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11 Out of this World Email Tips


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This visual resource features blog content from an article by Cathy Ribble, an Advanced Certified Paralegal and firm founder of Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®. It highlights email tips that she has found resourceful in her six years as a virtual paralegal.

"Today’s digital world bombards us with communication from every side. We still have regular old United States Post Office mail currently delivered Monday – Saturday. We have email from multiple email addresses. We get direct messages from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media network to which you belong. We have instant messages, online chats, home phone and office phone voicemail systems, smartphones, texting, desktops, laptops, and iPads. Is it ever going to end? Probably not!!

Each of these communication forms may be linked to an email which clutters our inbox and our life. Here are 11 tips which have helped me manage the process:"

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