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How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Customer Service


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Here's the keynote by Vishal Dhar, Co-founder and President Marketing - iYogi, on how the Internet of Things is revolutionizing customer service, presented at the 2014 IoT World event in Palo Alto, California.

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How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Customer Service

  1. 1. How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Customer Service
  2. 2. Keynote How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Customer Service Internet of Things World Event Palo Alto, California June, 17-18 Vishal Dhar Co-founder & President Marketing
  3. 3. Trillions of IoT enabled devices If customer intelligence is one of the primary enablers of great service delivery, IoT presents the greatest opportunity Remotely monitor and capture data from everyday devices that drive modern life
  4. 4. Connections in the IoT ecosystem often stop at device-to-user utility, missing out on broader opportunities IoT has a deeper and a more transformative potential Potential to disrupt and revolutionize customer service
  5. 5. …driven by 1:1 customer engagement practices becoming a reality In an age of pervasive automation, we will witness a new ‘service’ conversation Automated, proactive support and a new layer of connectivity and automation in our customer engagement
  6. 6. Customer service revolution driven by IoT holds the key Most technologists and users, dazzled by the broad scope fail to realize how IoT can elevate the bottom line Increase customer lifetime Grow ARPU Uncover new revenue opportunities Reduce costs through automated support
  7. 7. Top 10 Drivers for Service Innovation in the Emerging IoT World
  8. 8. 1.Unified customer service management platforms Across hybrid IoT ecosystems providing integrated support channels, apps, databases, and user tools for an enhanced customer experience
  9. 9. 2.Synchronized customer intelligence Processed in real-time across users, devices, functionalities and location preferences
  10. 10. 3.Going beyond real-time to future-time Pre-emptive support by combining customer intelligence with predictive analytics
  11. 11. Improved manageability Always on, interconnected networks 4.
  12. 12. Balancing automation and human interaction Intelligent interventions that will qualify issues and optimal resolutions with self-service assets, utilities and service requests 5.
  13. 13. Devices, and not consumers will interact with the support layer Devices will interact with a support layer, to fix things proactively, and make decisions without human intervention through automated customer service 6.
  14. 14. Costs of service management will be driven down Through preemptive management and support automation 7.
  15. 15. Service platforms will unlock the hidden revenue opportunities Customer intelligence streamed in real time that provides insights that help in anticipating customer need to purchase products and services 8.
  16. 16. Personalization and engagement Big Data driven personalization combined with on-demand service engagement 9.
  17. 17. Subscription management Managing entitlement and subscription life-time for customers across multiple devices 10.
  18. 18. The World's Most Powerful Service Platform