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Conquer Your Content The Future of Content Marketing


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The survey, presented in partnership by Gatepoint Research and Seismic, revealed that corporate initiatives are being centered
around realizing the value of remarkable content and consistent branding across all client facing collateral.

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Conquer Your Content The Future of Content Marketing

  1. 1. CONQUER YOUR CONTENT: THE FUTURE OF CONTENT MARKETING Marketers today are not very pleased with the status of their current content management practices CONTENT MANAGEMENT SATISFACTION Updating collateral while undergoing a branding change is extremely time consuming for marketers BRANDING CHANGES TAKE A TOLL Sales and corporate demands are the most pressing challenges from a content management perspective THE MOST PRESSING CHALLENGES WITH CONTENT MANAGEMENT A STUDY OF THE 2016 TRENDS & CHALLENGES CONTENT MARKETERS FACE Content is still king. The survey, presented in partnership by Gatepoint Research and Seismic, revealed that corporate initiatives are being centered around realizing the value of remarkable content and consistent branding across all client facing collateral. 5 Impactful Takeaways for Content Marketing Leaders Outdated tech remains the primary way to deliver content to sales reps for marketers DELIVERING CONTENT TO SALES How Technology Can Help The right technologies and processes can help with the stated goals regarding sales enablement Respondents demand content marketing solutions that: • Deliver content specific to the rep and selling situation (54%), • Is easy for the sales rep to find (53%), • Is always up­to­date, and easily customizable (49%)