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Increase Fan Engagement through Social Promotions


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DigitalSherpa and Wildfire present give you a look at how you can increase fan engagement on Facebok and other social platforms through well thought out social campaigns and promotions.

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Increase Fan Engagement through Social Promotions

  1. 1. Increasing Fan Engagement ThroughSocial Media Campaigns #SocialPromo
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Bethany Tsui Bethany Tsui has been with Wildfire by Google for over a year. She first joined Wildfires Sales team, working strategically with big brands, and initiating early efforts to expand growth into France.  In early 2012, she became a part of Wildfires Business Development group as a Partner Advisor for small business growth. Currently, Bethany manages all Channel Partnerships at Wildfire by Google.Twitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  3. 3. Today’s Presenters Lauren Thomas Lauren Thomas is the Campaign Manager at DigitalSherpa. Lauren has been an active Facebook user since 2004 and has worked for several marketing firms including two social media marketing startups and a global interactive marketing agency. Along the way, Lauren has worked with a variety of clients, ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Connect with Lauren on Twitter @HelloLT.Twitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  5. 5. About Digital Sherpa • Our mission is to run your internet marketing so you can run your business • Our solutions help clients attract and engage prospects, create leads, and drive new Web traffic. • Services include: – Content Marketing – Custom Web Design – Social Media MarketingTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  6. 6. Who is Digital Sherpa? • 70+ employees • 1400+ clients • Create 10,000+ blog posts per month • Attract 4+ million visitors • Generate 8+ million pageviews Tweetable: The @DigitalSherpas team creates over 10k blog posts per month. #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  7. 7. Agenda • Facebook Landscape in 2013 • Wildfire and Social Media Campaign Platforms • Managing a Successful Social Promotion • Key Takeaways • Q + A away! Share questions and comments with @DigitalSherpas Tweet and @WildfireApp using #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  9. 9. Benefits of Facebook Marketing • 1 billion+ monthly active users • Low-cost marketing channel – Raise brand awareness – Connect with customers and prospects – Drive traffic to your website – Offer deals and promotions – Provide online customer support Tweetable: 77% of B2C companies & 43% of B2B companies acquired customers from #Facebook in 2012. #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  10. 10. Facebook in 2013 • Multimedia content is crucial • Users have more control • Updates only reach a fraction of fans • EdgeRank determines your impact Tweetable: 80% of social network users prefer to connect with brands through #Facebook. #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  11. 11. What is EdgeRank? • EdgeRank determines the reach and placement of every item published to the Newsfeed • EdgeRank is optimized daily to filter the signal from the noise Tweetable: #Facebook users spend 40% of their time on the news feed. #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  12. 12. What Influences EdgeRank? • EdgeRank consists of three main factors – Affinity – Weight – Time • Increase Engagement  Increase Reach Tweetable: In #Facebook #marketing, increased engagement leads to greater reach and higher sales potential. #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  13. 13. Types of Content • Posts • Questions – Photos • Ads – Videos • Promotions – Links – Status Tweetable: #Facebook posts that include a picture generate about 120% more engagement. #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  14. 14. Why Social Campaigns? • Engage and attract fans • Grow your online audience • Increase brand awareness • Encourage fan feedback • Generate leads • Drive salesTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  16. 16. Wildfire Enables Brand Marketing Across Social Networks Your BrandTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  17. 17. Wildfire at a Glance Serve 30 of World’s Top 50 Brands • Leading provider of social marketing software • Founded 2008 – acquired by Google in 2012 • Powered 300K+ campaigns in over 130 countries • Integrates with all major social networksTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  18. 18. Wildfire Social Marketing Platform • World leader in social promotions • Beautiful and engaging Facebook page management • Efficient Social Messaging • Advanced AnalyticsTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  19. 19. Create, Run, and Manage Engaging Promotions • Six-step wizard to launch engaging promotions • Widest selection of promotion formats in the industry • Powerful data: – Collect lead data – Referral sources – know how users got to your app – Advanced demographics – Likes and followers gained • Design flexibility: – Operate within standard templates or modify templates with CSS • Publish to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MicrositeTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  20. 20. Easily Create Engaging Content at ScaleTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  21. 21. CASE STUDY
  22. 22. LiveJamz Holiday GiveawayTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  23. 23. LiveJamz Holiday Giveaway • Campaign Results – Generated over 1,300 views and 430 entries – Facebook fans increased 954% • Success Factors – Offer a prize that resonates with fans – Offer multiple prizes to encourage more entries – Promote across a variety of social networks – Conduct outreach to online groups of Phish fans – Connect with a key moment in timeTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  25. 25. Types of Social Promotions • Signup Form • Sweepstakes • Coupons • Photo/Video/Essay Contests • Quizzes • TriviaTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  26. 26. Facebook Promotions Guidelines • DO Use a third-party app • DO Keep it legal • DO NOT Associate your promotion with Facebook • Do NOT Use Facebook features or functionality • Do NOT Notify winners through FacebookTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  27. 27. Develop Your Campaign • Give yourself a realistic timeline • Clear and concise copy • Strong visual elements • Enticing offer/prize/benefit • Ease of entry • Platform agnosticTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  28. 28. Spread the Word • Promote your campaign across digital channels – Social networks (i.e.; Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) – Website / Blog – E-newsletter • Integrate offline and online social promotions – Word of mouth – In-store signageTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  29. 29. Follow Up • Integrate promotion data into your marketing – Lead capture • E-mail nurturing • Direct mail • Other marketing efforts • Convert leads to sales • Be consistent!Twitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  30. 30. Key Takeaways • Craft a campaign that abides by rules and legal guidelines • Align your offer with your audience • Use a variety of tactics and platforms to market your campaign • Stay connected with your audience Tweetable: Align your offer w/ your audience to create a compelling #socialmedia campaign. #socialpromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  31. 31. Campaign Sherpa• DigitalSherpa can work with you to: – Execute and manage your campaign – Show real, measurable results – Increase engagement
  32. 32. What’s Next • Every webinar attendee will receive – A recording of the presentation – An exclusive offer from DigitalSherpa • The first 3 people to sign up for CampaignSherpa will receive a 10% discount Q+A Tweet your questions using #SocialPromoTwitter Hashtag: #SocialPromo
  33. 33. Let’s Stay In TouchIf you have any questions or would like acopy of this presentation, please e-mailLauren at lthomas@digitalsherpa.comIf youre interesting in receiving aconsultation about your own social mediastrategies, visit: /digitalsherpas /digitalsherpas