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Blockchain in the City of Vienna


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Technology of an innovative administration
1st Blockchain pilot: Open Data Notarization
2nd Blockchain pilot: Digital food voucher
Further Blockchain pilots

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Blockchain in the City of Vienna

  2. 2. Reasons for Blockchain-Pilots The City of Vienna wants to…  Learn by implementing  Use possibilities offered by the Blockchain technology  Find use cases to optimize processes  Figure out the role of the administration  Settle legal questions  Live open innovation • Innovation through openness & cooperation with economy and science  Link the Blockchain community in Vienna
  3. 3. 1st Blockchain-Pilot of the City of Vienna: OGD history and notarization Secure the integrity of OGD (Open Government Data) by unique document identifiers (hash values) in public Blockchains Keep track of document-changes Go live: 14.12.2017
  4. 4. The Blockchain enables reproducible public proof without central authority Public Blockchain Document is created and published online Unique document identifier (SHA256 hash) is inserted in Public Blockchain 1 2 Record is timestamped through Blockchain Network Interested persons are enabled to independently verify the document existed at certain point in time 3 4 City of Vienna - Blockchain Pilot
  5. 5. 2nd Blockchain-Pilot of the City of Vienna Digital food vouchers Daily food vouchers for all employees Settlement with partner restaurants Accounting Employee gets „Food Vouchers Vienna“ Wallet on his/her Smartphone and an own address for voucher Employee discloses his/her wallet address  Food vouchers are disbursed to the wallet. Employee can use food vouchers in partner restaurants City of Vienna - Blockchain Pilot
  6. 6. Further Blockchain pilots of the City of Vienna Identification “” Notarization of documents Air quality chain IoT (Internet of Things) security Proof of origin – Logistic chains “Viennese Token” Participation Community meetings
  7. 7. Brigitte Lutz Data Governance Coordinator Open Government – Competence Center Vienna