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Digital Convergence...Are You Ready?


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Warren Raish's presentation to San Diego Interactive Day detailing Digital Convergence and the advancement of multi-channel marketing.

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Digital Convergence...Are You Ready?

  1. 1. Digital Convergence…Are You Ready? Warren Raisch Executive Vice President Digitaria Interactive 760-468-5018 Share Interactive Day, use #IDSD on
  2. 2. Top Three Messages!   All Marketing is now Social!   Mobile Devices are the new Marketing Aggregation & Activation Points!   To Survive & Thrive you must start and maintain Conversations with your customers across multiple channels & Devices Social Activate Your Marketing! #IDSD
  3. 3. Today All Media is Social Marketing Social #IDSD
  4. 4. What to Track? Social EMERGING METRICS Friending Followers Tweets & re-tweets Influencers #IDSD
  5. 5. Essential Attributes for a CMO to be Successful #IDSD
  6. 6. Level of Importance of Select Marketing Tactics to Achieve Company growth #IDSD
  7. 7. Level of Importance of Select Marketing Tactics to Achieve Company growth #IDSD
  8. 8. Cross-Marketing Shifts #IDSD
  9. 9. Cross Marketing Shifts #IDSD
  10. 10. Web Sites Still Top Priority! #IDSD
  11. 11. Internet Impacts Entire Buying Cycle! #IDSD
  12. 12. Interactive Marketing Trends
  13. 13. Marketing Growth Areas
  14. 14. Top Acquisition Strategies that will impact Cross- Channel Buying Behavior •  Search –  Consumers Research before Buying •  Display –  Brand Building and calls to action •  Mobile Apps & Marketing –  Apps ad Utility and or Entertainment that builds brand –  Mobile Marketing adds targeted, contextual outreach and location based calls to action. •  Social Marketing –  Build Trust –  Build Community –  Empower Influencers –  Promote Positive Ratings & reviews #IDSD
  15. 15. 2010 Top Priorities #IDSD
  16. 16. Acquisition is Critical! #IDSD
  17. 17. Search is a critical component #IDSD
  18. 18. Invisible Children Case Study #IDSD
  19. 19. Integrated Mindset #IDSD
  20. 20. Customer Loyalty Across Channels #IDSD
  21. 21. Online drivers of offline sales #IDSD
  22. 22. Invisible children Case Study
  23. 23. Invisible Children “I Got Soul” Video #IDSD
  24. 24. Invisible Children Story
  25. 25. Invisible Children Story
  26. 26. The Cross-Channel Results • Case Study •  Cross-channel Marketing for a Cause •  Mobile (SMS Texting Campaign) •  Social (Facebook) •  Website (Video, Storytelling, Schools for Schools Program) •  Live Events •  First Campaign generated approx. 250,000 mobile phone number list •  80,000 students participated in the first SMS - text to participate live events around the U.S. •  Generated $1 million in donations in the first 90 days, over $10 million today and growing… •  Check out
  27. 27. What Channel to Invest In? #IDSD
  28. 28. Emerging Channels #IDSD
  29. 29. We Use to call it Media Mix now it’s Cross Channel #IDSD
  30. 30. It’s the Mix that Converts! #IDSD
  31. 31. Two Important Developments •  A Move From a “Production Model” to a “Customer Model” Build & then sell to Listen and then build. •  The Number of Channels has multiplied as well as the Database technologies and personalization capabilities. #IDSD
  32. 32. Two Critical Multi-Channel Marketing #IDSD
  33. 33. Cross-Channel Strategies •  Develop Measurable Scoring Techniques •  Start with the most measurable then add more channels •  Encourage Customers to Add Profitable Channels- Cross-channel increases revenue •  Don’t let channels get into a Silo speak in a unified voice. •  Be active in channels where your customers already spend time #IDSD
  34. 34. Measurable Channels #IDSD
  36. 36. Media Channel Effectiveness Forrester predicts that Social Media Will be the most effective Channel By 2011 followed by Search, Mobile And Online Video with a mix of some traditional (Direct Mail & Radio) Depending on your target audience Demo. #IDSD
  37. 37. Consumer Research Mode According to Jupiter Research – 8 out of the top 10 resources used to research a purchase before buying are on the web, with your company web site being the leading starting point. #IDSD
  38. 38. 24X7 Cross-Channel Mobile Devices •  Today no matter what channel you are engaged with a Mobile device is there with you 24X7. •  Mobile is becoming the ultimate Channel Aggregation point! •  Mobile Activate every channel you have and start the conversation! #IDSD
  39. 39. Mobile is Mainstream and a “Necessity” for many
  40. 40. Mobile Represents the opportunity to redefine direct Marketing!
  41. 41. When you think Mobile don’t just think Phone – Mobile is a Multi- functional Device! #IDSD
  42. 42. Mobile Marketing is Different From Web Marketing
  43. 43. Key Mobile Activities By Age Group
  44. 44. Texting is Cross-Generational but high in Teens
