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WORKSHOP: Inovation Lab- Discover Careers and New Trends in Digital & Social Media Marketing


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WORKSHOP: Innovation Lab. Monday March 28th- Discover Careers and New Trends in Digital & Social Media Marketing.

Attendees will learn about career opportunities and obtain FREE training in Digital and Social Media Marketing fields. This workshop is designed to teach anyone about Careers in Digital Marketing and Social Media, as well to learn the basics of SEO Search Engine Marketing and discuss the new trends in Digital Marketing: Social Media and Mobile Marketing. Learn how to obtain Free Certifications from Google and other, major well-known Social Media Companies.

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Mary Pozo is an Integrated Digital Marketing expert and member of the America Marketing Association. With over 9 years of experience on the agency side, Mary has worked with clients such as HP, LATimes, and She has been the creative Director for, and Media Buy Manager for Media Trust (now Oneqube). Mary is the founder of Blue Media Consulting, and she's currently the Head of Digital Strategy at

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WORKSHOP: Inovation Lab- Discover Careers and New Trends in Digital & Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. & Free Training in Digital and Social Media Marketing Fields Mary Pozo Integrated Digital Marketing Manager, Art Works for Change Founder of Blue Media Consulting & Digital Director
  2. 2. EXCITING NEWS “Digital Ad Spending Surges to Record High as Mobile and Social Grow More Than 50%.” Translation: Companies want Digital advertising = Increase Demand for people with digital and social media skills
  3. 3. Next Event In April
  4. 4. ● Member of the American Marketing Association ● 9 Years of Marketing Experience Agency Side ● Double Major Marketing and Tech Management ● 2005 Webmaster, 24/7 Real Media (public) ● 2006 Creative Director, Empire Media ● 2007 Online Operations, Empire Media/ (B2B search Engine) ● 2008 Media Buy Manager, Media Trust ( ● 2010 Founder, Blue Media Group ● 2016 Integrated Marketing, Arts for Change
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda • About Mary • Hottest skills of 2015- 2016 • Skill Diversification and why important • Tips for Digital Marketing job search • What is SEO and Social Media Marketing? • What is Integrated Digital Marketing? • Questions
  6. 6. Some Job Names in Online marketing SEM: Search Engine Marketing SEO: Search Engine Optimization SMM: Social Media Marketing PPC: Pay per click (paid advertising) SMO: Social Media Optimization Content marketing click link for more info
  7. 7. Hottest Skills of 2015 & 2016
  8. 8. Source
  9. 9. Source: es/online-marketing-manager- salary-SRCH_KO0,24.htm Another example
  10. 10. Online Marketing Salaries LINK Promoted with n the field 60K to 80K 80K to 120K 60K to 80K Online Marketing Manager 63K SEO Manager 64K
  11. 11. STANDING OUT In Digital Marketing A lot of demand for these type of jobs-competitive
  12. 12. Diversification: Key To Be Noticed Become very marketable: employees come to you- instead you to them • Complementary skills – Marketing + Technology + HTML + Management • Unconventional set skills – Marketing + Video Production + Environmental (work at a none profit, or a TV channel, etc) • Recommended Aid: Additional Certifications: PMP, Adwords, Google Analytics, CISCO, etc. Harvard and Stanford –extended school cert • Key: Work internships with a big corporation (be stock in a job –one that you like)
  13. 13. Unconventional Job Search -less competitive channel- • Facebook story (match + follow + seek an opening) • TV Story unconventional skill set • Non profit story from volunteer to full time job Pick a company that matches your goals or dreams, and make it yours. - Believe in the company -Study Culture -Their products -The people (little of cyberstalking) CEO Online Marketing Firm Where to open an office next? Customized intro package
  14. 14. Resume alone it’s not good enough Have great online Reputation USE: • Twitter presence • Instagram • LinkedIn • Snapchat – 100 million daily active users • Other Social Networks if you join a community • – works with LinkedIn
