, and
Digital Solutions Group Profile
Mission Sta..., and
Digital Mall (Pty) Ltd was found..., and
DSG Customer Centric Model
“In future, the ..., and
Group Structure
DSG comprises of four verti..., and
Summary of Group Companies and Operations
D..., and
2. CX Customer Experience Management
The Vi..., and
 ECommerce Services - Inbound and outbound..., and
Virtual Contact Centre Client Profile, and
Digital Connect (,..., and
Digital Connect South African and African C..., and
3. Mobile Application Ecosystem
Digital Mob..., and
Android Smartphones and Tablets
DSG has par..., and
QRD allows you to select from available dev..., and
Digital Mobile Kenya is a joint venture bet..., and
Experience it - ( ) i..., and
Digitalise is the software development comp..., and
Digitalise Client Profile, and
4. Digital Cloud Based Solutions
Digitalmal..., and
DSG uses web services and a service orienta..., and
5. Strategic Partnerships
CardMobili (www.c..., and
 CommuniTake Device Manager: a comprehensi..., and
m-Store allows content Stores to rapidly cr..., and
6. Case Studies
DSG worked with ..., and, and
DSG selected as PPC‘s mobile str..., and, and
DSG has been working with MTN si..., and
 Login/Register and A..., and
DSG has been working with Vodaco..., and
The Development of a cross plat..., and
DSG is currently working with Vi..., and, and
DSG Corporate Social Investment
The Digital..., and
Integrity, Professionalism and Ethics
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DSG profile march 2014 Digital Solutions Group


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DSG Profile March 2014, Digital Solutions Group

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DSG profile march 2014 Digital Solutions Group

  1. 1., and Digital Solutions Group Profile Mission Statement “Wepartnerwithourcustomerstobuildcomprehensivesolutions,whichinnovatebusinessrelationshipstoyield mutualreturnoninvestment.Ourpeopleanddiversetechnologyenableanywhere,anytimeaccessto productsandservicesensuringacustomercentricfocus.” Awards Timeline 2013 Mobile App of the Year 2008 WASP Best Customer Service 2008 Best Service and Non Innovation Award 2008 Technical Innovation Award 2009 Exporter of the Year Award 2010 Innovation Finalist 2011 Partner Award 2005 Technology Top 100 2006 Technology Top 100 2006 PMR Service Excellence 2007 Customer Service Delight 2007 Gold Award Service Excellence 2007 DMA Mobile Marketing Award 2003 IEC Contact Centre Awarded 2004 Public Sector Award for IEC 2004 Mobile WASP Award 2005 Cell One MNO Awarded 2005 Service Solution and InHouse Awards 2005 COJ Innovation Award Digital Mall Born September 1998 January 2000 iTouch Acquistion 51% August 2000 iTouch raised ₤42.5 million IPO November 2001 MBO 2001 Finalist Age of Innovation 2001 Best Use Technology Contact Centre 2002 Age of Innovation Award
  2. 2., and Background Digital Mall (Pty) Ltd was founded in September 1998 as a technology partner for retailers who wanted to create a new channel to market via e-business. At the time there was minimal activity in the e-business market in SA and Digital Mall therefore introduced a new business model of ASP (Application Service Provider) for e- commerce and related support services. Digital Mall worked with all major banks and serviced the leading retailers by lowering the barrier to entry and sharing the risk and success with its customers. In January 2000 iTouch acquired a 51% stake in Digital Mall prior to iTouch’s planned IPO on the FTSE later that year. Digital Mall provided the technology that enabled iTouch to launch into the mobile commerce market. In March 2000, Digital Mall and iTouch concluded the first mobile commerce transaction in SA through the development of a unique application, the Wireless Application Service Provider (“WASP”). This solution based on WAP at the time was very innovative and incorporated a unique live help feature that allowed the Contact Centre Staff to view the activity of the consumer real time and to assist with mobile commerce transactions. The application was so successful that soon thereafter iTouch launched the application in the UK, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. In August 2000 iTouch raised over R42.5 million for 20% of the group from its IPO but due to the market crash shortly thereafter, the share price lost value, which put pressure on all of the operations globally. In November 2001 Digital Mall management decided to buy back the shares held by iTouch – allowing us to regain control of the entire business. In May 2005, iTouch was acquired by the Japanese listed and de listed from the FTSE. As our customers’ required new solutions and the market dynamically changed so did Digital Mall’s business model which led to the innovative evolution of what is known today as ‘The Digital Solutions Group’. Our Methodology The Digital Solutions Group (DSG) is an outsource partner for multi-channel commerce and relationship marketing. We provide customised solutions to business - enabling businesses to transact and communicate via direct channels. Our approach lowers the barrier to entry into this market without the client having to invest in systems, people and infrastructure. This business model implicates a substantial upfront investment in technology, which is then made available to many customers. The key to the business model is “share risk and success” with customers. Revenue is generated from services rendered and often a management fee based on a win/win scenario, and the success of the new business approach. Based upon independent research (Gartner Group), only 33% of all global companies interact with customers via multiple channels. This contends that a company that is able to provide additional routes to market, without large set-up costs, will materially enhance its potential for success. This opportunity of providing additional routes to market for our clients based on a customer centric model is DSG’s core focus.
