UC: The Secret Tool for Building and Maintaining Your Brand


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Having a well-known and reputable brand is vital to
a company’s overall success. Today, larger businesses
are shelling out millions of dollars to support brand
building, while SMBs struggle to find cost-effective
marketing solutions. Unified Communications (UC) is an
often overlooked affordable tool that helps SMBs to not
only build their brand, but to compete with the “big guys.”

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UC: The Secret Tool for Building and Maintaining Your Brand

  1. 1. UC: The secret tool for building and maintaining your brand
  2. 2. Having a well-known and reputable brand is vital to a company’s overall success. Today, larger businesses are shelling out millions of dollars to support brand building, while SMBs struggle to find cost-effective marketing solutions. Unified Communications (UC) is an often overlooked affordable tool that helps SMBs to not only build their brand, but to compete with the “big guys.” According to Advertising Age, among the top 50 companies with the largest advertising budgets, 36 of those companies spent more than $1 billion on branding last year. On average, companies spent 10.4% of their revenue in 2012 on marketing activities to support their brands, according to research by Gartner. UC:The Secret Tool for Building and Maintaining Your Brand
  3. 3. Whatever the size of the budget, companies are using both traditional advertising methods and digital tools to ensure that their brand is bringing in business. These tools include print and TV ads, email, social media, lead generation programs, content writing, and website design. The end goal for the company is for people to know how great their product or service is and how it can solve someone’s problem. Since most SMBs don’t have $1 billion to spend on advertising, they have to be smart with how they use their budget. This is where a UC system comes into the picture because it is a proven, affordable tool to help build and maintain a company’s valuable brand.
  4. 4. Make a Great First Impression The old cliché, “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” is absolutely true. A company’s phone system is often where that initial impression takes place. With today’s UC systems, SMBs have the tools available to give them the same customer experience as Apple® , Google® , or Coke® . IVRs, professional voice prompts, complex call routing, voice recognition, and third-party software integration are just a few of the tools that SMBs can take advantage of without a steep price tag. Building the Brand UC systems allow a way for small or midsized businesses to look and act like multi- billion dollar corporations. On top of being able to utilize game changing features like video conferencing, instant messaging, mobility, and collaboration, here are other ways that UC that can help a company’s branding efforts:
  5. 5. Successful brands have a story to tell. There is something about their company that sets them apart from everyone else that draws customers. UC systems allow for companies to automate specific and targeted messages to its customers. Improve Marketing Campaigns Companies can create marketing campaigns and set up their phone system to easily control the flow of customers to the correct place and ensure that they hear the most appropriate, or targeted, messaging. Data can also be quickly and easily retrieved to determine if campaigns are successful or if they are costing too much, given the results. Building the Brand
  6. 6. Maintain Brand Presence in Today’s Remote Worker Environment The work environment has changed significantly in recent years. Today’s technology is allowing employees to work as efficiently outside the office as inside. For a company that wants to embrace the idea of remote workers, they must ensure that their brand is protected. One of the great features of some UC systems is access to integrated mobile applications. These applications give users many advanced PBX features from their mobile phone or tablet. One brand-protecting feature this gives is allowing a company’s information to show up on the customer’s caller ID instead of the remote worker’s personal information. This ensures that the company’s brand is always at the forefront regardless of the employee’s location or device when making or answering a customer call. Protecting the Brand
  7. 7. Ensure Quality Customer Interactions Throughout the Relationship When it comes to your brand, it’s not only the first impression that counts, but every interaction with every customer, every time. UC provides tools to help businesses achieve high levels of ongoing customer service. With features such as instant messaging and third-party software integration, information is available at the employee’s fingertips so that they can help customers quickly and efficiently. Call monitoring, whispering, and other training tools allow managers to ensure their customers are receiving high quality service. Managers can also run detailed reports to can gain a deeper insight into the full customer experience and determine that employees are doing all that they can to best serve the customers. Protecting the Brand
  8. 8. UC has revolutionized the communications industry by allowing greater visibility into a business and helping to increase efficiency, while at the same time giving employees freedom and flexibility in their workday. On top of all these benefits, UC is a tool that businesses of all sizes can use to enhance and protect their brand, without having to tap into a billion-dollar budget.
  9. 9. Do more than just talk! Count on Digium’s Switchvox UC to help you easily transition from a basic phone system to a feature-rich Unified Communications solution. “SMBs are always on the lookout for ways to simplify their infrastructure without compromising on all the benefits that technology provides. This is especially true when it comes to business phone systems. Digium’s Switchvox Cloud lets users take advantage of all the Unified Communications features found in its premises product, now in the cloud and with a simple migration path and low per user pricing.” Richard Costello Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure, IDCSwitchvox is the award-winning business phone system specifically developed for small- and mid-sized businesses, available on-site or in the cloud! Switchvox makes it easy to integrate all of your office communications and immediately start saving time and money. Recognized as the “Best Value in UC for SMBs,” Switchvox offers a single powerful set of UC features at a price your business can afford. All-inclusive pricing means there are no costly add-ons or unexpected expenses for business-critical features—including mobility! You get all the features of Switchvox with one low price! Looking for a cloud-based solution? Switchvox Cloud is a scalable, hosted PBX solution with the same features as the on-site Switchvox UC system. It’s competitively priced for companies with 5-30 employees that need access to UC features, but do not want to manage an on-site phone system. Special pricing options are available for larger companies that want the flexibility and convenience of a hosted VoIP phone system. Switchvox Cloud can also be peered together with one or more hardware appliances to create a hybrid solution, customized to meet your needs. Digium’s Switchvox solution delivers UC features everywhere you need it: on-site, in the cloud, and with mobile. Test drive Switchvox UC, and get a free 30-day trial of Switchvox Cloud. Get started at www.digium.com/switchvox
  10. 10. Digium ® . We’re changing the way businesses communicate. Want more information on Switchvox? Take a virtual tour of this powerful Unified Communications platform: www.digium.com/switchvox Contact us— we’re here to help. Talk with a Switchvox specialist: 1 877 344 4861 1 256 428 6271 sales@digium.com Founded in 1999, Digium is the creator and primary developer of Asterisk, the industry’s first open source telephony platform. More than one million customers in 125 countries have deployed Asterisk-based systems. Digium is committed to ending the days of expensive, proprietary telecom. The Switchvox family of Unified Communications solutions is built on Asterisk and is designed to provide enterprise class features at affordable prices for small and medium businesses. The award-winning line of Switchvox IP PBX phone systems provides more than a phone system— it delivers a Unified Communications platform that integrates multiple features that increase productivity and lower monthly communication costs. It’s the affordable solution with a proven return on investment for businesses with 10 to 600 users. Learn more at digium.com/switchvox Copyright©2014 Digium, Inc. All rights reserved. Digium, Asterisk and Switchvox are trademarks of Digium, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.