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Making Sense of Mobile - September 2013


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Our next infographic looks at continued growth of mobile penetration in the UK, the latest mobile stats from the network, and introduces new tools and opportunities for m-commerce through Affiliate Window.

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Making Sense of Mobile - September 2013

  1. 1. An m-commerce infographic, brought to you by MAKING SENSE OF MOBILE of p e 58 % artphon sm By 2014, there will be more phones than people... r hou 2 1 y e 62% hones eve ir p r he le own a op UK Smartphone Penetration ple chec peo k t of 2013 will see tablet sales overtake laptop X £ Only 1 in 3 advertisers have a mobile site ££££ ££ X £££ £ £ 3 Top Five Reasons People Don’t Buy on Mobile Sec urit y Scr ee ? Not Eno u gh Det ails nS ize Tak e a s To o Lo ng vs. H ar d to Com p ar e b When people do buy on their mobile, 37% are located at home M-Commerce isn’t based just around sales, customers are also using mobiles to 65% continue on a tablet or desktop m p aring p p ices pr ns £££ X GHWIFBSG 10% off! 65% of searches on a mobile phone, p co promotional codes information ct lo ind catio ? produ f £££ What can Awin do? 4 App Downloads 800k apps 700k apps On average, people use nine apps actively on a monthly basis Facebook downloads: CTR’s up to 2% and CR up to 30% Offered this in cooperation with MobPro Drive Footfall to your Store Mobile display campaigns can be powered by geotargeting. Capture your target audience when they are browsing the internet near your stores Great Deals at ‘Shop’ Find Nearest Store Tabvertising Great uses for advertising on tablets include enhancing second screen effect during TV adverts 65% Higher CTR to make them more effective. Mobile Lead Generation In need of a mobile optimised site? We can create a mobile SALES landing page for you that is fat-finger friendly and FIND US matches the needs of your customer on a mobile device CONTACT The Numbers August 2013 showed exceptional performance through mobile devices 1 in 5 23% clicks were through a mobile device 13% were handset only traffic of sales were completed through a mobile device 9% were handset only sales 1 4% 3 2 Mobile ramps 201 up the 20 1 sales 13% 20 1 20% Remember, if you have a mobile optimised site, it is essential affiliate tracking is added. If you would like to discuss your mobile strategy, or would like to receive our regular mobile updates please contact 1. 2. 3. stat=Q00_1&wave=2013&age=all&gender=all&chart_type=&active=sta 4.