  3. 3., and DSG Customer Centric Model “In future, the most powerful brands will be customer-centric. Successful companies will know their customer and will be the customer’s advocate.” One of the key success factors for DSG is our ability to design business processes that empower our group to add value and become an extension of our clients businesses. We also define relationship agreements that allow us to offer a closed loop management process. Our management processes cover every aspect of our clients business, and every aspect of the services offered by us. DSG provides strategy consulting, web application development, and hosting & management services. New web-based applications are developed to be accessible to the consumer via the PC (internet/Intranet or extranet), Mobile device, PDA, Voice via Voice XML, Contact Centre, Automated Services Machine (ASM or Kiosk) and iTV. We deliver a platform and build a business case for each channel based on its relevance to the target market. The financial viability studies determine the introduction of new channels, in a phased approach, due to the large investment in technology that may be required for the more technologically advanced channels. DSG has developed substantial infrastructure, intellectual property and goodwill within the African market, expanded to the Middle East and Indian Ocean, and has developed an international roll out strategy for some of its products and services. We offer 24/7 support through our IP based contact centre in Johannesburg South Africa which can be reached on 0861 DSG 247 locally or +27 11 759 7247 international and via email
  4. 4., and Group Structure DSG comprises of four vertical solution pillars covering all markets, and the group promotes co-operation between the various pillars wherever possible to optimise effort and enhance the value proposition to our clients through combining extensive internal skills. In order to service the solution pillars, DSG is made up of 9 divisions as detailed below. Employee Experiences Employee Relationship Management Mobile Tools : Learning, Surveys and Quiz Customer Experiences On Premise and Cloud Based CRM Social CRM Contact Centre Outsource, Co- Source and In- Source IVVR Usability and Quality Management Event Management Mobile Eco System Low Cost Devices ODP & App Store Rapid App Development Usability and Quality Management Enterprise Mobility Mobile Health Content Delivery Platform OSS/BSS EVD Digital Cloud Based Solutions Digital Publications Messaging Multi Channel Commerce Content Marketing Content Management System
  5. 5., and Summary of Group Companies and Operations DSG has 9 divisions within the group providing specialist solutions advice. The divisions are detailed below: 1. Employee Experiences Employee Relationship Marketing Solutions (ERMS) is the fusion of Win Win Group ( people innovation and DSG relationship marketing & technology innovation. The joint venture formed in March 2008 was conceived to enhance total employee experience. A firm's first customers are its own employees. If the staff understand and wholeheartedly endorse the firm's goals, they will take care of external customers and achieve desired company performance. A firm wants its external customers to consider themselves part of the family and its staff to feel that they are respected and their needs are met. The employees should know and feel that they are the brand. We unleash people to unleash performance and create cultures that perform because people are inspired and proud. The employee experience design of ERMS focuses on the “on boarding” experience through our “Insider” program and total talent management solution, which tracks key employee metrics over time. We provide ongoing training/ interventions such as “I am the brand”, “Business of Winning” and custom motivational events .We provide access for e-learning of 480 programs with online mentors and we facilitate employee privileges and reward programmes. Mobile Tools: Mobilising change is the core business of Mobiletools. The rapid, always-connected mobile content delivery and collaboration platform can be used either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into existing corporate systems. Mobiletools' end-to-end solutions are used by organizations worldwide to achieve better results in their change processes. The solution is offered as a SaaS model that provides the benefits of no capital expense on hardware, rapid deployment, and scalable architecture, no maintenance cost since the service will be hosted on our servers. Our platform can be white-labeled with the user interface being branded to your requirements. In-house deployment solution is available by installing the platform within your environment. Mobile Learning Benefits:  Global content delivery network & server-side trans-coding of media files  Powerful user administration with scheduling and grouping  Automated SMS and email reminders  Mobile content delivery for videos, pictures, podcasts, blog entries, slideshows  Mobile Surveys (MSurvey) feedback & quiz functionality  User-uploaded media from mobile to facilitate collaboration  Web-based SaaS system for single point to administer the learning process – no software installs needed  Provides quick and cost-effective way of implementing learning module  Increase participant motivation and response  Learners learn when they want and where they want  Provides real-time feedback and results, Mobile device provides a personal and confidential means of learning. Once the environment is set up, multiple campaigns can be managed.
