Utilising mobile to serve loyal customers


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Utilising mobile to serve loyal customers

  1. 1. Utilising mobile to serve loyal customers Yaron Assabi yaron@dsg.co.za
  2. 2.  Hidden  Agenda  ü  A greener and most cost effective optionü  M-self careü  Personalizationü  Location based marketing  ü  Q&A  
  3. 3. A Different ApproachTraditional CRM The Next Wave•  Company-Driven •  Customer-Driven•  Data collection •  Knowledge delivery•  Primary focus: efficiency •  Primary focus: loyalty, experience•  Disparate experiences •  Unified, consistent experience•  Lengthy deployments •  Quick time to deploy
  4. 4. Why customers leave? They don’t leave because there’s a compelling reason to leave. They leave because there’s no compelling reason to stay
  5. 5. Pay by Phone & Control Eco Footprint 5 | Touchatag |August 2009
  6. 6. Share your shopping day 6 | Touchatag |August 2009
  7. 7. Digital Card – Your Green Loyalty Solution7
  8. 8. Prefer Mobile Phone over Wallet?ü  The banking and credit card industries have noticed that it takes an average of 26 hours for a user to (notice and) report a lost wallet. Yet if you lose a mobile phone, the average time to report it is 68 minutes.
  9. 9. A Unified & Integrated Experience9   Digital  card   Partner  and   One-­‐to-­‐one   Mobile  Loyalty   issuing  and   messaging   coali7on   management   programs   A n a l Mobile  Offers   Issuing  &   Acceptance  &   Clearing  &   y Distribu7on   Redemp7on   Repor7ng   t i c s   Branded   Integrated   NFC  Card   Mobile  Payments   Closed   Online     Account   Provisioning   Loop  Card  
  10. 10. Service Intelligence & Analytics- dedicated BIU Purpose: Results ü  Lead the Services wide consumer data initiative and enable fact based decision Product Marketing making ü  Improve the speed and quality of customer relationship management and Analysis product development Measurement Goals Metrics Accountability: ü  Consumer data strategy implementation ü  Analysis and cross promotion capability based on user data ü  Services level dashboards, Learning Common definitions Agendas, and Optimization Plans
  11. 11. Digital Card – White Label Solution11   ü  Monetization with third party service providers ü  Mobile loyalty: digital card management for merchants ü  Mobile coupons: Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) content owned or sourced ü  Content aggregation and co-creation of value between merchants, brands and consumers ü  Mobile commerce ü  Advertising ü  Analytics ü  Billing and transacion processing ... ©  CardMobili,  SA  -­‐  Confiden7al   June,  2012  
  12. 12. A Clear Value PropositionFor Consumers: free mobile wallet for For Merchants: new channel forloyalty cards, coupons and payments customer acquisition and retentionü  Convenience: in carrying and using loyalty ü  Brand presence with the consumer: easy to and membership cards anywhere, anytime, use loyalty programs and offers, one-to-one and from paying with mobile phone non-intrusive communicationü  Value: using cards more often, using ü  Efficient campaigns using digital coupons coupons and offers, alerts about the best and offers, timely implemented and fine saving opportunities tuned for greater performanceü  Easiness and simplicity: a unique wallet ü  Cost savings by executing digital campaigns experience that can make shopping easier, and programs more interactive and more efficient ü  Consumer insights on behavior and usageü  Social shopping experience: sharing and of the digital offers and cards interaction on social networks (Facebook ü  Social exposure on social networks and Twitter) leveraging the consumer as a brand representative
  13. 13. A wealth of untapped data forPersonalisation Bank School Bad debt Demographics Address Gender MY MY MY CREDIT RELATIONSHIPS PERSONAL Friends Workplace Name DATA Profile Average Preferences balance SIM SoftSIM Browsing History MY MY DEVICES INTERACTIONSDevice details Serial Number .mobi domains QR CodesNumber SIP Number Pictures Videos Location Presence MY IDENTIFIERS MY STUFF MY CONTEXT IP Address Address Book Calendar Roaming On/Off
  14. 14. Benefits for All14   Financial Mobile Operators Merchants Institutions Ø  Mobile  marke7ng   Ø  Convenience and Ø  Customer centric services  for  consumers   service to the approach to and  brands   consumer: anytime, shopping and paying anywhere Ø  New  business   Ø  Value added Ø  Personalized opportunity  in  mobile   marketing services interaction with the payments  and  digital   attached to payment consumer and wallet  services   transactions mobile convergence Ø  Standardized  solu7on   Ø  Cost effective loyalty Ø  Mobile payment for  mul7ple  mobile   programs and technology across plaQorms   marketing campaigns multiple mobile platforms
