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Digital Marketing Audit: Process & Strategic Consulting Services


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Digital Marketing Audit is the key to measure performance your digital campaigns & to reduce unwanted investment in among your digital channels for better ROI. Check out our strategic digital marketing audit process for better

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Digital Marketing Audit: Process & Strategic Consulting Services

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategic Audit Consulting Services Understand user requirements and business and objectives to conduct audit Evaluation of Data & Collect data and conduct quality assurance. Map the data to objectives identified and prepare data gap analysis Implementations of Technology Build data models to conduct data mining and insights generation Prepare implementation plan for the recommendations and Output model is the insight. Map the same objective & prepare recommendations Digital Marketing Strategic Audit Consulting Services Assessment      Evaluation of Data & Planning        Evolution Criteria Implementations of Technology    Advance Tech source Analysis    Assessment & analysis Adaptation    Summarize to adopt Data insights Business requirements & goals. Digital Channel analysis & analytics. Marketing & sales results. Campaign results & ROI’s. Competitor benchmarks Planning of the audit Business case development. User feedback, reviews. Governance & data security. Industry benchmarks DM best practices. Competitor positioning Evolution Criteria Data setup using big data methods Goals, filters & custom dash boards. Solution evaluation using Digitant Audit process Advance Tech source Assessment of digital channels. Analysis across pre-defined areas i.e channel, customer, conversion and creative's Findings documentation Assessment & analysis Review of the findings. Implementation roadmap Training Summarize to adopt Data insights