  6. 6., and 2. CX Customer Experience Management The Virtual Contact Centre is a Contact Centre solution provider. Our engagement model is flexible and our services are offered on a consulting basis, co-sourcing or outsourcing. We also offer DBOT (Design, Build Operate and Transfer) solutions for companies that wish to eventually incorporate the solution as part of their own operation. Our unique approach to the management of people, process and technology ensures that we provide our clients with a solution that is effective and consistent across all communications channels. Our solutions are cost effective and are based on a “pay per use “model. This means that our customers only pay for the capacity that they use rather than having to cover the costs of employing dedicated people for a particular campaign or ongoing customer care interactions. The Virtual Contact Centre’s vision and mission is that of providing anywhere, anytime access to products and services, utilising our extensive strategic and operational knowledge and experience in the management of multi-channel commerce, communication and employee, customer and partner relationship marketing. The Virtual Contact Centres approach allows organisations to continuously utilise our substantial investment in enabling technology, skilled people and innovative processes with the objective of enabling and assisting all stakeholders in interacting with the Virtual Contact Centre using the most convenient and cost effective channels. Our primary focus is to work closely with clients and help them succeed in setting and meeting your Contact Centre goals and objectives. We offer total support and a commitment to communicate your ideas in a strategic, creative, and cost-effective manner. The Virtual Contact Centre is dedicated to providing a fully managed multichannel and multi commerce Contact Centre solution that enables organisations to implement critical business strategies or tactics aimed at reducing costs and increasing revenues. The Virtual Contact Centre works with both large and small organisations to develop concrete, practical, short and long term action plans whilst leveraging the Virtual Contact Centres substantial upfront investment in technology, infrastructure and applications which are made available to many Clients. The Virtual Contact Centre takes advantage of the need for personal 1 to 1 marketing, service and management skills, the scarcity of those skills in the market, and the lack of any major competitor owning the innovation and service space The Virtual Contact Centre manages a complete 24/7 Contact Centre operation that services the following portfolios including:  Customer Services - Inbound and outbound support, including product support, commerce management, information requests, and web query management, live help interactive management and email management.  Helpdesk Services - Inbound and outbound technical support, including product support, tier 1 and 2 user support and technical information requests.  Mobile Customer Services - Inbound and outbound technical support, including product support, registration/deregistration from services and information requests.  Outbound Sales Services – Outbound sales in the Financial Services sector, Bond origination, Lead generation, Sales generation and Appointment management.
  7. 7., and  ECommerce Services - Inbound and outbound eCommerce management, including web based ecommerce transacting, eCommerce delivery fulfillment and eCommerce Customer services and support.  Customer Experience Management – Implementation of RightNow a new generation on Demand CEM platform that focuses on improving service whilst reducing operational costs. With Digital Solutions Group being granted the rights to distribute RightNow in Africa, the Virtual Contact Centre believes that RightNow will provide it with a competitive edge as the solution is on demand and innovative.  Ticketing Services – Management of inbound and outbound ticketing focused on the entertainment industry. This includes complete call management, processing on ecommerce web applications, confirmation, quality assurance and service delivery.  Consulting Services – DBOT (Design, Build, Operate and Transfer), we are uniquely positioned to provide consulting services that range from the Design phase through to the Transfer phase where we transfer key skills to the organisations Contact Centre Management team to continue operating the Contact Centre.  Workforce Management (WFM) Services – The Virtual Contact Centre offers an enterprise solution that enables organisations to utilise our WFM solution on demand. The Virtual Contact Centre further utilise the WFM solution to further optimise and enhance the resource utilisation within our Contact Centre based on call, email, sms or fax arrival patterns.  International BPO Services – The Virtual Contact Centre further offers business process outsourcing to the international market. The offshoring industry is growing rapidly, with the Virtual Contact Centre focusing on achieving the level necessary to take international calls, and possibly a share of the substantial offshore market. The Analysis included is based on current trends and focuses on the competition in the outsourcing/offshoring space. The Virtual Contact Centre is a results-driven business that provides a complete range of services which allow for the selection of the best technologies, applications and contact centre resources suited to client's requirements. We then combine our expertise in such a way so as to create meaningful, effective Contact Centre for optimal results. The Virtual Contact Centre, with its total focus on quality, further invests in a Business Intelligence Unit that is purely focused on analysing interactions, trends, purchase behaviors, and return on investments. Business Intelligence provides Customers with insight into areas of concern and/or new growth opportunities.
