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How to Structure a Scalable SEO Strategy


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Everybody knows that SEO is important, but preparing for an SEO campaign can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Where do you start? What is important? How will we succeed? Anybody who promises you fast and easy answers isn’t being forthright, but it is possible to win at SEO. In our next Web Clinic: How to Structure an SEO Strategy, I’ll be showing you how to structure your SEO strategy for long term success.

On Tuesday, February 21st, we’ll be hosting Web Clinics all day about the proper implementation of an SEO strategy. Register to participate at 9AM PT, 11AM PT, or 1PM PT and set yourself up for SEO ranking success.

During this Web Clinic, our Head of Operations Andrew Seidman will cover:

Low-hanging fruit for ranking improvements
How to develop an effective link building strategy
The value of data attribution in SEO planning
Plus, don’t miss our live analysis of member submitted websites, so be sure to submit your website during the Web Clinic!

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How to Structure a Scalable SEO Strategy

  1. 1. How to Structure a Scalable SEO Strategy
  2. 2. Contact: | Digital Reach We are a B2B Digital Marketing Agency focusing on demand generation. Companies work with us to: • Increase qualified leads • Track SEO and SEM to ROI • Marketing Automation Support About Us • Search Engine Optimization • Paid Search & Display • Website Redesign • Marketing Automation
  3. 3. Contact: | Digital Reach The Promised Land The promised land - an SEO strategy that works and moves with your business • Perfect tracking • Integration of data into strategy • The link machine • ROI-driven content
  4. 4. Contact: | Digital Reach 1 Prerequisites 2 Getting to the Promised Land 3 Live Site Audits Overview
  5. 5. Contact: | Digital Reach Prerequisites - Website Website • Pagespeed • Mobile friendly • Secure site • Blog • Clear URL architecture (will discuss more)
  6. 6. Contact: | Digital Reach Prerequisites - CRM CRM • Clear organization • Simplicity is important - what really matters? • Maintain clear rules for keeping it clean • Review usage! Source:
  7. 7. Contact: | Digital Reach Content Production Too many cooks in the kitchen? - Streamline the production and review process with clearly defined roles General best practices for content writing / blogging / PR • Anchor Text • Internal Linking • H1-H4
  8. 8. Contact: | Digital Reach Best Practices (Content)
  9. 9. 9 Getting to the Promised Land…
  10. 10. 10 Let’s start with Data Attribution
  11. 11. Contact: | Digital Reach 11 Closed Loop Reporting Custom Analytics Setup to tie cross-channel visitor data to revenue in CRM. How It Works
  12. 12. Contact: | Digital Reach 12 We install 14 hidden fields that send visitor source information with every lead: First Touch Last Touch Source Source Medium Medium Keyword Keyword Landing Page Landing Page Timestamp Timestamp Campaign (UTM) Campaign (UTM) Content (UTM) Content (UTM) Data Output
  13. 13. Contact: | Digital Reach $ 13 Marketing Campaigns Tied To ROI Attribution data inset in CRM:
  14. 14. Contact: | Digital Reach 14 Closed Loop Reporting Some keywords might drive the majority of leads, but with attribution you’ll see which keyword themes drive the most revenue. How It Works
  15. 15. 15 Keyword Activity
  16. 16. Contact: | Digital Reach Keyword Research Keep ROI in mind • Difficulty • MSV • Traction Getting a great word into the top 5 is better than 10 mediocre words in the top 50
  17. 17. Contact: | Digital Reach Keyword Mapping • Tailor your website to biggest areas of opportunity • Follow the data to target the best keywords, then test / track • Send clear signals to Google – and your digital marketing team
  18. 18. 18 Content and Links
  19. 19. Contact: | Digital Reach Content Strategy • Use attribution to produce content and landing pages • Consistent blogging, PR, ebook, etc. • Provide value to consumers • Show Google your dedication to high-value keywords
  20. 20. Contact: | Digital Reach Linking Strategy • Use attribution to drive linking strategy; hunt for the best linking partners and highest ROI referrals • Link reclamation • Content sharing • Key linking tools • Ahrefs • Buzzstream
  21. 21. 21 Live Site Audits
  22. 22. Get a second opinion on your SEO & Demand Generation Approach In a 30 minute consultation, learn:  Where you rank in relation to competitors  Measure revenue opportunity from Search  What you can do to accelerate results from SEO now Andrew Seidman Head of Operations Thanks for watching! Email or call 415.857.1263 for more information