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Taking your solo law practice next level


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This infographic is based upon an article written by Cathy L. Ribble, ACP, Firm Founder and Managing Member of Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®. To read it in its entirety, click below:

Taking Your Solo Practice to the Next Level: 5 Reasons Why Lawyer Coaches Suggest Outsourcing to a Virtual Paralegal

Smart lawyers often learn from their peers by engaging in mentor relationships. Some take it a step further and retain professional services of a lawyer coach. From time to time in my 6-year virtual paralegal practice, I have been privileged to receive referrals from lawyer coaches. A recent referral caused me to re-examine just exactly why the referrals are made. After consulting with a number of lawyers who are prospective clients for Digital Paralegal Services, I find some common threads.

To learn more about Cathy L. Ribble, ACP and Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®, click below:

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Taking your solo law practice next level

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