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What My Son Taught Me About Social Media Marketing for SMBs


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Why are small businesses leaning so heavily into connection and relationship marketing?

This is not a how-to webinar, but instead an examination of the generational human forces that provide instinctive advantages for business social networking.
This webinar will explore the power of weak ties and tribes and how different generations approach networking for professional results.
Personal examples and references to Dr. Meg Jay's book, "The Defining Decade" will provide substantive background on why social networking makes sense to businesses run by baby boomers today.

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What My Son Taught Me About Social Media Marketing for SMBs

  1. 1. Generations & The Networking Advantage Tribes, Weak Ties & Personal Capital
  2. 2. Alex
  3. 3. Local Business Marketing Spend: 2013 BIA Kelsey Research
  4. 4. Puzzled By A Trend
  5. 5. Why Does Connection Marketing Instinctively Matter to Biz Operators? BIA Kelsey Research
  6. 6. Seth Godin: Internet and Hanging With Your Tribe
  7. 7. Urban Tribes, Identity Capital, Weak Ties
  8. 8. Trouble: Crisis NOW, Capital is for LATER
  9. 9. Identity Capital • How we build ourselves piece by piece over time • Repertoire of assembled individual assets • Most importantly, what kids bring to the adult marketplace
  10. 10. Can a Tribe Really Help? • Similarity breeds connection • Homogeneous clique • Incestuous group • Restricted speech
  11. 11. Strength of Weak Ties • Weak Ties are the people we have met, or are connected to somehow, but do not currently know well and have not been promoted to close friends • Force us to communicate from a place of difference…with Elaborated Speech • Requires us to make our points more fully • Promotes more thoughtful Growth and Change
  12. 12. Biz Stone: Co-founder Twitter on Colbert Report
  13. 13. The FB News Feed Challenge
  14. 14. FB Reducing Weak Tie Network
  15. 15. Weak Ties • The people we know the least are the most transformative • New things always come from outside your inner circle • Twenty-somethings resist leveraging the strength of their weak ties – I want to get a job on my own – I hate networking – That’s not my style
  16. 16. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google “ Y-E-S is how you get your first job, and your next job, and your spouse, and even your kids. Even if it’s a bit edgy, a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means you will do something new, meet someone new, and make a difference.”
  17. 17. Boomers Get Weak Ties • College campus: playground to explore, chase identity, and begin stalking change • Learned that interconnectedness is not texting friends at 1am- but reaching out to weak ties that make a difference to our lives even though they don’t have to • Engaging human grace vs. servile respect • But, boomers have grown distant and apart- Social Networks new playground for old skills
  18. 18. Biggest increases in Social Media usage found among older age groups • 43% of internet users aged 65 and older reported being social networking site users as of May, a large jump from 32% at the end of 2012 • 60% of internet users aged 50-64 used social networks as of May, up from 52% in December
  19. 19. Boomers Run Marketing Now BIA Kelsey Research
  20. 20. Social Media Marketing: Harvesting Weak Ties & Personal Capital
  21. 21. Wishing You (and Alex) A Long Life of Weak Ties Adam Japko President DigitalSherpa