  8. 8., and Virtual Contact Centre Client Profile
  9. 9., and Digital Connect (, an Open Source Innovation Company has been operating and trading since 2007 and has deployed key telephony solutions in South Africa and Africa. Asterisk, The Open Source PBX has enjoyed rapid growth over the past 10 years. As a result, Asterisk continues to challenge larger, more established competitors to claim more market share. With Asterisk, your organisation can adopt corporate phone systems that are designed to be easier to customise and cost a fraction of traditional proprietary systems backed Digital Solutions Group comprehensive Service Level support plans and local engineering skills. Asterisk was originally built as a PBX and today represents an astonishing 18% of the global market for business telephone systems. The base feature set includes many of the most popular and powerful PBX functions. Digital Connect offers PBX, Hybrid, Video Calling, VOIP solutions and Contact Centre technology based on open source ACD, Predictive Dialers, IVR Solutions and Digital Voice logging via the Asterisk Communication Platform and I6net IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video platform). Digital Connect is an accredited Digium training provider and has over 20 years experience in the Telecommunication market. DSG partnered with I6NET Solutions and Technologies, which is a European company, dedicated to research and development of telecommunications and Internet technology. I6Net provides advanced services in voice and video interactivity in line with the latest evolution in telephony. DSG has consistently over the years introduced novel and market winning solutions implementing innovation within its organization and the industry. Integrated solutions using technology, skilled people and evolving end- to-end business processes demonstrate how managing three (3) essential ingredients - People, Processes and Technology not only results in Customer satisfaction but also delighting Customers.
  10. 10., and Digital Connect South African and African Client List:
  11. 11., and 3. Mobile Application Ecosystem Digital Mobile is a division created due to the demand for mobile data services. Given our vast experience in mobile application development we created this division to focus on mobile solutions. Digital Mobile offers mobile technology consulting, product development, implementation and innovation. We enable network operators, Value added service providers and corporate clients to streamline business processes through mobile technology. Digital Mobile is a WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider) with global mobile networks and has vast experience in working with African and global network operators to enhance customer acquisition strategies and ARPU (Average Revenue per USER) and wallet share. Our unique mobile solution development architecture with multiple presentation layers for different operating systems adds huge value to our customer’s relationship marketing initiative, as Mobile is by far the fastest growing channel. Digital Mobile was the most nominated WASP for Awards in the 2004 Mobile Connect WASP awards. We developed unique mobile architecture for M- commerce, M-ticketing, and mobile payments. We provide cross platform custom built applications based on business requirements: We partner with MNO’s and device manufacturers application stores and manage the submission to their application stores and updates on behalf of our Clients. Digital Mobile is responsible for providing solutions into the entire mobile application ecosystem, end to end. With this in mind, we have developed solutions to enhance the value chain from MNO’s through Retailers to the end user.
  12. 12., and Android Smartphones and Tablets DSG has partnered with Nology to bring Smartphones and tablet devices to compliment our range of mobile offerings. These devices are manufactured in partnership with Qualcomm using Qualcomm chipsets and following the Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) program. QRD is designed to streamline the rapid market introduction of Android™ smartphones at lower development costs — drawing on the technical innovation and product quality that have made Qualcomm an industry leader. QRD offers you tools to help bring your product to market faster — including testing and acceptance readiness for leading regional and operator requirements, a comprehensive ecosystem of third-party providers, and easy customization options that allow you to save engineering costs and focus your development efforts on differentiation
  13. 13., and QRD allows you to select from available development platforms, obtain schematics, board layouts, documentation and tools to design a device based on a QRD. QRD makes available a Preferred Vendor List from which device manufacturers may select available third party software applications and third party hardware components which have been tested against various QRDs.  Full Phone solution (HW/SW/ID)  Ready to-go-to market  GCF/CDG/CTS tested Complete Phone