  15. 15. Meet Customer Needs with Technologyü  Offer consistent service across channels – same level of personalisation and remember every interaction is a moment of truth to enhance the relationship and learn more about customersü  Create a Knowledge Base for employees and customersü  In Africa Mobile is the most relevant channel with highest reachü  Smartphones adoption means more people are connected to the internet via their mobileü  The Customer changed with the advent of technology and expects you to change – look at Digital Impact based on customer segment
  16. 16. Use phone camera to scan image and see discounts 16 | Touchatag |August 2009
  17. 17. Single Knowledge Base – One source Customer Automatically Customer Portal feeds page goes to recognizes the optimized for Support Page device that device
  18. 18. Mobile self care Find Information ü  Search ü  View ü  Rate answer ü  See related questions Get Help ü  Chat ü  Guided Assistance ü  Ask a Question
  19. 19. Business Value g   Real-­‐7me  knowledge   ar ke8n Targeted  adver7sing   ile  M Mob Enhanced  brand  loyalty   vice   ustomer  Ser Know  your  customers   Mobile  C Know  their  preferences   Know  your  customers   Give  them  more  of   Know  their  problems   what  they  want   Proac7ve  help  where  needed  
  20. 20. Benefits of Digital Card Solution20   Growth  of  the     customer  base   and  reten7on   of  current   customers   Increased   Adver7sing  tool   communica7on   for  customers   with  the   and  businesses   customers   Innova7ve  offer   dis7nc7ve  from   compe7tors   Targeted   Social  worth  of   dynamic   mouth  &   campaigns:   exposure   leverage   consumer  data   A  new  revenue   stream
  21. 21. A Winning Team CardMobili & DSG Winner of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks Award in 2010 Experience and Expertise DSG & CardMobili has a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in providing Multi Channel Commerce Solutions . We also have experience in launching digitalmall.com for high level IT solutions to major retailers and mobile operators worldwideWinner of the Audience Award of in companies such as Vodacom , MTN , Sterthe Mobile Premier Awards 2011 Kinekor , Makro , Enabler, Wipro Technologies, Mobicomp and Microsoft. Our people have strong business and technical skills in mobile and web computing, researching on the forefront of major mobile technologies.
  22. 22. Today’s Loyalty Imperative ü  Marketers will survive the recession and emerge ready to resume their growth by investing in loyal customers ü  Even loyal customers are making tough choices of where and how much they spend ü  Brands that identify, listen to and engage more broadly, more creatively and with more relevance will best retain and grow their best customers ü  Simply, loyalty is about creating and executing programs that drive more frequent, higher margin sales
  23. 23. Always the same brand = loyalty Q : For which product or service would you always choose one & the same brand? (open question) TOP 3 SECTORS TOP 3 BRANDS Telecom 17% Coca  Cola 9% Drinks 16% Nokia 5% Personal  Care 13% Apple 3% Fashion 12% Samsung 3%Computer  materials 8% “Retention 3% for wimps. We Proximus is measure the percent of customers Food  items 4% Mobistar 2% who have our name tattoed on one Candy 4% Gilette body parts.” (Harley Davidson of their 2% Annual report) Car 3% Spa 2% Sport  Material 2% Or they could just have our digital Nike 2% card app on their mobile ;-) Sony 2% Bank 2%Breakfast  p roducts 2% Sony  Ericsson 2% Music 1% Nivea 2% Beer Nutella 1% 1%
  24. 24. DSG Powers Return on Marketing Innovation ü  By simplifying traditional loyalty practices by applying the best of today’s technologies ü  And pioneering the design and implementation of the next generation of loyalty concepts ü  DSG has set a new level of expectations for innovative consumer brands.
  25. 25. Viral Distribution 01. 02.Create a viral / Launch the campaigns Viral Effect content repository opinion leaders" Campaign / Content Platform
  26. 26. Higher Levels of ROI ü  Increased engagement really ties to increased, more frequent purchasing – more purchases from existing customers ü  More engagement leads to more relevant search and more informed decisions – lower acquisition costs ü  Loyalty tools equally capture purchase transactions and social interactions – truly holistic and actionable view of the customer ü  Connecting elements accelerates trial and active participation – achieve critical mass more quickly ü  Better differentiation of brands’ unique characters – programs that stand out from the noise
  27. 27. Why Community is Relevant Effect of Marketing Brand Communications to purchase person decisions: 29% personperson person Effect of word-of- Brand mouth to purhcaseperson person decisions: 71% person person Source: Xtract Ltd. Used with permission
  28. 28. It  is  all  about  EXPERIENCE  
  29. 29. Yaron  Assabi  yaron@dsg.co.za     www.dsg.co.za   yaronassabi