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Generating Predictable MQLs Using SEO


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With the holidays rapidly approaching, we marketers need all the help we can get to hit our quarterly and annual MQL and SQL goals. And if organic search is an underperformer for you, we’ve got some information you might find valuable. With a few simple solutions, you can take proactive measures to get more out of the traffic Google sends you.

Join our live Web Clinic on Tuesday, November 22nd where we’ll walk through our best SEO tactics that will get you closer to hitting your Q4 MQL goals.

During this Web Clinic, our Head of Operations Andrew Seidman will cover:

A step by step process to implement a strong SEO strategy that will start paying off immediately
Don’t miss our live analysis of member submitted websites so be sure to submit your website during the Web Clinic!

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Generating Predictable MQLs Using SEO

  1. 1. Generating Predictable MQLs Using SEO
  2. 2. Contact: | Digital Reach We are a B2B Digital Marketing Agency focusing on demand generation. Companies work with us to: • Increase qualified leads • Track SEO and SEM to ROI • Marketing Automation Support About Us • Search Engine Optimization • Paid Search & Display • Website Redesign • Marketing Automation
  3. 3. Contact: | Digital Reach 1 Top 4 Tips on How to Use SEO to Generate Predictable MQL flow 2 SEO Audit Example On the Agenda
  4. 4. Contact: | Digital Reach Tip #1 Know Thy Sales Funnel Closed Won Sales Qualified Lead Marketing Qualified Lead Raw Lead e.g. Form Submissions Interacted with Marketing Content Qualified by salesperson
  5. 5. Contact: | Digital Reach Tip #2 General Keyword vs. Buyer Intent Keywords • While it might sound like a no brainer, there is a major difference in someone finding you on the search term “software” if you are a financial software company vs. someone who finds you on “SMB Financial Software”. • The latter speaks to the user intent and the likelihood of someone being much more qualified vs. someone who finds you on the search term “software”. • Your goal to maximize MQLs should be to uncover, map, and optimize better buyer intent keywords. Our process of expanding keywords with better buyer intent is critical to generating predictable MQLs.
  6. 6. Contact: | Digital Reach 6 Tip #2 General Keyword vs. Buyer Intent Keywords General Keyword Buyer Intent Keyword Software SMB Financial Software Procurement Enterprise Procurement Solutions Cloud Services Cloud Storage Firewall Services Malware Behavioral Attack Detection
  7. 7. Contact: | Digital Reach Targeting keywords that are profitable • Identify the pages that target keywords. • Set up closed loop reporting by pulling in web pages to leads in CRM. • Going after keywords that are profitable and dumping ones that are not is key to phenomenal return on investment
  8. 8. Contact: | Digital Reach 8 Targeting keywords that are profitable
  9. 9. Contact: | Digital Reach Tip #3: Reduce the number of fields • Less is more! Conversion rates matter. • Find a happy medium between asking the right amount of questions without asking too many! We get you need a minimum number of fields to input into CRM to ensure it’s a viable lead, but ask too many because you don’t know better is a recipe of losing otherwise good leads.
  10. 10. Contact: | Digital Reach 10 source: Tip #3: Reduce the number of fields
  11. 11. Contact: | Digital Reach 11 Closed Loop Reporting Custom Analytics Setup to tie cross-channel visitor data to revenue in CRM. Tip #4: Track Everything to ROI
  12. 12. Contact: | Digital Reach The First Trick is Simply Being Able to Track SEO to Revenue - This is How You Do it:
  13. 13. Contact: | Digital Reach 13 We install 14 hidden fields that send visitor source information with every lead: First Touch Last Touch Source Source Medium Medium Keyword Keyword Landing Page Landing Page Timestamp Timestamp Campaign (UTM) Campaign (UTM) Content (UTM) Content (UTM) Data Output
  14. 14. Contact: | Digital Reach $ 14 Marketing Campaigns Tied To ROI Attribution data inset in CRM:
  15. 15. Contact: | Digital Reach 15 Before Data Attribution… Landing Page A 1000 Form Fills Landing Page B 100 Form Fills Landing Page A and Landing Page B sell the same product, but have different content. So, Landing Page A is 10x as good as Landing Page B, right?
  16. 16. Contact: | Digital Reach 16 After Data Attribution… Landing Page A 1000 Form Fills 100 Qualified Leads 10 Closed/Won Deals Landing Page B 100 Form Fills 70 Qualified Leads 40 Closed/Won Deals Actually, Landing Page B is 4x as good as Landing Page A!
  17. 17. Contact: | Digital Reach 17 Closed Loop Reporting Some keywords might drive the majority of leads, but with attribution you’ll see which keyword themes drive the most revenue. How It Works
  18. 18. 18 Site Audit Example
  19. 19. Get a second opinion on your SEO & Demand Generation Approach In a 30 minute consultation, learn:  Where you rank in relation to competitors  Measure revenue opportunity from Search  What you can do to accelerate results from SEO now Andrew Seidman Head of Operations Thanks for watching! Email or call 415.857.1263 for more information