  14. 14., and Digital Mobile Kenya is a joint venture between DSG and Capital Group Kenya. Due to the demand for mobile data services and our vast experience in the mobile arena Digital Solutions Group (DSG) has created Digital Mobile Kenya. A venture with Mr. Chris Kirubi a leading Kenyan entrepreneur who has interests in various sectors of the economy, ranging from media to real estate, manufacturing, insurance and investments. He is a well– established and recognised media owner as Chairman of the Capital Group comprising of a radio station, 98.4 Capital FM and Capital Digital Media. The Capital Group is making a large footprint in the digital media world with the Capital FM website being ranked very high Kenya. We offer a variety of solutions that enable network operators, value added service providers and corporate clients to streamline business processes through mobile technology. Digital Mobile is a WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider) with global mobile networks and vast experience with African and global network operators in their mobile data strategies. We provide digital mobile solutions, ensuring revenue growth for operators and improved customer experience. We developed unique mobile architecture for M-commerce, M-ticketing, and mobile payments. We also distribute products via hosted and managed services on behalf of some of the leading mobile technology vendors. We have large corporate customers and have unique long term partnerships with content owners, broadcasters and advertising agencies. Digital Mobile Client Profile
  15. 15., and Experience it - ( ) is our Event Management Software Solution Company. Experience IT provides event planners with a complete solution to increase event attendance and decrease event costs. By automating the event planning and management processes, our software enables you to focus your time on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Our software is web based on demand or SAAS (Software As a Service) event management solution that is easy-to-use and manages, tracks and reports on every aspect of event activity throughout the whole event management process. The solution is not restricted to only Internet enable attendees and its multi-channel communication architecture combines a call centre, SMS, web and email to cater for the full spectrum of attendees. There are three modules ; Pre event invitation and RSVP where a database is easily uploaded and managed based on communications preference ; Event registration , printing of labels and optional seat allocation via self-help terminal and /or RFID tracking; Post event evaluation form, thank you note and reporting module. We have managed some of South Africa’s largest events such as Metro FM Music Awards, Old Mutual Community Builder of the Year, The Budget Speech Banquet, SABC year-end function and client awards, and Telkom Teacher of the year. Some of our customers that use our software to manage all their events include Old Mutual, Standard Bank, Wesbank, MTN, Vodacom and Proudly SA. ExperienceiT Client Profile
  16. 16., and Digitalise is the software development company within DSG. We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1998 and have developed strong applications using Microsoft technology. Originally, most of the R&D effort was focused on as our shopping portal which won numerous awards. Over the past 10 years DSG has developed innovative software applications and won numerous innovation awards for its solutions framework and multi-channel commerce platform. DSG works closely with each customer on a consultancy basis to design and implement a solution. We do not view the web as a medium but rather as a business-enabling tool.Most will agree that service is now the key factor to any buying decision and therefore service orientated architecture is an essential ingredient for success. We design web centric applications that allow our customers to update all of their service channels simultaneously thus ensuring consistent service across all channels. The web is by far the best reporting tool as access to information is available anywhere, anytime and can be differentiated based on security and authentication. Knowledge management and distribution is therefore very easy to implement when critical information is available on a web application, be it via the Internet, Intranet or Extranet. The Web as a channel is the most interactive self-help channel and most cost effective as provides the lowest service costs. Personalization is easy compared with other channels and therefore the organization can treat different customers differently. Over the years we have designed unique applications such as our campaign management tool called SmartContact which enables our customers to initiate 1to 1 SMS, MMS or e-mail campaigns and analyze campaigns online. Digitalise is the anchor company in the group that developed the software applications and intellectual property that underpins Digital Solutions Group. Digitalise has an established unique development methodology, which ensures that our development remains dynamic, and is always a “work in progress”. Digitalise assists organizations in connecting their business to their suppliers, customers, and the rest of the digital economy. The need for businesses to collaborate efficiently and swiftly with relevant supply chain partners, using an appropriate technology solution is the fundamental premise on which this business model is based. Digitalise has system integration skills that manage the integration of sophisticated products .New systems integration application will be designed using the .Net framework incorporating web services, which will enable third-party vendors to easily connect to the interface. Web services are based on globally accepted SOAP definition languages, which provide OS independence system integration across a common standard.
