10 Things All Businesses Should Know About Google+


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I know you are already feeling overwhelmed and spread thin by the proliferation of social media platforms and an ever mounting daily task list, but if growing your business and getting more clients excites you then so should Google+.

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10 Things All Businesses Should Know About Google+

  1. 1. 10 ThingsBusinessesShould KnowAbout Google+
  2. 2. 10 Things Businesses Should Know About Google+Today, social media marketing is the new black in online advertising. It’s everywhere: brands arescrambling to deploy their own strategies; websites are trying their best to interact with theirsocial communities; social networking sites are becoming increasingly central in the way people usethe Internet. So it’s no surprise that businesses small, mid-sized, end even large are looking intothe best places to execute social media marketing strategies to boost their bottom-line.Google+ is one such place.What Do Businesses Need To Know About Google+?1. Google’s Serious About It, and so Should Any Business Invested in Online MarketingWhen Google rolls out an algorithm update, business ownersaround the world cringe. Google is the largest, mostpowerful, and most influential search engine in the world.Google-related news that in reality is quite nominal can stillmake waves – like co-founder and CEO Larry Page losing hisvoice and missing a few events, for instance. So when thecompany’s serious about something, so should any seriousbusiness that wants to succeed in social media marketing andmake it big on the Internet.Despite being only barely a year old (as of this writing),Google+ has caused quite a big stir in circles like socialmedia, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization.And unlike previous attempts by Google to dive into thesocial networking boom – Orkut, Wave, and Buzz, to wit – inGoogle+, they really swung for the fences. Google’s seriouslyserious about growing Google+ into probably as big an entity in the web as Google Search.Google Search has grown to such heights as to dictate which businesses succeed and fail online. Itwould be best for businesses to have invested in Google+ if and when Google has its way and itachieves something similar in the future.2. It’s Growing, BUT...Every growing venture will hurdle its share of road bumps. For Google+, the obstacles includecontinuously fading user interest and more diverse existing competition such as Facebook, amongothers.As of May 2012, Google+ already registered over 200 million users. If that sounds measly comparedto Facebook’s over 900 million users registered as of last march 2012, then consider that Google+has yet to celebrate its first anniversary. But there’s a problem. Not all registered users are activelyparticipating in the Google+ community, and many of them are spending less and less time sharingon Google+ from the first time they sign up.And then there’s Facebook. When Google+ first came out as an invite-only project, the web was
  3. 3. instantly awash in debates pegging it as a challenger to the social media supremacy of Facebook. Asthe revolution of social media marketing is currently changing the online advertising landscape, theimportance of who sits on the social media throne is made more prominent – and the top twocontenders are Google+ and Facebook. Obviously, Google+ has a mountain or two to scale before itcan tackle Facebook, and Zuckerberg’s giant is a very big “BUT” in Google+’s way.The above two items give an overall idea of the current outlook for Google+. However, they don’texactly present actionable data for businesses. What social media marketing benefits canbusinesses expect from Google+?3. Again, Google’s Serious about ItIt’s just too important that it merits a second mention: Google is dead serious about Google+, andso the company is going out of its way to incorporate everything it can into the social media sharingtool. And the assets Google has been stuffing into Google+ are as numerous as they are valuable forsocial media marketing.YouTube videos, Search Plus Your World, the +1 button – these are just some of Google’s productsand services that the company is packing into Google+. Businesses can leverage all of these servicesto bolster their online presence and authority through one platform: Google+.4. It’s Got Some Awesome Features for MarketingSearch Plus Your World and the +1 Button are the more obvious functionalities and special featuresthat businesses can use better if they invest in Google+. Other awesome advertising features awaitthe keenest of marketers, however, only when they decide to sign up.Google+’s Circles makes it easier to segregate followers and contacts – a business’ target market.Businesses can categorize specific demographics or separate leads that qualify for specialpromotions. Google+ allows a single contact to be in multiple Circles too. Circles makes it fareasier to launch targeted campaigns to specific lead segments.Another noteworthy feature is Google+’s Hangouts. For socialmedia marketing purposes, a Hangouts session can become aninformal, private webinar-type event that includes live videostreaming and even supports Google Translate.And of course, there is extensive rel=”author” and rel=”publisher”attribution going on. Google+ made it easier for businesses andbusiness owners to verify that they wrote or crafted specificcontent around the web, which significantly helps build authorityand online presence.Okay, so the marketing edge is there, but what sort of audiencecan companies expect to get from the Google+ community?5. Expect Testosterone and Tech Geeky-nessAround 60% of Google+ users are tech-savvy males who love sharing content about technology. Thisdemographic typically consists of university students and young IT professionals. Evidently,