  45. 45. The Texting Generation •  75 billion text messages are sent each month, and teens 13 to 17 are the biggest texters of all. They average 2,272 text messages a month, according to the Nielsen company—that’s almost 77 messages a day. So what is the impact on our kids? Kids Communicate Through Texts •  Texting is the #2 use of cellphones—after checking the time Kids send billions of texts every year—and it’s increasing
  46. 46. Mobile Phones Are Replacing Home Land Lines
  47. 47. Mobile is a Natural for Social
  48. 48. Leading Social Platforms Go Mobile
  49. 49. The Future of Retail •  Future Retail Shopping Demo •  Future Store Demo •  Future Store – Annimation Demo #IDSD
  50. 50. Apple iAd vs. Google Ad Mob Model •  The “Traditional” thinking of advertising on Mobile has been to take the Online Display –Banner metaphor and transfer it to the smaller screen mobile format. Where you display and Ad, click the ad and be taken out of your mobile experience and delivered to a WAP enabled Web Page with more content. Google is in the process of acquiring AdMob which is the largest Mobile Ad Network operating under this model. Warren Raisch | 760-468-5018 |eMai: | Blog:
  51. 51. Apple iAd vs. Google Ad Mob Model •  Apple launched iAd which is a totally different concept which starts from the foundation of over a billion Mobile Apps downloaded with App developers looking for a way to monetize the app download phenomenon. •  With Apple iAd technology the Mobile App developers can build into their apps mobile advertising that is a part of the application and can delvier ad, entertainment, news, utilities, web services into the app staying contextual and never leaving the App experience!
  52. 52. Mobile Ad Samples AdMob and iAD •  AdMob Mobile Ad Highlights •  Steve Jobs iAD Introduction & Sample Mobile Ad - Disney #IDSD
  53. 53. So What Kind of Promotions can go Mobile?
  54. 54. Ad Mob Announces Free Mobile Analytics Tool ! #IDSD
  55. 55. Digitaria - ABC - Mobile APP Example for SoapNet App
  56. 56. Digitaria – NBC Mobile App Examples: Top Chef App
  57. 57. Digitaria - Best Western Mobile App - App Development Example Warren Raisch | 760-468-5018 |eMai: | Blog:
  58. 58. JC Penny Mobile SMS Campaign Example
  59. 59. JC Penny Mobile SMS Campaign Example
  60. 60. Mobile Campaigns
  61. 61. All Marketing is Social #IDSD
  62. 62. What Channels You Trust? #IDSD
  63. 63. Most Effective Communication #IDSD
  64. 64. Who’s Doing Social Marketing? #IDSD
  65. 65. #IDSD
  66. 66. #IDSD
  67. 67. What to Measure? #IDSD
  68. 68. Track Your Brand #IDSD
  69. 69. Track Your Industry #IDSD
  70. 70. Track Competitors #IDSD
  71. 71. What to Say? #IDSD
  72. 72. Track Engagement #IDSD
  73. 73. Cross-Channel Market Trends #IDSD
  74. 74. Business Challenges #IDSD
  75. 75. Developing a Common Key #IDSD
  76. 76. Bringing it all Together #IDSD
  77. 77. Segmentation is Key #IDSD
  78. 78. Optimize All Touch Points #IDSD
  79. 79. #IDSD
  80. 80. #IDSD
  81. 81. What is the value of Social Media? #IDSD
  82. 82. Generational Differences #IDSD
  83. 83. Impact of Social #IDSD
  84. 84. Social – Where to Engage #IDSD
  85. 85. Measuring Cross Channel #IDSD
  86. 86. The Measurement Challenge! #IDSD
  87. 87. Which Campaign Get’s the Credit ? #IDSD
  88. 88. ANALYSIS & OPTIMIZATION MULTI-CHANNEL ANALYSIS provides insight in to how each digital tactic contributes throughout the sales funnel, and ultimately shows us where our best ROI and ROAS is coming from . Expert analysts can take data from multiple sources and provide an actionable scorecard for executives. (also may include social data) DIGITARIA INC CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  89. 89. Social Monitoring Tools #IDSD
  90. 90. Where to Find Measurable ROI online? #IDSD
  91. 91. Conversion is King ! #IDSD
  92. 92. Where is the traffic coming from? #IDSD
  93. 93. Where to Invest in Cross- Channel Marketing #IDSD
  94. 94. Cross-Channel Measurement #IDSD
  95. 95. Cross Channel Lifecycle Marketing #IDSD
  96. 96. #IDSD
  97. 97. Measuring Cross Channel #IDSD
  98. 98. Online use to emulate offline now the trends have shifted… #IDSD
  99. 99. Online influences Offline #IDSD
  100. 100. Measuring Customers over Time #IDSD
  101. 101. With Analytics You Can Measure Customer Behavior, Value of Transactions and Product Preference By Channel #IDSD
  102. 102. Cross-Channel Analysis Tells The Holistic Story #IDSD
  103. 103. Measuring Cross-Channels #IDSD
  104. 104. Cross-Channel Segmentation #IDSD
  105. 105. Multi-Channel Analytics Solutions #IDSD
  106. 106. #IDSD
  107. 107. Best Buy Case Study #IDSD
  108. 108. SUMMARY   All Marketing is now Social!   Mobile Devices are the new Marketing Aggregation & Activation Points!   To Survive & Thrive you must start and maintain Conversations with your customers across multiple channels & Devices Social Activate Your Marketing! #IDSD
  109. 109. THANK YOU Warren Raisch Executive Vice President Digitaria Interactive M: 760-468-5018 E: #IDSD