  17. 17., and Digitalise Client Profile
  18. 18., and 4. Digital Cloud Based Solutions ( is one of South Africa’s leading e- commerce portals. Digital Mall online store was the first in SA to be operationally profitable by May 2000; capturing substantial sales volumes with negligible marketing spend. Following this success many of the largest retail brands in SA joined the Digital Mall network. In January 2001 the Mail and Guardian voted as “the best online mall and best on line retail site for 2000”. Today we either offer a standalone multi- channel commerce solution for customers such as Verimark (the largest direct marketing company in South Africa ( , Eskom ( ) and Debonairs ( ) or we offer suppliers and media distributors such as Nu- Metro and Ster–Kinekor, Krost , LG , Sony , Tarsus , Apple , Pinnacle Micro and many more the ability to offer their products directly to the public via as the online retailer. The e-commerce market is growing steadily in Africa (it currently represents less than 6% of the population) and we therefore constantly increase our range of products and services. Multi-Channel Commerce Solution Overview DSG provides complete and unique commerce solutions from presales marketing communications through to payment collection and completed delivery. The solution which is provided to our clients is fine-tuned, tested and improved through our own experience with our shopping portal
  19. 19., and DSG uses web services and a service orientated architecture to ensure that the web is used as a collaboration environment rather than the just a medium. We build web centric applications that allow our clients to update all channels simultaneously thus ensuring consistent service across all customer interaction channel. Flexible Engagement Model Consulting – Outsourcing – Co Sourcing - SAAS or Managed Services On Demand Delivery eliminates 80% of ownership costs
  20. 20., and 5. Strategic Partnerships CardMobili ( - Digital Card from DSG, is a leading provider of mobile wallet solutions to consumers, mobile operators, service providers and first tier enterprises. Digital Card has created and successfully deployed (in early 2010) the award winning Mobile Wallet Cloud Service, offering the most complete digital and mobile wallet service for loyalty and membership programs, coupons, vouchers and rewards, 1-1 consumer marketing and payments that connect consumers with merchants and brands. Digital Card operates its technology in a cloud based service available worldwide, used by thousands of consumers and deployed at both mobile operators and application services providers within a number of countries; the service is widely accepted at retailers as a means to identify consumers through loyalty and membership cards and to communicate and offer promotions and discounts in the form of mobile coupons. Communitake ( is recognized as a front-runner in remote access technology over mobile devices. It established an industry first by combining advanced enterprise mobility solutions with a full remote support stack. CommuniTake introduces operators to new revenue generating programs, cost cutting support solutions, automated issue resolution processes and an innovative white label model. Our products have been implemented at some of the leading service providers help desks centers and global corporations. The company was awarded RIM's 2010 EMEA innovation award for service excellence. Solutions  CommuniTake Remote Support: remote access to mobile devices and PCs allowing providing support as the support agent in holding the device in his hands.  CommuniTake Guidance Portal: self-troubleshooting and guidance portal leveraging remote access technology.  CommuniTake Community Support: person-to-person remote access to mobile devices and PCs, allowing a friends and family support collaboration without approaching the contact center.  CommuniTake On-Device Repair: an on-device application that performs automated diagnostics and repair procedures for device's connectivity and services, fostering better device utilization.
  21. 21., and  CommuniTake Device Manager: a comprehensive devices fleet management feature set including, assets management, policies management, mass deployments and use control.  CommuniTake Device Guard: device protection feature set including locate device, activate alarm, remote lock, remote wipe and device data backup and restore.  CommuniTake Location Shield: location based device facilities shutdown such as camera, Wi-Fi, calls etc.  CommuniTake Remote Expert: expert guidance from afar for field professionals via remote access technology.  CommuniTake iOS APP Support: application embedded library for remote support on iOS application level. Watchitoo ( combines video conferencing, collaboration and video into a single cloud based platform, serving the Education, Media, Entertainment and Corporate markets. • Media & Entertainment • Social TV • Celebrity & After Show Q&As • Contests • Auditions • Up-Fronts • Education & Training • Higher Education • Corporate Training • Seminars • Learning Management System Integration • Live Events • Conferences • Fashion Shows • Events & Parties • Corporate • Online Meetings • Webinars • Product Launches • Recruiting • Sales Meetings m-Wise is an End to End solution provider for results-driven Mobile Content Marketing and Monetization. Founded in 2000, m-Wise combines field-proven technology with an in-house expertise in mobile marketing to offer its customers a single, reliable bridge into the mobile realm. The world’s leading Content stores, Content Channels, Advertisers and Brand Owners today use m-Wise’s offering to engage consumers and boost mobile-mediated sales, branding and affinities, including Universal Music Group, Fox Mobile Group, Thumbplay, Latcel, Digicel, Interchan and many others. The company’s offering comprises 3 market-specific solutions for Content Stores, Content Owners and Advertisers, supported by two extensive product Suites, a wide range of services and a robust underlying technology platform. Headquartered in New York, the Company maintains a development center in Israel and a Latin America Sales Office in San Paulo.
  22. 22., and m-Store allows content Stores to rapidly create Mobile Storefronts, providing an end-to-end solution for content presentation, management, delivery and billing. The solution supports all types of digital content such as music, games, apps and video and is complemented by the M-Wise Media Suite, a flexible choice of out-of-the-box end-user applications designed by m-Wise, to enhance content exposure and customer interactivity. m-Affinity enables content brands like music artists, TV shows, coachers, inspirational teachers and sports groups to extend their reach and monetize their offering on Mobile. The m-Affinity solution combines m-Wise’s technology and Mobile Marketing expertise for optimal adaptation of existing content, campaigns and look-and-feel into Mobile. m-Engage carries consumer and other brands into Mobile. Designed to enhance brand recognition and exposure, as well as customer retention and acquisition, m- Engage is the most advanced solution for planning, creating and implementing your Mobile marketing strategy VIA Consulting ( assists DSG in the provisioning of advanced Financial Services grade USSD solutions to include subscribers with NO internmet access.
