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Digital Web Brain I Digital Marketing Services And Training Provider Company in Dehradun


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Digital Web Brain ( ) is one of the best leading Digital Marketing Company in Dehradun Offering Serivces and Training at in affordable price for internet lovers and IT Traineers. We have all kind of Training and Services in Dehradun Such as Digital Marketing , SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Graphics Designing, Website Designing and Development, Application Designing and Development, PHP, Java , CorelJava And Many More. We have all kind of training in live project base. We give practical knowledge to our trainees or theoritical too as per businss standards.

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Digital Web Brain I Digital Marketing Services And Training Provider Company in Dehradun

  1. 1. Training Syllabus We have provided a module based introduction of the training curriculum and syllabus to help you gain abroad understanding of the Diploma in Internet Marketing from Digital Web Brain. 1. Introduction of Digital Marketing  What is Digital Marketing?  Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing  How to start Digital marketing?  What is Traffic?  What is Keywords?  One By One Process of Digital Marketing  How to get Traffic  How to Engage traffic on Website  Type of Leads & Conversion  How to retain your web customers  Analysis your traffic sources & ROI  Benefit of Digital Marketing 2. General Overview of Web Concept & Hosting  What is WWW?  What is Domain?  Difference between HTTP & HTTPS  What is domain name?  What is Domain Extension?  What is Hosting?  Different type of Hosting  Types of Server  Introducing Cloud and CDN Concept  Difference Between Shared, VPS and Dedicated Server  Different types of Website  Based on Purpose  Based on Functionality
  2. 2. 3. Website Planning and Creation  How to create Blueprint of Website  Objective of Website  Deciding Position of Images & Content  Who to make your website faster than others  How to create a Website in Wordpress?  Choosing the right domain name for your website  Choosing a hosting platform  Install wordpress within 5 minutes  How to create website without Hosting and Domain Name (Free)  How to create a landing page in wordpress site (free)s  Choosing the right free/Paid wordpress theme for your blog  How to setup Google Webmaster tool and Google analytics for your website without knowledge of html Codding  Plugins you need for your Wordpress blog/website 4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  What is SEO  What is SERP  What is On Page SEO  How to Select a Domain Name  Page Naming (Url Structuring)  Image Naming, Image Title and Alt Tags Creation  What are Meta Tittle  What is Meta Description  Heading Tags (H1 To H6)  What is Content Writing in SEO  What are Keywords and Types of Keywords  How to search Keywords for ranking on Google  SEO Friendly content writing (Insert Keywords in Content)  Anchor Text, Link Title  Robots.Text File use and creation  HTML Sitemap Creation  XML sitemap Creation and Submission  How to Analysis Competitor Website
  3. 3.  Tools for SEO  Site Tracking Tools (Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics Tool)  What is Off Page SEO?  What are Backlinks?  Difference Betweeen Do-Follow and No-Follow Links or Backlinks and Use  What is Google Page Rank and How to increase page rank?  Search Engine Submission  Directory Submission  Article Writing and Submission  Press Release writing and Submissions  Blog Posting and Comment writing  Classifieds Posting  Forum Posting  Business Listing  Social Bookmarking  Social Networking and Profile Creation  What is PA and DA?  How to Make SEO Effective with Google Tools Easily  How to choose Keywords through google keywords planner (Professional Way)  What is Moz? And Use of it  WEB 2.0  SEO Tools and Plugins for Best SEO  How to make Copy Uncopied 5. Local SEO and Advanced SEO Knowledge  What is Local SEO?  What is HCard?  Scheme Understanding and Using  What is Alexa  How to optimize site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?  What is Google Panda?  What is Penguin Algorithm?  What is LSI?  What is Google EDM updates?  How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EDM?  What is Linking in SEO? Why it is important for SEO? 6. Google Adwords PPC and Paid Search
  4. 4.  Introduction of PPC and Adwords  Setting Up Google Adwords Account  Create your First Live Campaign  Understanding of Adgroup, Ads, Keywords Concept  PPC Campaign for Search Advertising  How to run text ads  Learn Display Advertising  Video, Shopping and Mobile Advertising  What is CTR  What is Quality Score  What is AP?  How to maintain QS and CTR High  Learn Biding Strategy  What is Remarketing?  Setting Up your First Remarketing Campaign  Payment Option-Which is better?  PPC Keywords Research  How to run Video ads  GEO Targeting  Site Link Extension  Phone Extension  Local Extension  Phone Tracking  App Extension  Retargeting through Remarketing  Google Analytics Linking  Google Products  Google Merchant Centre  Overview of Adwords Policies  Conversion Tracking  CPM/CPC  How to optimize your coast  Overview of Gmail Ads  Get Your Certificate Now 7. Tracking Performance and Measurement with Google Analytics of Website  What is Google Analytics  How Google Analytics Works?
