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Digital M.O.S.T. Topics


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These topics are from our Digital M.O.S.T Library. Each topic is broken down to show the key points. If you are interested in accessing our library, please visit our website:

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Digital M.O.S.T. Topics

  1. 1. Digital M.O.S.T Topics Understanding the Digital Media Landscape: Reviews how users engage on publisher’s websites, from their initial intention to their entry point on the consideration funnel and the intended action the advertiser desires. Consideration Funnel: Reviews the four aspects of the consideration funnel from branding, conducting research on products, use of social media and direct response. -          Branding -          Engage -          Research -          Intention -          Social Media -          Funnel -          Direct Response -          Action     The Users' Intention: Reviews the four potential user’s intentions from search, purchase related, social or news/entertainment. -          Search -          Purchase Related -          Social -          Entertainment   The Users' Path: Reviews the user’s path from point of entry, to discovery, post discovery and device used. -          Point of View & Discovery -          Post-Discovery -          Device Selling Digital- Needs Assessment: Review the four questions you need to ask an advertiser/agency: What are your current digital assets? Who are you trying to reach? What are you trying to accomplish and how will you measure success? -          Digital Assets -          Reach -          Accomplish -          Success   Managing the Integrated Sales Process (for Sellers): Reviews the importance of developing an impactful digital elevator pitch, focus on solution-based selling, adding cross-platform to every proposal and using the consultative approach to digital sales. -          Your Phone Rings -          Unsolicited Advice -          More Money -          You’re the Smart One
  2. 2. Managing the Integrated Sales Process (for Managers): Media Companies: Reviews the manager’s role in helping their team prioritize their digital targets, prepare for meetings, analyze their prospects web-sites and create success stories to share with team. Reviews how media companies maximize their inventory and how sellers need to present big ideas to their clients and how to better establish long term relationships with them. -          Know Who to Call -          Inventory -          Know What to Say -          Limited Resources -          Know What to Look For -          Big Ideas -          Know the Stories -          Long Term Relationships     What Publishers Want: Ad Agencies: Reviews the four aspects of a publisher’s digital advertising goal from gaining increased visibility, cost per click measurement, better scale or more conversions. Reviews the marketing goals that advertising agencies are looking for from increased efficiency, targeting the right consumer, optimizing their investment and establishing benchmarks for success. -          Visibility -          Efficiency -          CPC -          Targeting -          Scale -          Optimize -          Conversion   What Publishers Buy: Reviews the four key strategies that that publishers employ from paid, owned, earned and shared strategy and how they work together for greater efficiency. -          Paid -          Owned -          Earned -          Shared -          Benchmarks   Mobile Marketing Data Collection: Reviews the growing importance of mobile and mobile’s benefits from device used, time of day usage, user location and mobile content. -          Device -          Time of Day -          Location -          Content
  3. 3. SEM 1- Search Engine Marketing 1 Reviews how search engines work from bidding on keywords, positioning advertisers on the search results and how inventory is listed. -          Keywords -          Inventory -          Position -          Bidding   SEM 2- Search Engine Marketing 2Compares various SEM strategies from matching, grouping and bidding and how they affect conversion path optimization (CPO). -          Matching Strategies -          Grouping Strategies -          Bidding Strategies -          Conversion Path Optimization (CPO)