  23. 23., and 6. Case Studies BACKGROUND DSG worked with Simba PepsiCo and InDeed consulting to create Key Account Managers Outlet Opportunity Assessment Application for Simba/Pepsi. THE CHALLENGES 1. DSG had to develop a cloud based Architecture and Content Management System to host all of the business rules and forward share calculations; 2. We had to ensure that UI /UX would meet the time spent in store and therefore the flow of information would direct the Key Account Manager into completing the store walk with all of the data required; 3. A report at the end of the store walk that must be instantly shared with their Customer based on a complex business rules engine including “if“– “then workflow. THE RESULTS The iPad App is used by the South Africa team with great results and we are currently looking at phase II enhancements. Based on the success of the app locally Simba is evaluating the use of the App globally. This includes Backed Portal allows for web based content management including: • Key Account Manager Authentication (Access) • Brand and Pack Sizes • Segments, Products • Stand Products, Stand Product Mix • Forward Share and • Head Office Reporting CONCLUSION DSG successfully positioned themselves as strategic partners with Indeed and Simba and we are looking to launch the App globally in the near future.
  24. 24., and
  25. 25., and BACKGROUND DSG selected as PPC‘s mobile strategic partner in 2012 in assisting PPC differentiate the PPC brand in a competitive and price sensitive market. DSG wanted to harness the benefits of PPC Cement's 15% more in each bag of cement you buy by creating the PPC Builder's App that would help show the value beyond the bag and build a direct relationship with PPC customers who generally buy from retail. Builders have valuable information at their disposal on even the most remote of sites, Builders can manage work schedules by checking the weather within the App on different constructions sites and locate the nearest PPC stockist. A host of other useful tips, advice and tools are available on the app. Each allows the builder and their teams to be the best builders they can be. THE CHALLENGES 1. PPC has increased competition from foreign companies in a very price sensitive Market; 2. Cross platform development to cater for all smartphones within the selected target market; 3. Retail locator integration within South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland and supportive mapping to show the nearest retail outlet to the Builder; 4. Design of business rules around the Cement Calculators within the App; 5. Web services integration to provide a five (5) day weather forecast based on location; 6. Design of spirit level measurement tool and torch allowing for continuous utilisation of the App. SUPPORTED DEVICES:  IOS v3.0+ including iPad  Android v2.0+ including Tablets  Blackberry v6.0+ PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Development of a cross platform application cementing PPC’s differentiation and providing an innovative edge over PPC competitors. This includes entrenching the PPC brand as part of the builder’s everyday life whilst maintaining top of mind awareness.
  26. 26., and
  27. 27., and BACKGROUND DSG has been working with MTN since 2005 with the primary focus on enabling core digital assets across both Consumer and Business segments. DSG works with MTN as WASP (Wireless Applications Service Provider) and serves a variety of customers with value added services across all mobile networks, and directly as a content and service provider for MTN branded solutions such as MTN on the Go and MTN Football. THE CHALLENGES 1. Leverage on the emergence of tablets and mobile devices to make proactive decisions based on insight derived from source BI systems; 2. Improve and speed up the decision-making cycle and make better-informed decisions, under business conditions that are time sensitive with access anytime, anywhere; 3. Assure return on investment (ROI) by making use of current platforms including integration with pre-existing infrastructure, leveraging and providing additional value to C Level Executives and Business Unit Managers; 4. Ability to quickly view up-to-the-minute KPI reports and data in an innovative application designed specifically for mobile and SharePoint; 5. Transformation of critical business intelligence into immersive mobile analytics, instantly delivered to any Mobile device and SharePoint; 6. Leverage MTN Web Services, extract, transform and load (ETL) data to the DSG Warehouse for presentation on Mobile devices. SUPPORTED DEVICES:  IOS v3.0+ including iPad  Android v2.0+ including Tablets  Blackberry v5.0+ including Play book  Windows Phone PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Key Dashboard Reports and Key Business Indicators considered critical to MTN C Level executives and other Business Unit Managers allowing for management of KPIs, dashboards promoting visualised and tracking of trends, focusing on key business areas and alignment of resources and activities. The current BI dashboard did not support today's on-the-move, always-on professional - quick, agile and interactive for faster decision making.