  15. 15.
  16. 16. LinkedIn Example of having a good presence online
  17. 17. Snapchat -corporate & job- • Snapchat of 2011 is not the Snapchat of 2016 • 100 million daily active users • As of June 2015, 39% of Snapchat users were 25 to 44 years old • Taco Bell, HubSpot, and GE have joined Snapchat, using the platform to create fun, creative content for its followers • Stories (String of snapchats together) to create a video resume
  18. 18. Eli Maravich MBA Student (First Snapchat Resume) Click image to play video
  19. 19. SEO JOB SEARCH and tools
  20. 20. SEO Video resume tool: Click image to play video Click image to play video
  21. 21. Job Search and Tools • Twitter feeds • Google Alerts • Visit Company Site • Direct contact employer or HR staff on facebook • Linkedin • Non profit volunteers • Chat button
  22. 22. Chat button Email signature Your Blog • You reached out through SCRM tactics, within their social networks. • Other option: Offer a direct channel with chat Online Resume Email
  23. 23. Job Search Via Twitter Streams
  24. 24. What is SEO?
  25. 25. Internet Marketing Fields SEM: Search Engine Marketing SEO: Search Engine Optimization SMM: Social Media Marketing PPC: Pay per click (paid advertising) SMO: Social Media Optimization Content marketing click link for more info
  26. 26. Organic Search Results Top 3 • Over 94% Google users stay on Page one • Only Click on the Golden Triangle (top 3) • Ideal visitors that convert
  27. 27. What is SEO? - Basics
  28. 28. Two types of SEO
  29. 29. On-page SEO Factors/Signals (visual)
  30. 30. Mix Together: SEO Components of a Marketing Campaign Examples of some next > advantage your business skills come in handy
  31. 31. Cross-Functional SEO Cross-Functional SEO Infographic. Developed by Maris Pozo: loping_links_with_other_departments_within_the_organization_in_o rder_to_be_successful
  32. 32. BASIC SKILLS for an SEO to have (SEO, HTML, Tools, PMP)
  33. 33. SEO Specialist
  34. 34. Basic Skills for an SEO to have • HTML (basic) Bacis: Title Tag H1 and H2 tags Anchor link keywrod tag Upload a page or basic editing
  35. 35. JOB: SEO + HTML + Tools
  36. 36. SEO STRATEGIC PLAN (basic) Business Management Skills Analytics/ (reports) skills
  37. 37. Project Management SEO PMP Skills
  38. 38. Visualization of an SEO Project
  39. 39. WHAT IS NEW IN SEO, 2016?
  40. 40. What’s New in SEO, 2016 *Semantic Search (smart keywords) * Concept Themes and Entities (video)
  41. 41. What is new in SEO? Integrated Digital Marketing Manage Objectives Focus throughout channels
  42. 42. New in Digital and Social Media • Integrated Marketing – (PPS) Paid Social Media –AMP HTML (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project) – Video Marketing (69%) 22h/W – Mobile Marketing (Mobile SEO) – PR/with social media – Snapchat (companies: Daily Mail, CNN) – Ecommerce (business students—untapped SEO)
  43. 43. Snapchat Marketing
  44. 44. Successful Snapchat Campaign Audi: The first real-time social campaign using Snapchat on Super Bowl Sunday
  45. 45. Cross-channel Marketing Snapchat with twitter
  46. 46. Analytics Field • Google Analytics • Moz Analytics • Twitter Analytics • Facebook Analytics • Youtube Analytics • Hubspot • Webtrends • Full list: Skills: Mathematics, Finance, Accounting, IT
  47. 47. Free Training & Certifications
  48. 48. • Google Adwords (training and certification)
  49. 49. Google Analytics
  50. 50. List of Training Sites TRAINING SITES: 1. (online marketing series) 2. Free Seminars ( 3. Advance Digital Marketing courses 4. Google Webmaster academy 5. SEO: Google start it guy to optimize your site TRAINING + CERTIFICATIONS: 1. Learn Social Media and get certify ( 2. Adwords (learn and certification 3. Learn Social Media (Hubspot academy) 4. Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
  51. 51. Recap • Hottest on-demand skills • Skill Diversification and why it’s important. • Tips for Digital Marketing job search. – Use social and digital outlets in innovative ways to promote yourself. • What is SEO and Social Media Marketing? • What is Integrated Digital Marketing? – Cross-functional SEO & Social Media • Take Advantage of Free Training Certifications