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Advanced SEO Tactics that get Google Results


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Keywords identified: check! Page titles optimized: check! Content modified: check! Inbound links acquired: check! What is there left to do? Well, quite a bit if you are still consistently ranking behind your competitors.

As a B2B digital marketing agency you can imagine some of our clients want to target seemingly impossible to rank for keywords that require out of the box strategies to get movement.

Join our live Web Clinic on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 1PM ET/10AM PT to set yourself up for SEO ranking success!

During this Web Clinic, our Head of Business Development Mike Turner will cover:

Our top SEO tactics that gets Google ranking results
Don’t miss our live analysis of member submitted websites so be sure to submit your website during the Web Clinic!

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Advanced SEO Tactics that get Google Results

  1. 1. Advanced SEO Tactics That Get Google Results
  2. 2. Contact: | Digital Reach We are a B2B Digital Marketing Agency focusing on demand generation. Companies work with us to: • Increase qualified leads • Track SEO and SEM to ROI • Marketing Automation Support About Us • Search Engine Optimization • Paid Search & Display • Website Redesign • Marketing Automation
  3. 3. Contact: | Digital Reach 1 Advanced SEO Tactics That Get Google Results 2 Live SEO Site Analyses On the Agenda
  4. 4. Contact: | Digital Reach Before you get started, identify your problem • Remember, Google looks at over 200 variables to decide ranking. • Jumping to SEO solutions to problems that are not the root cause is common • There are 3 core SEO areas that should be categorized for problems and ordered in highest impact low effort components
  5. 5. 1ST ACCESSIBILITY • Can search engines get to all of the pages on the website? • Are there technical issues hindering performance e.g. broken links, improper redirects etc.… • Can you update all the key components on the CMS for SEO? 3 Components of SEO 2ND RELEVANCY • Have you identified keywords that are exactly what your prospects using on web searches? • Are there dedicated pages for these keywords? • Are these keywords present in the key SEO areas on your website? Page titles, headers and meta descriptions? 3RD AUTHORITY • Are there enough links from other websites referencing your site? • How does this compare to those that are outranking you for your target keywords? • Is there a plan to increase this number over time? ARE WE TRACKING SEO & SEM LEADS & OPPORTUNITIES TO REVENUE?
  6. 6. Contact: | Digital Reach For example purposes, we will use the following scenario • Remember, Google looks at over 200 variables to decide ranking. Focusing on the wrong areas is a common problem • Identifying which pages to target for which keywords is key to developing a plan • Here we see the competitor outranking our site due to better internal linking, NOT external links to the site!
  7. 7. Contact: | Digital Reach 2. You Need an SEO Plan Recommendation: Build your SEO Keyword Mapping Document  Decide home page or deeper page targeting – Map the keyword!  Content Gap analysis: How big of a theme am I going up against? o keyword o Can I achieve this with marketing pages or do I need to start creating blog pages and use internal linking?  Devise plan to increase keyword theme  Internal linking, blog posts are key here!  Who is linking to my competitors? Pending relevancy, are they accepting new link partners?  Track results monthly and revisit strategy
  8. 8. Contact: | Digital Reach Keyword Mapping Blue Print  Takes the guess work out of optimizing  At least now you have something to optimize against  Can be very useful if doing ROI tracking in CRM
  9. 9. 9 If content is the problem, here are some great ways to increase relevance
  10. 10. Contact: | Digital Reach keyword • Identifies the theme Google recognizes for keywords you care about • Compare this vs. competitors who outrank you • Tip: As a way to build relevance, try internal linking pages Google already finds relevant to preferred ranking page
  11. 11. Contact: | Digital Reach Smart ways to improve keyword themes • Provide a glossary or how it works and an FAQ section on your website under “resources”. Answering the “What is “keyword” search terms • This helps several areas:  Increases the theme for target keywords  Brings in top of the funnel web prospects  Provides fresh unique content  Additional areas to internal link to core marketing pages • Tip: Make sure these definitions, FAQs are individual pages, not one large page!
  12. 12. 12 If links are the problem (which they normally are) You would be surprised how many links are available. Linking needs to be prioritized. Here are some easy wins:
  13. 13. Contact: | Digital Reach Fixing broken links Here is an example of a webinar registrant and broken links = 15 Links _______Report built using Moz Pro
  14. 14. Contact: | Digital Reach Using Press Releases • Press Releases are still effective • Notice the use of the keywords hyperlinked • Originally posted to PR Web, but picked up by local news websites.
  15. 15. Contact: | Digital Reach Relevant industry directories STILL WORK! • Make sure they are industry relevant • Don’t go overboard – A few go a long way!
  16. 16. Contact: | Digital Reach Guest blogs STILL WORK! • Make sure they are industry relevant • Don’t go overboard – A few go a long way!
  17. 17. Contact: | Digital Reach If technical issues are holding you back, here is a good way to diagnose and solve • Use Moz Open Site Explorer to find broken links and bad redirects • Use Google PageSpeed Insights to pinpoint website underperformance
  18. 18. Contact: | Digital Reach Targeting keywords that are profitable • First step is identifying the pages on your website that target keywords. This is why having a keyword mapping document is critical • Set up closed loop reporting by pulling in web pages to leads in CRM. There are a few tools out there that can do this, we built one! • Going after keywords that are profitable and dumping ones that are not is key to phenomenal return on investment
  19. 19. 19 SEO Site Analysis Example
  20. 20. Get a second opinion on your SEO & Demand Generation Approach In a 30 minute consultation, learn:  Where you rank in relation to competitors  Measure revenue opportunity from Search  What you can do to accelerate results from SEO now Mike Turner Head of New Business Thanks for watching! Email or call (925) 750-8550 for more information