  28. 28., and INTEGRATION ELEMENTS  Login/Register and Authentication;  Permits the viewing of KPI charts or lists and navigation to predefined drill paths to view additional details;  Allows for the personalisation of screen displays by changing color schemes and fonts, selecting favorites, or saving bookmarks;  Allow for data to be modified in columns and to explore data in any direction;  Ability to act on information via a variety of mechanisms, most notably email and annotations;  Recognises and be configurable for the required mobile device and deliver optimal content display for each type;  Provides real time (online) updates and offline capabilities;  Provides functionalities for effective alerts and messaging on both mobile and web front ends;  Support intelligent delivery of information based on profile and preference;  Support for Leave and Cash Expense management; THE RESULTS Native applications exposed to C Level and Business Managers allowing for immediate access to key information including Business Indicators, Cash Expense Management and Leave Management.
  29. 29., and BACKGROUND DSG has been working with Vodacom on mobile commerce since March 2000, when DSG launched the first mobile commerce transaction in the world on DSG works with Vodacom as WASP (Wireless Applications Service Provider) and serve a variety of customers with value added services across all mobile networks, and directly as a content and service provider for Vodacom branded solutions such as Vodacom Lotto. THE CHALLENGES 1. Vodacom wanted a cross platform application on all devices; 2. Integration to Lidonga Tech Lotto product with full functionality provided via API; 3. Payment Integration to wallet. SUPPORTED DEVICES:  IOS v3.0+ including iPad  Android v2.0+ including Tablets  Blackberry v5.0+ including Play book  Symbian S60 PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT Development of a Lottery mobile application front-end integrated with the Lidonga Tech Lotto product via full functionality API. The mobile application front-end provides all the core functionalities, layouts, navigation elements and specific gaming process flows. INTEGRATION ELEMENTS  Login/Register and Authentication  Various Game plays o Lotto and Lottoplus o Powerball o Sportstake  Multi type game plays o Traditional o Quickpick o Random  Lottery Wallet Integration  SNS Integration  Transactional History
  30. 30., and THE RESULTS The Development of a cross platform application whereby the wallet can be topped up via Cash deposit into bank account, or EFT - Internet Banking Transfer to our bank account or Using your debit or credit Visa or MasterCard PIN based bank card. Once your wallet successfully receives your funds, we'll send you an SMS free of charge thanking you for your deposit and showing your wallet balance. On successful plays you are not charged for your SMS however info and other requests are charged at 25c per SMS.
  31. 31., and BACKGROUND DSG is currently working with Virgin Mobile on its Mobile, Mobisite and Desktop Self Care App. The project is currently under development however we have included screenshots as reference. SUPPORTED DEVICES:  IOS v3.0+ including iPad  Android v2.0+ including Tablets  Blackberry v5.0+ including Play book  Symbian S60  Mobisite  Windows and Mac Desktop Self Care Applications
  32. 32., and
  33. 33., and DSG Corporate Social Investment The Digital Solution Group believes in the values of corporate social investment and is actively involved in a number of projects. Overall more than 10% of group profit is invested back into the community.  Sponsorship of Nelson Mandela Foundation ICT Strategy, Web Site, Webcast, 0800046664 Contact Centre, 46664 Campaign (  Sponsorship of Contact in Gauteng Industry portal (  Sponsorship of BAC (Business against Crime) and SAPS Crime Stop initiative.  Participation in the Proudly South African Campaign  Sponsorship of the Maharishi Institute with furniture , PC’s and website (  Sponsorship of Invincible Outsourcing Contact Centre Presence Licensing.  Sponsorship of ecommerce and mobile learning for United Against Malaria ( ) DSG Values Communication Honest and open communication through accessibility, information sharing and freedom of expression Continual Improvement, Growth and Development Encouraging continual improvement to the benefit of customers and the Group by creating an environment for all individuals to develop to their fullest potential Customer Service A total focus on customer needs to meet or exceed their expectations at all times Empowerment, Accountability, Participation and Entrepreneurship Encouraging individual empowerment and accountability and fostering participation and entrepreneurship “Can Do” Attitude We have a “Can Do Attitude” and live up to Walt Disney famous words “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” Equal Opportunity Promoting equal opportunity without any exclusion
  34. 34., and Integrity, Professionalism and Ethics Consistently conducting ourselves in an honest, professional and ethical manner with a “Can Do!” attitude Quality Pursuing quality as a way of life We are all MAD (Meticulous Attention to Detail) Being totally focused on the detail of everything that we do Respect, Dignity and Trust Valuing and respecting individuality, upholding human dignity and nurturing trust Synergy and Teamwork Harnessing the strength of each individual and the unit to provide superior value to the benefit of customers Effective Leadership Leadership that ensures decisive action, clear strategic direction and alignment of goals Wealth Creation and Fair Reward Optimising the creation of wealth by providing recognition and fair return to all