  4. 4. businesses can expect some machismo going on, and a lot of geeky sharing – which meansbusinesses who have a large demographic of either young adult males or tech-savvy inclinations (orboth) can likewise expect to delve into a potentially huge and active following in Google+.6. It’s More of a Snack than a MealBusinesses should craft social content that doesn’t take up too much time when planning socialmedia marketing and content strategies for Google+. Because when it comes to how much timeusers spend in it, it pales in comparison to such networks as Facebook and Pinterest. Facebook’svarious time sinks (apps, games, Pages, sharing, and general online socializing with contacts) cantake up to eight hours of the time spent online by its active users. On the other hand, the highlyvisual Boards in Pinterest pique the interest of its mostly female users for an average of 100minutes. In comparison, Google+ users spend an average of a bit over three minutes on theirGoogle+ profiles before wasting time elsewhere on the web.With this sort of audience businesses can expect from Google+, won’t it be a bit more difficultstrategizing for social media marketing there than on other platforms? What sort of challenges canbusinesses expect when investing time, money, and effort in Google+?7. Google’s Trying to Go It AloneWhile Google isn’t shy in integrating a wide range of its own services and products into Google+, itsexternal integration capabilities are near zero. This is a major advantage where Facebook reignssupreme. With Facebook’s powerful and far-reaching Application Programming Interface (API),websites the world over can choose to integrate Facebook into their user interfaces. Logging intosomewhere else using a Facebook account is now the norm. For Google+, this isn’t an option.Google’s reach is far and wide, and it as close to omnipresent and ubiquitous as a brand canbecome. But without an API for wide-scale external website integration, unless Google takes overthe web in its entirety, Google+ will not be able to reach a vast number of people surfing theInternet.8. Not Much Market Diversity and EngagementSocial engagement is a key factor in driving social mediamarketing performance; in fact, users engaging withsocial content can increase conversion rates forwebsites by over 150%. But with Google+’s usersspending only a mere 3.3 minutes on the social sharingplatform, businesses will be hard-pressed to think upnew strategies and tactics to better engage their targetmarket.Adding to the conundrum of low social engagement isthe lack of market diversity. With a predominantlymale, technologically savvy population, Google+ spaceis lush marketing ground for companies who focus ontechnology, gadgets, and computing. There will come apoint in time, however, when investments from companies with other target demographics will beneeded to sustain Google+’s profitability and usefulness as a marketing machine. If Google+’s
  5. 5. community doesn’t diversify as it grows past its first anniversary, its growth may be hampered byits unintentional, one-dimensional focus on everything tech.Now that Google+’s current situation, the social media marketing advantages, the community, andthe challenges have been laid out, there are only a couple of things of importance about Google’ssocial media platform that businesses should know about. What awaits Google+ in the future?9. For the Last Time: Google’s Really Serious about ItThis is the final time this fact will be mentioned, and by now concerned businesses should havememorized it: Google is sticking with this venture to the very end. Google+ is here to stay, andGoogle is putting as much push as it can behind Google+’s drive. This is one of the main reasonsFacebook should be threatened by Google+. It could very well be the Android to Facebook’s Apple,and all because Google is playing for keeps – the company’s really serious about it.Google+ represents Google’s views of the future. A future where social media pervades everything– from e-commerce to just general Internet browsing. Unlike Facebook that only developed an armspecifically for businesses and marketing because of the impressive growth of its user base,Google+ was designed for individuals and companies from the get-go, in anticipation of a futurewhere web browsing and social media are inseparably intertwined.10. It’s Waiting for SomethingGoogle+ is a social sharing tool, not the social networking platform that Facebook is and has stayedmore or less true to since its inception. Google+’s aim is to be the one place where people can goand share everything they care about to everyone they care for in a World Wide Web that isentangled in personalized e-commerce, social media-powered browsing, and intelligent search.This is what Google+ is waiting for – this future where its function and its endeavor will be centralto everything.And it’s inevitable, really, that the advent of personalized e-commerce comes into fruition; thatsocial media marketing becomes merged with pretty much everything else; that search will be associal as it is universal. And Google+ is waiting for this inescapable future to take off, and anybusiness serious about social media marketing and becoming successful online will do well to waitalong with it.If there are 10 things businesses should know about Google+ for social media marketing, it’s the 10things listed above.WAS THIS HELPFUL?SHARE OR CONNECT WITH US ONLINE!digitalsherpa.com/blogwww.facebook.com/digitalsherpaswww.twitter.com/digitalsherpaswww.linkedin.com/company/digital-sherpawww.youtube.com/digitalsherpas