  5. 5.  Account, profile and User navigation  Google Analytics  Basic metrics  The main sections of Google Analytics Reports  Traffic Sources  Direct, Referring, and Search Traffic  Campaigns  Visitors Analysis  Unique Visitors  What is Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate?  What is Real time?  Geographic and language information  Actionable Insight and the Big Picture  Recap of Google Analytics Report and Tools  Finding actionable Insight 8. Social Media Marketing  What is Social media marketing?  How to market company’s product on social media  Why Social media is Important?  7 Wonders of Social Media  Create your Profile one by One on Social media platforms in systematic Way i. Facebook Marketing  History of Facebook  How to marketing on Facebook  Create your Company Page and Group  Difference between Page and Profile  How to Manage your one week post in advance  How to increase your facebook likes  How to get likes in Bulk  How to engage your fan on Page  Make your Post Viral  Use of Hastag on Facebook and make your post effective  How to use keywords in Facebook  Facebook PPC Advertisement
  6. 6. ii. Linkedln Marketing  Introducing about Linkedln  Create your personal & Company Profile  Understanding B2B and B2C Concept  How to use Linked Group for Marketing  How to increase your connection  Twitter PPC (Advertisement) iii. Twitter Marketing  Introducing To Twitter  Best Way of Tweet  Create your profile  Why is it Microbloging  How to increase Followers and Promote Product  How to Market your product  Understanding # (Hastag) Concept  Advertising on Twitter (PPC Ads Campaign)  Tools for Twitter Marketing  Examples of Successful Twitter Company Page iv. Video Marketing  What is Video Marketing?  Why to Video Marketing is Important?  How to create Channel on YouTube and Make Money  How to create Video? And Best Way to Upload on YouTube  How to Upload Video? And Make Video Effective  Video Marketing  How to increase Views , comments and likes on Video  How to make Video Viral Email Marketing
  7. 7.  What is Email Marketing  What is Opt-In and Double Opt-In database  What is Subscriber database  Email Marketing Software  Email Marketing Online Tools  Bulk Email service provider  What is SMTP Server  Rules of Sending Bulk mail  Setting auto responder email  Best Practice to send bulk email  Few tricks to send mails in inbox directly  What is CAN-SPAM Act  What is A/B testing  Create your first Email Campaign  How to track open/bounce/unsubscribed emails Leads Generation  Definition of an online sales lead  Cold Warm and Hot Deals  What is Landing Page  Difference Between Landing Page and Website  How to create landing page  How to use Thank you Page  Tools to create landing page  What is A/B testing?  Lead Funnel  Converting leads into sales through internet marketing Online Advertising  Introducingg to banners, Contextual ads and Rich Media  Tools to Manage Popup Advertising  Pop Under Advertising  Contextual advertising using images and videos  Online Advertising Company  Creating Banner Ads using Tool  Tracking & Measuring ROI of Online Advertising
  8. 8. Ecommerce Marketing  What is Ecommerce?  Current Ecommerce scenario in India  Driving traffic to Ecommerce portal  How to perform SEO for Ecommerce Portal  Set Up your own ecommerce store with no investment Mobile Marketing  What is Mobile Marketing  Why is it important in current scenario  What is Mobile Website  Tools to Create Mobile App  Ads On Mobile App  How to do SEO for Mobile app search Content Marketing  What is Content Marketing  Objective of Content Marketing  Why Content is King for SEO scenario  How to write SEO friendly content  How to become content writer  Tools for content writing  How to spin other website content  How to promote your content Online Online Reputation Management  What is Online Reputation  Why online Reputation is important  How to manage your online reputation  How to respont to first page nagative review
  9. 9.  How to take control on your online reputation Affiliate Marketing  What is Affiliate Marketing  Making money from Affiliate Marketing revolution  Overview of Affiliate Marketing networks  Indian websites with best Affiliate Marketing programs  Secrets of Affiliate Marketing  Live examples of Affiliate Marketing  what is  How to approve for world largest affiliates websites Internet Entrepreneurship with Google Adsense (Blogging)  Adsense program overview & features  How to get approval for adsense  Few tricks to get approval by google  How to put ads on your blog  How to receive money from google each month through google adsense  Building an adsense network with multiple adsense website Freelancing  What is freelancing  Popular freelancing websites  How to take projects from freelance website  How to hire freelancer (For own project)  How to get money worldwide  Popular Online Payment Option for freelancer