alone $1,200 a month by eliminating their 15 analog lines, they were all in with providing us with the capital to build the network and buy the system.”Heather HartIT Project Manager
  14. 14. MacDonaldIsland ParkObjectives:Replace a failing Mitel phone systemthat lacked properly functioningfeatures including voicemail neverworking and unanswered callsbouncing back to the main IVR.
  15. 15. Challenges: Solution: n In need of a solution that is easy to MacDonald Island chose the Digium“This is the primary use, set up and manage on own, with Switchvox SMB355 system withreason Digium is a online or telephone support when approximately 150 IP phones. Total costfraction of the price, needed. was $46,500 but Digium helped find aand I love that I’m buyer for the old Mitel equipment, n Replace a failing Mitel system and bringing the new phone system costnot limited.” overcome the bad reputation from down to $35,000. Compared to Cisco’s having poor phone service.Jason Carlson $125,000 price tag, Switchvox is 30% ofIT Director, n Closest big box telephony vendors the cost of Cisco. Plus, the SwitchvoxMacDonald Island Park are located 300 miles away making it feature set is not only flexible and easy nearly impossible to receive prompt to use, but the UC functionality is all- response to service requests and inclusive (no costly add-on fees for fea- service issues. tures). Additionally, Mac Island saved over 50% in costs by purchasing Meraki PoE switches to replace Cisco’s brand, also providing additional network trouble- shooting information at their fingertips.
  16. 16. Results: About the Company: Switchvox provides an all-inclusive UC MacDonald Island Park Corp. solution that is both affordable and does Partially funded by the government not require the IT team to build a system municipality and primarily dependent from scratch. These were important for on profits from programs and Jason Carlson, IT director for MacDonald sponsorships. MacDonald Island Park Island Park, especially when comparing features a 440,000 square-foot it to other systems. Nortel, Cisco, and recreational facility and mega sports Toshiba, for example, have pricing that is complex. It houses winter sports license-based for each feature for every favorites like curling and ice-skating, year. Switchvox is also expandable, a variety of arts and cultural activities, which means that at 147 users currently, meeting venues, an aquatic center, MacDonald Island Park can easily add up a climbing wall, and outdoor field to 400 users as more facilities open. Once sports like squash, football, and the Digium IP phones are plugged in, they baseball. After expansion, it will find the software themselves — making include a football and baseball pre-configuration frictionless. stadium, non-profit shared space to accommodate 60 non-profits, a conferencing center, and anotherWith Digium, everything is included. With other systems field house.I’ve used in the past like Nortel, Cisco, and Toshiba, Phone system being replaced: their pricing is license-based for each feature for every Mitel year. If those numbers are one or two off, then you arehit with additional costs and as you add to the system, Other solutions considered:the price continues to go up. Cisco, AvayaJason CarlsonIT Director, MacDonald Island Park
  17. 17. Target MarketingObjectives:Replace a 20-year-old Inter-Telphone system that no longer hadservice or support while seekinggreater functionality in businesstelecommunications.
  18. 18. Challenges: Solution: n The current system was running Target Marketing purchased the“With Switchvox, steady but Target Marketing needed Switchvox SMB355 for up to 400 usersthere are no additional more features, especially in the Unified and installed it at their old location.licensing fees like Communications arena. And, they purchased two Digium D70there are with other executive phones and about 35 D50 n Needed converged phone capabilities mid-level desk sets. The additional setssystems where you with the option for soft phones for use are used all over the facility from theincur costs for every by the company’s 25 employees. break room to the conference room andlittle add-on.” n Preferred a system with a computer public areas. There is nowhere inside or user interface (UI), thorough reporting even outside the building where a callRyan Buffa resources, multiple IVRs and call cannot be answered, and there’s noTarget Marketing queues, and mobile phone apps. reason for them to ever go to voicemail due to the extra phones sets, the convergence capability, soft phones, and mobility. The extra phones and functionality add up to better customer service, with Target Marketing boasting 99% answerability.
  19. 19. Results: About the Company: One of the most widely used and highly Target Marketing Group regarded Switchvox features for Target Founded in 1986, Target Marketing Group Marketing is the ability to set up numerous is one of the largest distributors and IVRs and call queues. Target Marketing importers of promotional merchandise in can now maintain a separate IVR for every the United States, offering a wide variety individual client they represent — a critical ­ ­ of marketing support services; including requirement for their business. The power fulfillment, creative design, and extensive of Switchvox’s inbound call distribution decorating capabilities. capabilities is a perfect match for Phone system being replaced: Target Marketing. And, call convergence Inter-Tel lets upper level management disperse calls to a wireless phone located at any Other solutions considered: remote location, if need be, without Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Shoretel Target Marketing’s customer knowing any differently. This also helps the receptionist by distributing calls accordingly so she can answer only general inquiries.“(Digium’s) new phones have a
lot of theupfront programming already preconfiguredso all you have to do is plug in the phonesand the system recognizes them.”
  20. 20. Digium. We’re changing the way businesses communicate. ®Founded in 1999, Digium is the creator The award-winning line of Switchvox IP Want more informationand primary developer of Asterisk, the PBX phone systems provides more than on Switchvox?industry’s first open source telephony a phone system — it delivers a Unified Take a virtual tour ofplatform. More than one million customers Communications platform that integrates this powerful Unifiedin 125 countries have deployed Asterisk- multiple features that increase productivity Communications platform:based systems. Digium is committed to and lower monthly communication costs. the days of expensive, proprietary It’s the affordable solution with a proventelecom. The Switchvox family of Unified return on investment for businesses Contact us —Communications solutions is built on with 10 to 400 users. we’re here to help.Asterisk and is designed to provide Talk with a Switchvox specialist: Learn more at class features at affordable 1 877 344 4861prices for small and medium businesses. 1 256 428 6271 sales@digium.comCopyright © 2013 Digium, Inc. All rights reserved. Digium, Asterisk and Switchvox are trademarks of Digium, Inc.All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.